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Jun 22, 2012

    1. I guess it's part of having a hobby: You have these things that you really want to buy, but are hard to come by. In my case, it used to be a sleeping faceplate for a PukiPuki Sugar (pretty much given up on this by now), and these days it's a MiniFee Juri 08, who is the closest to perfect I can come with this character. (If anyone has suggestions to where I can buy a smiling, sort of mischievous, but smart girl sculpt that would go well with a MiniFee, feel free to PM me...)

      So a while ago, I got a PM about the sleeping faceplate, with a girl offering me her two faceplates (sleeping and open-eyed). We talked a little back and forth, and in the end, I happily accepted to buy the sleeping faceplate, but wasn't able to get on PayPal at the time. Next PM I get, it turns out she sold both faceplates to another person. Apparently, she'd misunderstood me (and there's no hard feelings anymore!), and I was a very very sad person for several days. My poor boyfriend had to suffer my bad mood, and though he felt sad for me, it was also hard for him to really understand why in the world it was a problem!

      Last week, I got offered to buy a Juri 08 head. Thanks to DoA's mail's ¤#%!% problems with their mailing system, I got no mail about it. I was pretty panicked when I suddenly discovered the PM by accident, and today I got the answer: Yes, she'd sold it to another buyer.
      I'm heartbroken. I didn't even get a chance. And I'll probably never see a Juri 08 for sale again (they go like candy at a children's birthday party). I know I probably wouldn't be able to afford her (didn't even get the price), but I'm still heartbroken.

      So, let's share all our sad stories about the disappointments that inevitably follow this hobby; I need to feel like I'm not completely alone feeling like this.

      (I have absolutely no clue if this is the right place to post this, but if it's not, please move the thread!)
    2. I found a modded puki faceplate that was soooo perfect. Just like a little Nemo character.
      I bought it for a really fair price. Great communication, everyone happy.

      Then it got lost in the mail.

      Now financially everything turned out fine, but ill never see this face again.
    3. I'm sorry you've missed out on things you wanted. The only thing I can suggest is to wait until you're really in a position to buy, and then post a WTB thread in the Marketplace. Once you've created your thread, make sure YOU monitor it like a hawk! ;) We've all missed out on something we consider "the perfect thing", but most of the time, it comes around again eventually. The stuff I find to be the biggest downer in this hobby has to do less with dolls, but more with the community, and even this forum on occassion. Just like anything in life though, you can be down in the dumps one day, and on top of the world the next.
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    4. That is just awful. :S I hate the postal workers, sometimes...they just don't really seem to care about the packages. One of my boyfriend's friends once worked at a postal office...and he confided in my boyfriend that sometimes they played soccer with the packages...

      I've got a WTB thread up, and if I find that Juri 08, I'll get the funds together to buy her!
      I hope one gets around to me at some point...she's such a lovely sculpt. Whyyy is she limited? *sigh*
    5. It's good to vent where others really understand...

      But, my advice would be to try not to let everything be quite so life-or-death, because it's not, really. I mean, I know about missing something and feeling upset, but we need to keep everything in a bit of perspective. BJDs are something we like because it gives us pleasure. If you miss out on something, just be patient, save your money, and if another becomes available, you can be in a position to take advantage of it. Don't let the waiting get to you.

      Dolls seem to get away, but they also DO come up for sale again. No use beating yourself up in the meantime. Just enjoy what you already have, save your money, and wait until your doll comes up for sale or put up a WTB. I've done both and have gotten dolls I've missed out on.

      OK, now back to the regular programming! :)
    6. I tried to by a Volks 4 Sisters head a long time ago only to have the seller back out at the last minute. I was disappointed, but the head I got instead is fabulous and I love her dearly (she now also houses my fave OC). Most of my disappointments have to do with never having the money right when I need it. It's nothing horribly depressing or anything, but it can be frustrating when things just don't mesh up quite right. Whenever there has been a Ninodoll group order, I haven't had the money. Much wanted Volks headsculpt pops up for a great price -- don't have the money. There have been several Leeke LE releases that I've wanted, but, you guessed it...didn't have the money. However, that's just the way things go sometimes, and there are so many dolls out there that sometimes missing one isn't the end of the world.
    7. I have had the disappointment! Just last week, there was a head on the MP that I wanted SO bad but was $25 short on cash. It had been on the MP for over a year, so I planned to buy it when I got my check or sold something......then it sold. and the next day I sold more than enough stuff to have bought it. I cried! But....as things often do...it worked out and I found another sculpt I'd never even seen that works even better for my character! So...sad couple of days, but there was a happy ending.

