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Disappointment with Comments (Or Lack Of) On Your Posts

Aug 25, 2009

    1. Have you ever put up pictures or photostories here on the forums (or on any forum for arguement's sake) and been very disappointed when you get no responses at all. Even if your work isn't the best or you don't have the newest, high tech camera to take pictures with, you think "well I worked hard on this photoshoot and I hope someone will give me some sort of opinion on what they think of my work" just to get nothing back. You even see lots of views on your thread but no one seems to want to give you even a good job when there aren't any other comments made.

      I've been on both the receiving and non-giving end of this I'm sure so I just want to know how other people feel if they work hard and don't have any body give them an opinion. Thanks!!!
    2. Hi, this isn't really a debate so I'm moving it to GD.

      There are a few older threads that are similar, but they haven't been posted in for some time (at least the ones I've found).
    3. Ok I wasn't sure. Thanks a lot! I looked through a lot of the threads and I didn't see any so I figured at least it hadn't been talked about in a while!
    4. I don't think "opinions" is really an accurate term for gallery comments since criticism is not permitted/welcomed in the gallery subforums. If you want critique you pretty much need to post in the critique subforum.

      I have to say that "you don't have the newest, high tech camera to take pictures with" isn't really a factor either -- I DO have the "newest high tech camera"... well not really but I'm packing some serious camera, and it has no effect whatsoever on how many comments my gallery threads get.

      Know what does have an effect? The sculpts of the dolls in the threads, and what time of day I post them.

      As a commenter, if I don't have anything to say I pretty much don't say anything. And I don't feel like saying "Oh how cute/pretty!" really adds anything, so if that's all I've got I generally don't comment. I also only look at gallery threads that contain dolls I'm interested in. There's tons of threads, and I skip over most of them.

      Really I think the only thing for it is to just accept that it's pretty random and arbitrary how many comments gallery threads get, and not let it affect you. For better or worse, internet popularity has never given credit for effort.
    5. I dunno... I mean, the gallery section moves *REALLY* fast, for starters...

      And, honestly, I know it sounds kinda... cheesey... but try and think of your own achievements, rather than waiting to be praised. The good thing is you've done something you've been proud of. So, be proud of it! :D
    6. look I shoot with a canon rebel. A very nice camera. And always some gallery posts get more attention than others. We don't state in our titles " A fun day in the sun (mnf shiwoo shot by nikon coolpix)" So people don't make the deciding factor about the whether to look depending on quality of the pics etc until they have actually clicked on it. Then there is also the kind of doll. Perhaps you have a less popular doll of a doll from a company that no one really knows or likes. Thats another factor. Now im not saying go out and buy a ryu and a rebel t o be popular in the galleries. It's also about your originality and such. I find that titles make a difference as well in setting the tone for your gallery thread. Some people like artistic titles. Maybe somethign cliche like "My lovers gone" or maybe they will click anything. This is ll just what ive noticed. And im babbling......but point is, popularity isnt everything. It takes years for amazing photographer to become amazing and then more after that to get noticed etc. Im always just happy for what I get. And I don't set the expectation to have pages of comments on my gallery threads. =\ good luck with that and all.
    7. Practice, practice, practice. You don't need "the newest, high tech camera to take pictures with" in order to get nice prints. That's a common misconception. Just take the time to learn a little more about photography and you'll see results.

      Also, it's okay to feel sad because you're not getting a lot of attention... but above everything you should be in this for yourself. Like others have said, popularity isn't everything.
    8. I've got a reasonable number of comments on my Gallery images, despite the fact my camera is 7 years old and my dolls are only marginally popular. Thing is -not that many people are making their dolls into tigers, so...it does give people something to remark upon, see?

      I was also among the first to nab a basic Cheshire as soon as they came out, so that generated some extra interest from those who liked the new Pipos sculpt but weren't entirely convinced. 'Popular' molds have umpteen posts to choose from, whereas 'new' and 'unusual' are more likely to attract the curious.

      Timing your post for when people most likely to see and comment on it helps a lot, too, as does a catchy, yet appropriate post title. Doing something interesting with your doll invites comments, as well, and the commentary you put with the photo can make a big difference, giving people ideas about something they'd like to say. It helps a lot to understand photography and how to take a decent picture - a good photographer can do more with an old camera than an impatient, inexperienced one with the very latest and best equipment. I've seen exquisite images made by professionals using nothing more than stock Tri-X Pan and a box with a pinhole in it.

      Altho'...I must say...none of my gallery posts have seen as much action as the one for 'Maurice', my Cheshire, after I featured him in my calendar contest entry. It was kind of gratifying, though, to see the attention he got even before the contest closed. It could have been coincidence, but it seems more likely people remembered him, and that just makes me :)
    9. I'm always happy with the comments that I do get, considering all my dolls are from one company, lol.

      As has been stated before, it all depends on when you post, who's online, and the title and doll(s) in the shoot. There's no real science to it, and if people don't have anything to say, they won't. Don't get upset over it, just make sure that you love what you post.

      That's all the matters.

