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Disappointed with DoT Homme Ducan's default outfit...

Jan 27, 2007

    1. I just recieved my Homme Ducan yesterday and was REALLY excited, but was very disappointed with the clothes...I took some photos and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem...


      Theres a little hole that won't cover the skin when I put his turtleneck on. It really bothers me...




      His pants don't fit him well, unless its suppose to be like that (which I hope not) When he sits (as you can see in the photo) you can see his buttcrack and the button doesn't even clothes.

      Am i suppose to email DOD about this? Or is it natural for the clothes to come out like this? The fact that the pants don't even fit really disappoints me.

      Can someone help me out?


      EDIT: I just tried his corset on as well..and ITS TOO SMALL.



      Also I tried his belt and it won't even go through the buckle.

      My excitement so died down...
    2. I have the DOT D-150 outfit which has pants very similar to H. Ducan's and I have the *exact* same problem. They're so stiff the boy can't sit, and when he does, that's what happens. I ended up commissioning an awesome pair of similar leathers from Marsh, here at DOA, that actually fit my boy and allow him better mobility. It really is a shame, because I love the DOD styles :(
    3. Crickey! If you hadn't of mentioned that it was a Brand outfit, I don't think I would have known! It looks like an amateur first attempt at clothes... I've no experience of DOD but I think you should get in contact with them... For one thing their outfits don't come cheap!

      EDIT: You're not serious are you Lachlana? You shouldn't have to put up with that and then have to commission new pants. I'm shocked and stunned... I really feel for you, all of you who have this prob.
    4. I've heard lots of people say that Homme Ducan's clothes are a very tight fit >< It's sad, cause it's a really cute outfit.
    5. I've heard a lot of people say the pants are tight. ;c I've not heard it about the rest though. I'd email DoD though.
    6. I added even more problems with the outfit. The corset is too small and the belts won't buckle.

      I am just REALLY disappointed right now...
    7. Seriously keikonotenshi, I would email them and ask for a refund, see if someone from here can make a better fitted version for you...

      I'm not surprised your disappointed :(

      I'd be livid!
    8. maybe you got an msd sized outfit? farfetched but hey >_>
    9. A tight outfit made for a mini would not come close to fitting a 60cm+ boy.

      I've had this happen with every pair of Doll Heart pants and my SD13s, I really have no clue why companies can't just try the clothes on the doll first. And I agree with another comment, commission marsh for tight sexy pants that actually fit :aheartbea
    10. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments. I actually sent DOD an email just now regarding my disappointment. All I ask for is an exchange for an outfit that ACTUALLY FITS. T^T

      I hope to recieve a response from them soon...
    11. OMG that sucks... you should yell at DoD about it. If my Ducan shows up with clothes like that I'm going to raise the freaking roof. >.< There's no excuse for that when they're the ones that make the doll and have it on hand for measurements and fitting.
    12. I like the Dollheart pants because of this - there are plenty of pants around to fit SD13 boys but they come up big on many other companies dolls. The Dollheart pants are a perfect fit for my Iplehouse boy body.

      I would be pretty furious regarding the Homme Ducan outfit; I'm surprised not have seen it mentioned before. I wonder if nobody has actually bothered to tell them of the problem, so its a good thing you have emailed them.
    13. Have you tried tugging on the shirt towards the back so the back can be pulled more downward (so it'll be more straight in the back so no hole will be there?)

      The corset is suppose to fit like that (so you still see his torso). You should look at the default DOD pics otherwise it really is confusing to find out how it's suppose to look.

      The pants, you should have Ducan stand up straight, pull the pants up MORE, then button it. The pants really are a tight fit but it'll get stretched out with time. Once you have it buttoned, he should be able to sit and all with no butt or just a little of his lower back showing.

      The belt, won't go through the buckle? Have you tried pull the buckle more outward so you have more room to put the belt through?

      If none of that works, then I guess you have a problem.:o
    14. Hmm, my outfit was about the same. ^^; Emailed them about it just a few days after I received my Ducan aaaand hey. No reply since then.
    15. The DOD clothes I have were a bit awkward at first, but loosened up pretty quickly, and fit with no trouble at all. Which, actually, has been my experience with a couple of other brands of clothes, too. I say give it some time, move him around a bit while wearing it, try tugging the clothes into a better fit, and see what you think then.
    16. Good thing my Duncan came naked. Although I bought him pants that are a bit small, I hide those facts through posing. I can't really help on the outfit since I didn't get it.
    17. Buying clothes from some random company to put on another company's doll and them not fitting? Frustrating, but not the company's fault because some dolls run large and some small. Buying a doll from a company and it coming with an outfit that doesn't fit? That is completely rediculous. You'd think they would know the measurements of their own dolls. I hope this gets worked out! Good luck dealing with DoD.
    18. Ducan's clothes are tight, like the first Isao's clothes are tight. I didn't try to make either doll sit. The fabric being a fake leather, will stretch and I didn't want to lose the tight look of the outfit.
      The Ducan outfit's pants are hip hugger style, and it's obvious the butt would hang out in a seated position.

      The belt is hard to work at first, but it does fit the buckle. If you think the belt is hard to work, you should try the frog fasteners on the Volks Tohya's outfits. Both of them are very difficult to fasten.
    19. almost all leather pants are hard to get on at first even ones for humans..they need time to stretch and mold to the person/doll that wears them. My sister for example bought a pair of leather pants made for a CP boy for her Dollti Wooyan and they were way too tight and stiff when we first put them on him and now they fit him like a glove since they've had the time to stretch. The corset was made to fit that way to show off his stomach and the shirt may just not be on properly but you could always sew a snap into that gap in the back and then you wouldnt have that problem.
    20. I don't know about the rest of it but... the corset isn't too small at all. It looks just like that in the DoD pictures. It's not meant to close completely. It's meant to show off boy tummy. XD