      My other issue is that my grail doll is one of only 2 sculpted ever...don't see that going very well...>.>
    8. Just recently I found the cutest most adorable little fox bjd ever. But it was a limited...and from the search I did, there were 1-2 owners in DoA (that posted pictures at least) and 2-3 in flickr...so yea, I was pretty bummed about it, since I'm highly doubting that I'll ever find second-hand... :( Although, I've been overspending a little lately, so even if one popped on the MP right now, I'd probably take a lot of time to think about it...maybe one day, I'll hunt for it, except if the company rereleases or comes out with something even cuter I guess UvU
    9. That's just painful, really. But I'm happy it worked out for you, maybe it will for me, too. :)

      2 ever made? Yeah, those are bad odds. :S
    10. I think everyone has a disappointment, but you can turn it around. Yes this hobby is awesome and there are some incredible dolls...but don't let it get you so down you feel heartbroken when something slips you by. It hurts you far more than it needs to.

      You win some, you lose some.

      I've lost out on some things I dearly wanted and it did get me down at the time, but I've resolved myself to never letting losing out get to me again. The doll I missed out on might be perfect, but instead of getting down I'll use that feeling to inspire me to keep searching for him or her. Instead of buying little treats for myself, I could use the cash to specifically save up for the doll I want so badly.

      Put up a WTB thread and keep watching it and bumping it regularly. If it's a doll that was or is popular in Japan, you might want to keep an eye out on Yahoo!Japan auctions or Mandarake because a lot of dolls that don't have popularity in the West circulate frequently on there.
    11. I'm just putting this out there. I have seen so many dolls that I would love to buy, but when I find them they are usually sold out. I am finding a lot of things disappointing for me these days. I would like to know at what point do we get to say that it is o.k. to spin $1,200.00 on one doll, than go out and spin $2,500.00 on shoes, and clothing for our dolls. My family really don't understand this. They tend to make me feel bad, or rethink my buys. I can justify this by saying that I saved up the money for the doll, or the cloths, and even the shoes. But where does it stop. How much is too much? I stand corrected it has not been 3 years. I got my very first bjd on Aug 29, 2010 it has not been two years yet. And I ready have over 55 dolls. Really is there something wrong with me?:? Because I still want more dolls.:lol:
    12. @vmyuki: That's what families are for. There have been so many dolls that I would love to get my hands - but I can always count on my Mom to give me a reality-gut-check and remind me that there are things more important than blowing all of my money on dolls/doll stuff. (P.S. That's just my situation. Not trying to judge.)

      (55 dolls in less than 2 years is quite a lot. I want your job.)

      I'm disappointed when I have to compromise doll-I-want vs. price, but I know where that threshold is, where a doll is just too expensive and I would regret buying it no matter how beautiful and perfect.

      Wanting dolls that I can't have also reminds me to appreciate the ones I do own. If I was always waiting on that next doll, I wouldn't have time to work on sewing or perfect my skill with faceups.
    13. Wow, vmyuki! That is a huge collection for someone who has only had their first doll for a year and 10 months! If you are happy with that and feel good about the dolls you have, then that works for you :)

      If you can afford to collect lots of dolls and it doesn't impact on your life in a negative way, or negatively affect anyone you're in a position of care towards, (that is so important!!), your collection is your own business and how vast it grows is really down to you. There is no 'wrong' or 'right' size collection, it comes down to how you feel.

      When I started in the hobby I wanted a lot of dolls, but I realised that having over 10 dolls didn't work for me. I never really spent time with the dolls I had because I was always scouting for the next doll to add to my collection. I scaled back my collection to just the dolls I didn't want to be without and I feel a lot happier with my collection. Now when I'm looking at new dolls I remember how overwhelmed I felt when I had lots of dolls and I weigh up my feelings against that. If I really want the doll, I will get it, if it's just a passing fancy, I appreciate the photos and I look at other people's dolls, but I can live without one of my own :)

      There are a few threads covering different aspects of what you've been talking about;
      Dolls and money: guilt trips over spending?
      When does a large collection become hoarding?
      How do you stop yourself from buying more dolls?
    14. Same thing happened to me. But it was for Akiria. The person said the doll was mine but sold it to another buyer. -angry- I just wanted photos of the girl before I buy but he was too lazy or whatever.
    15. My first big disappointment came from a doll I even had in my cart! I just went off to look for eyes & wigs to throw into the order for about 15 minutes. When I went back to check out, she was gone. I had miscalculated the time difference and her sale period ended in the short time I was shopping. T_T; And I could have just made a second order later and combined! I kicked myself for a very long time over that one.

      I had a couple of disappointments a short time later. The first was a DreamHigh Studio doll who was listed as "sold out" on the Luxour Academy page literally a week before I planned to buy him. The second was the Angell Studio Baron Samedi (skull version) who also sold out a short time before I was ready to make the purchase. I really was heartbroken over the DHS doll, in particular, and spent a while really regretting that I didn't just make the purchases a little sooner, even though I'd been trying to wait until I had a bit more spare cash. In the end, both of these had happy endings. Two WTB threads later, and I have the DHS doll and the skull head at home.

