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Dioramas and dollhouses???

Jan 8, 2006

    1. For those of you that have entire rooms set up for your dolls, where do you put them? I want Izzy to have her own room, but mine is so small I can't find a decent place to put it. Right now she resides in the top shelf odf my bookcase, but it's not quite long enough, back to front. Suggestions?
    2. her room used to be a corner on my floor, but I recently got a massive Entertainment Center at Goodwill for $10 and she mostly has the top of that. In my old tny apartment she had a small space behind my TV on my dresser...it was kinda sad...Her space is always getting invaded by other things tho....
    3. my boy doesn't really have a room per se, just a small space with his bed (the box he came in XD) and a plastic drawer thing as a dresser. but his little space is set up under my bunk bed behind the ladder. i don't have much space in my room either (which is the whole reason i have a bunk bed, to free up the space underneath it)
    4. mines have not room, mine is not MY room, nor that OUR room, so it's a small place and I can't put my dollies... Y-Y I put them in my wardrobe, when they have got their own corner^-^
    5. I have a ridiculously large apartment (don't be jealous, I pay a ton for it). So I have a room dedicated to my hobby stuff. I have all my sewing machines and craft stuff in there and a table in the corner where the girls all are. I need to get some walls made and actually set it up as a room. It will be fabulous! I kinda need to make another room because I have two different themes of dolls... two of the girls are cybery space ladies and the other three are more... anachronistic I guess.
    6. I don't have a room right now for mine, but I have been entertaining the idea of transforming a doll trunk into a room. I have ideas, but I need to finish all the other projects on my list first.
    7. I have my dollfie "rooms" set up in bookcases. this is one of the nicer ones though it still needs a lot of work:
    8. In the corner of my own room. It's not a "room" per se, it's a little dinette area. XD Their armoire and dresser(s) are off to either side. Once their bed is made, it will just go by mine, no room. I don't have the space to create lots of different rooms. But, I can always rearrange stuff in the dinette area to make seperate areas XD
      Here's some poor photos of it, from when I had just gotten it set up. It's not overly impressive, but it's nice ;w;

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] checking it out~
    9. Oh that dinnette area is so fabulous! My room is getting re-modeled and I totally plan to have an area just for my little ones! ^__^ This gives me great ideas.

      People should post pictures :D
    10. do you make rooms for your dolls with doll sized furniture and all? and if so, where do you place them? on a table? shelf? my first doll will be coming around the end of the month and i've no idea where to make a room for him. i dont really have much space at home... :(
    11. :) I will be sharing my apt. with my MSD
    12. If you really wanted to make a room for your doll, you don't need to have a whole lot of space... my first two dolls lived on an end table that had a little doll-sized sofa on it. Not much else could fit on there, but it worked. My dolls' room is now on my dresser. All they have is a picture of Gackt that I painted and their sofa, but yeah, that's where they live.
    13. Heh, my great-grandmother had a whole room of her house that was just for her dolls (not BJDs though).
      My room is cluttered enough, I just barely have a spot for Peter and his chair *_* But I would like to give him his own little sopt somewhere.
    14. My dresser is in a little niche in my room that has a wall that blocks all sun light from getting to Reita, which is good because he's french resin. But I just installed a light, made a small bed, put a basket that can slide under his bed for his clothes, and lotsa posters. ^^b I'll try to get some pictures up when I get back from vacation.

    15. When we moved into my house, there was this big ugly entertainment center in my room. One of the sections is prety big, probably about 2 feet by 3 feet. That's where Alabee and my Blythe live. xD

      I don't have much decorated yet, but I've got a tiny bike for Alabee, and the big lovely wooden box she came in for her to sit on. Soon I'm going to see if I can get some cute wallpaper and put it up on the insides of the walls.

      It's fairly small, so I don't think much would fit in there. If I ever buy more practical furniture, the pieces I have up now will probably go into storage.
      I would say three or four SDs could live comfortably in there. :3
    16. there's not much space in my room but my mum and dad have been totally sweet and offered to get me a new shelf or table (my room only has a shelf/dresser that's cluttered with make up products) so i can have more space for Bory. :) the problem is finding one the right size? i saw a pretty shelf that could work? but i'm afraid it will be too shallow.. maybe i should wait for Bory to get here so i could roughly estimate how much space i need for him? =/
    17. I'm currently in the process of building Teagan's room. I used a shipping box, taped the flaps open, and am decorating the inside. All of my dolls are kept in an armoire with solid doors, so no sunlight (or light of any kind) gets in. Teag's box room sits on one of the shelves. All of her stuff will be to her scale (she's a tiny). I'll have to post pics in the thread mentioned above when I'm done.:)
    18. Heh. My guys live in a little area of the floor of my dorm, which will be moved this year to "under the bed" (my bed is lofted, so there's room and such). They've got a folding piece of cardboard for "walls", a couple of little dresser-things I got at Pier 1, an oversized chair/loveseat, and a floor lamp. They are spoiled. XD But all in all, the whole thing didn't take up much more than two or two-and-a-half square feet. It doesn't need to be a huge space at all. ^_^
    19. Mine currently sit either in my sewing room, on a wicker couch, or in my room, on another couch, on top of my dresser. As soo as I get my basement finished, and my sewing room is actually a room, rather than the formal dining area, I plan on making a "home" with two bookshelves togther, as I read in another thread
    20. My dolls always seem to end up on my bookshelf. If you have a largish one, you can dedicate a shelf or two to doll rooms.

      We have other plans, though. Mwahahaha!