Disappointment over unmatching head and body

Apr 2, 2016

    1. (If this isn't where this should go, please feel free to move it)
      I bought a head secondhand some odd while ago, was I was told she was relatively new, unyellowed, WS, pretty standard.
      So when I bought her body, I got one from the same company in WS as well and...They don't match. The body is a very lovely shade of white, her head...Is not. I'm hoping to wipe her faceup and see if it's just how I did her face, but it's a bit of a bummer, I just finished her body blushing and I'm really not sure I can blush her entire body to match her head.
    2. Do you think there's a chance that one of the skin tones was sold to you incorrectly? As in, the person thought they had WS but it was NS?

      I have seen that happen before when the seller had no other doll to compare it to & had to make an educated, yet incorrect, guess as to what it was.
    3. Resin color can sometimes vary from batch to batch and resin will change color sometimes as it ages too. It may well be that they will match better as the new body gets older.
    4. It's possible the head might be yellowed more than the previous owner realized, especially if they received it secondhand like that and didn't have anything to compare.

      It's also possible that batches just vary. I bought a body from Doll Chateau once, and six months later bought a head to match, and they weren't even close, although the body hadn't yellowed and I ordered the same color. They had changed their normal yellow resin in that time. I ended up selling the pieces separately because there was no way I could sell it as a complete doll. Something similar happened to me with 5Star Doll, except I ordered the whole doll in one order, but they cast the head and body in different batches (or sent me an old head, I'm not sure) and the head was about three shades darker than the body and looked like a terrible hybrid. :o It was so bad, I ended up giving the body to my sister and buying a new body from a different company, and that matched better than the original doll. So, it might not be the seller's fault, it could be hat the company just isn't very consistent in their colors.

      A third possibility could be the sealant, if you haven't already wiped that. Some sealants are known for yellowing very quickly, or even having a yellow cast themselves. I have gotten a doll secondhand before that appeared yellow, but it turned out to just be the sealant.

      I do feel your disappointment. Spending a lot of money to make a hybrid (or even a full doll from the same company but different batches) then finding out it doesn't work is extremely frustrating. You might be able to force the body to yellow to match, or you might be able to blush or paint the head to match. If these aren't acceptable options, you might just have to sell the doll on and get one you like better.
    5. I have purchased a body from a company to match an older head (same company) and they changed their resin color so it was pink instead of yellow. I did manage to blush the entire body to match the head because it had the default faceup which I liked. Resin matching can be difficult due to yellowing and inconsistencies in batches of resin color, but it's not too difficult to blush the body to the right color in my experience.