      In the end, the latter two experiences taught me what several people have said above - even if they're limited to small numbers, second chances at those "perfect" dolls really can happen if you pursue it. I still regret missing out on that first doll - and I've had another recent disappointment with a "basic" edition doll who appears to be sold out now - but I'm not letting it get to me like it did in the past. I'm just going to keep searching and bumping that WTB. :D

      vmyuki - Hahah, I totally know your feelings. XD I've been collecting for about a year and a half now, and once the rest of the dolls I have on order/layaway come in, my total will be right in that same range. And yes, I find I still want more. However, although it's hard to believe, I have passed on quite a few lovely dolls who tempted me, after I stopped to give serious thought to how much I really "needed" them. In the end, I've found that if I truly gave them enough consideration, seeing them later might still give me a twinge, but I don't really regret missing out on those I decided weren't for me.
    16. I was very disappointed when I had contacted a seller about purchasing a doll from her. Communication started off great...but slowly got worse and worse. I emailed her starting off with a low offer and never heard from her again :|. It was one of the dolls on my wishlist too.

      I was also severely disappointed when I entered the Dolpa for Rise Kujikawa DD...and unsuccessfully lost :( I had made posts about how Volks should make her into a DD almost exactly a year before she was brought to attention.

      But you know what? A very smart member and friend told me, "when one door closes another door opens." VERY true. I was able to bring home one of my dream dolls, a Volks Rose as well as invest in some outfits and wigs :) And even spend a little on myself :D. So all these disappointing opportunities turned out to be for the best.
    17. I'm not sure if I should post this because it hasn't happened yet but it MIGHT, and if it does, I will be so disappointed...... By random luck I found a head on the mp the same day I had earlier decided I wanted it to be a new character of mine. It's a pretty hard head to find, seeing as I didn't even know it actually existed. (Elfdoll R.Lydia in WS) and not only have I found her, she's at an incredible price! And not only is it such a great deal, I CAN AFFORD HER! She's been on the mp for months, and the seller hadn't bumped her for a while, so I PM'd her about the head. About a week later she got back to me and told me SOMEONE ELSE HAD ASKED ABOUT THE HEAD BEFORE ME. She also said that person might not be able to follow through, (and I wouldn't wish any ill fortune upon anyone), but I really really hope I get the opportunity to get this head! If not.... Ohh, the disappointment. I'd get over it eventually if it plays out that way, but still. Missing out on the deal of the century on a doll that's impossible to find that's PERFECT for my character? Disappointment to the max. I'll edit this post later with whatever the results to this situation are.
    18. Some of my greatest disappointments have been about dolls that I have brought home... and they were just entirely wrong for me. I have kept some of them for six months or a year before finally selling them, but some of them were turned around and sold practically upon arrival.

      Much of the time it has been because I absolutely hated the body, and other times it has been because the new doll doesn't look right next to the existing members of my resin family.

      I have noticed, though, that usually I have some reservation about the doll even before I buy it, so the disappointment is partly of my own making. I find I am much better off if I love a doll overwhelmingly just from its preview pics. :aheartbea

      Linda S.
    19. Keep in mind that when you're talking about your doll-hobby disappointments, you should be careful not to cross the line into advertising outside of the Marketplace. A lot of the posts in this thread are walking very closely along the edge of that line. Remember that even conversational references to items that you are selling or looking to buy that could invite other members to contact you to arrange a transaction can earn you a month-long suspension from the Marketplace. It's fine to discuss this topic, but keep the specifics out of it; instead of saying, "I've been looking for a Volks Masha forever, but I just can't find one!! They keep slipping through my fingers," say, "There's this doll that I've been trying to find, but every time she comes up for sale, I miss her by a little bit." There are some posts in this thread that read almost like want-to-buy posts, and that's not okay. If those kinds of posts continue, this thread will have to be locked.
    20. I had my first really big disappointment at the begin of the year, as i got my KDF Yuz. He was the first Doll with the half amount of money paid by someone else (my Mom) and i was sure he would fit for one of my Characters. I couldn't wait for Ownerpics to come up, but i had always luck with new Molds i liked in the Companypromo.

      Than i got him and tought ...

      "Okay, what the .. did you bought?" i hated everything about him, the legs, the Joints, and: the Face. Lips too small and fishy-eyes and .. meh. My only hope was that the Face up could help with this look, but i had to wait a month until i had the money to send him to the Artist and then i had no internet.. it took a while since Beginning of April until i got ihm back, and .. even thought the Face up made him looking a way better i was still disappointed by my own decision to buy him. But i got finally used to his look now. Even thought i still think he is kind of ugly from some angles and i can not deal with other Yuz, 'cause i hate the look of the cheek-nose-lips-eyes somehow.
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