    10. It is disappointing when any post doesn't get much response which, I presume, is why people end up starting threads with inane questions such as, "Will you bring your dolls with you into the afterlife?". Or, "Does your doll prefer ketchup or mustard on his hotdog?"
      If you want anyone to click on your photo thread you must first have an interesting, unique title.
      Then, make sure your first pic is an eyecatcher and well-focused.
      This should entice viewers, but still doesn't insure a comment.
      My love for dolls is equivalent with my love of photographing them but I don't look at all that many gallery threads because I find them for the most part either painfully bad or boringly cliche. I also don't like to leave a comment when there are already 50+ responses, what more is there to say?
      But when I do see something that takes my breath away (and makes me envious as heck), and hasn't been "so cute"-ed to death, I will definitely leave a specific comment
    11. I have yet to post in the Galleries, so I'm speaking as someone who posts comments. I mostly click on threads that have molds or doll-characters that I like. I'll click on a thread that has many comments already, to see what's so interesting. A good/interesting/spiffy-looking title is also enticing.

      Then, once I'm in a thread. I look at the quality of the pictures, the way the doll looks, how the doll is dressed, the scenery., etc. If it's all particularly pretty or cute, I'll comment. But then, sometimes there really isn't much to say that hasn't already been said.
    12. Well you shouldn't buy certain dolls or a fancy camera to get comments. I only get frustrated by lack of comments because it makes me think that I could have done better and that something is holding me back and then I'll try to figure out what it is.

    13. I would hope no one would just go out and buy a certain doll just to get comments lol. I think more of what I was asking was more like what you just stated. Feeling like you could have done better. Good thing it makes people press on to do better and learn from their experiences.
    14. It's a very fast moving forum, and it's partly chance as to who happens to be on and who sees the thread. Quality of the photography will have some impact--I know that I could use some improvement in that area, but since I don't actually own my own camera, I don't get to practice much *shrugs*. I just enjoy what comments I get and don't worry to much about it.
    15. QFE.
      I found that the sculpt plays a big part. If it is a popular sculpt, it will ALWAYS get more views and comment. Example: LTF Ante.
      I've seen some truely beautiful work on both the doll and camera work in the gallery that get very minimal views and comments.

      Well it just happens. Sometimes if you have nothing to say and the shoot isn't quite your style, I'd actually rather people say nothing rather than a half-hearted "oh its pretty".
    16. I recently posted a Gallery thread that received what was, compared to what I usually see, an overwhelming response. Was it the best set of photoes I'd ever posted, or the most groundbreaking, or the most interesting? Far from it - I often try to "push the medium" when I'm doing photostories, and this wasn't anything partiularly interesting from that angle. Just some shots of a doll in a park, and some song lyrics. Yet it got a couple dozen replies. Why?

      The doll in question has hooves, and they're cannibalized, so they're a bit unusual looking. Also, I made antlers for him, and he has nice clothes. That's it.

      **shrug** I like getting comments - everyone does. But I don't post my work in the Gallery to get comments. I post it so that other people can see it - whether or not they say anything is entirely up to them.
    17. It can be very frustrating when you begin to feel that your posts aren't up to some sort of unspoken snuff. It's understandable. If the issue is the actual content and you would like to work on your photography - please post a single image you want critique on in our Photography Tips workshop! If the issue is more social, many members here find one another in off-forum sites such as livejournal, myspace and facebook! Try the Links Out! subforum.
    18. I read the photostories all the time, as a photographer I can't wait to get my doll and make my own stories! It is a bummer when you work really hard on something and no one takes interest. I never comment on the stories, but recently have begun too. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy them. Try asking for comments/feedback in your photostories post!
    19. I've been on the forum for three years now and I think I had one post that had more than eight comments.

      I think a lot of it depends on what doll you have, for example the Soom Limited get a lot of hits. And there are some people who are just popular in general. I happy with the fact that people eevn stopped to look at my pictures. Granted a comment or two is nice.
    20. Well, personally, when it comes to commenting on other's works I'm pretty big on lurking and don't say much. Part of it is because I feel kind of guilty if I don't give any real critique and just say some nice generic comment. Part of it is that if I DID speak honestly, I don't know if the person might be sensitive and take offense and any critique I have to give. And a large part of it is that giving a good comment/critique takes a bit of time/energy, to study the piece properly and to articulate my thoughts in a positive but critical way. Since critique isn't allowed at all in the Gallery forum, I don't even bother considering commenting, because I'd feel like a big liar or something X.x .

      I don't take photos, but I do draw and put my artwork up on dA. I rarely get comments, even when someone Favorites something, and most of the comments are from friends... but it's never really bothered me. Maybe a bit, it would be nice to get feedback, but I kind of expect it, ya' know? It's the way things go for 95% of all the work to be looked at/commented on out there. ^^; This is also the reason why I feel bad about giving a generically nice comment; the few comments I do get are usually "That's cute" or similar, and while nice, I don't take away much from it. I appreciate critique a lot more, so I feel like if I comment, I should do the same.

      But in the first place, photographs are hard to make effective, I think, especially with dolls. I think photography is a very hard art, and I rarely see photographs that really impact me as an 'art piece'. Most photographs just aren't particularly good, and I'm not talking about the camera quality. The reason I think photography is difficult with dolls in particular is that dolls are such a prominent, strong piece of artwork themselves, that any photographic merit that comes from angles, lighting, etc. is often overridden by the dominating effect of the doll itself. It's hard to appreciate the photograph... as a photograph, rather than just as a way of looking at the doll itself.

      As for photostories, I haven't really delved much into them myself, so I can't say much ^^; .

      <3 ali