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Disaster! Must evacuate! Will your dolls go with you?

Jun 29, 2008

    1. Just curious....
      If you knew a disaster was coming, such as a flood or a hurricane and you were evacuating to a relative's or a shelter would your dolls go with you?
      What if it was an emergency like the house is on fire?

      I think I would if I could- if it was a terrible situation I could always leave them later if I was without choice:(
      If, however, it was an emergency like a tornado is coming or the house is burning I likely would get myself and other people to safety before I even thought about my dolls- they would only be safe if I was holding them when I became aware of the danger and if I did not need to grab anything else more important.

      What do you think?
    2. I tried to include a poll but I took too long:sweat sorry
    3. I think my first priority would be loved ones then pets then maybe dolls. Lives are more important than dolls.
    4. This is something that's been on my mind lately -- both at home, and traveling. Since I don't have anyone animate at home... and so many resins... I'd be hard-pressed to choose which ones... :(
    5. I hear some members of the forum have added their dolls to the home insurance
      which i think is very good idea if you own a lot of expensive dolls.
      I can't say yes or no unless I'm in the situation, but if I have some time to gather
      things, I would take my dolls along with other things.
    6. If it was an impending danger that I had time to get out, after I packed up my car with my 9 cats and dog, computer, cash from the safe and whatever else was close to my heart, I would grab as many as I could, that I could pack safely...but I have so many it would have to be the ones that I am most attached to or were more limited.. but I would probably take them all if I could..
    7. First the Wife, then the Cat, which came with the wife by the way.
      then the Dog..then Dina-my DZ, unless the dogs been bad.
    8. My parents and brother, my dogs and cat, I'd also take the HDs out of my desk computer and my dolls...
    9. Cats,dogs,computer,folder of important papers--yes I still would have room in the car for the dolls!!
      No clothes for me,but everything important would come with me :)
    10. We were under a tornado warning once. You can bet your butt that my dolls were under the mattress in the hallway with me.

      If it was a fire, I might. My animals would come first, however. The dolls aren't alive, and while I would be devastated over losing them, I can get them again and make them exactly the same. I will never get back one of my cats or ferrets once they're gone.
    11. I would put my rats into their carriers and then my dolls.
      My boyfriend could take care of everyone else,like the dog and his parents. The cats would be hard to catch,but I would try to get them to safety!
    12. When there was a fire in my bedroom, my dolls and their things were in there but my top priority was saving my cat, Ryuichi. The fire started in the closet and he was trapped underneath his blanket in the closet. The smoke was heavy and the fire was so hot that my blinds melted, but I wasn't leaving that room without him. For awhile, I was beating the fire down with nothing but my fists so that I could get close enough to grab him.

      The dolls were never on my mind. Eventually the fire was out, but the smoke was so thick and so heavy. The damage was done, I lost a lot of things in that fire but my doll things were all right. Only after the fire was out did I remember them, but I was too busy choking to go and get them, plus my arm was in so much pain as I did get burnt. My younger brother got them for me, though. So they aren't added to the things that I lost. :)

      In sudden situations like that you have to prioritize because sometimes you just don't have time to stop and think about what to grab. To this day I still don't know how that fire started but had I removed every single thing I owned from my room, Ryuichi would have perished. While I'm not rich, I could have with time replaced all of my things, but I could never find another cat like him. :(

      So, I think it depends on the situation and the person. But if I saw the situation coming and I had the time to prepare, they're definitely coming with me!
    13. First, I would make sure that all my family and pets were safe first but my doll would be second on the list, as I only have one it would be relatively easy just to carry him to safety. The next would be my computer.... now that would present a bit more of a problem.

      Actually just yesterday we were under a severe thunderstorm warning, and whole time I sat by the window watching the hail and lightning with my boy on my lap. Luckily not much damage was caused, and we got some much needed rain. But I was ready to run for the basement with him under my arm.
    14. Most likely, No.
      My safety and the lives of my family are more important, if it wasn't a life threatening evacuation, than it would be another thing.
    15. I went through hurricane katrina. When we evacuated, I grabbed what was important and what had financial value that was portable. My stuff wasn't getting looted! I think I would try to find a place for my dolls if something like that were to happen again. I also learned that in an emergency you become a very creative packer. You learn to make it fit.

      EDIT: Just so no one takes that comment the wrong way, I made sure the living were safe before packing my things.
    16. If I had enough time to safely take him with me, my family and pets being top priority, I would most certainly.
      I'd probably drag my video games and computer with me, too.
      But my family and pets, whom I consider family, come first definitely.
      Maybe I could stuff him in my shirt while I was running to get my family and out?
      Yeah, that might work. :3
      I hate thinking about things like this, though. I worry way too much about them on a regular basis, anyways DX
    17. Hmmm... Once I knew my family and cat were good, I'd worry about my laptop (which I can't live without anyways) then my books on certain subjects (Maya, other programs, Pixar, et cetera) then my collectibles (my Gloomy, Chester, various figurines...). I don't think I'd be worried about water damage so much as what a potential looter would consider valuable. I doubt someone would bother to steal a teddy bear or a doll when there's a TV and game systems sitting right there.
    18. When I lived at home and I would travel, I would pack up my dolls in a bag so, just in case there was time, they could be snatched quickly. My dolls are insured and, as everyone has said, lives come first. If it was safe, I'd save my birds first and if time permited I can just get all my girls in one go. Even with insurance, I couldn't replace my dolls easiy if at all...some of my dolls are default and not too tricky to replace (Tinatsu, Kasumi, Kira...). My FCS would be do-able too since Volks keeps records of what makeup they did and all that... my one-off would be a loss though. I don't think I could call Volks and say "hey, remember that Lady Sylvie Valico painted three, four years ago. Think she would do it again? What? Records? No, my apt burnt down..."
    19. My loved ones are my parents; they can move under their own steam. I have no pets. So, yes, I would do my reasonable best to rescue my dolls in any emergency barring an immediate evacuation of the premises.
    20. .......I don't know. Maybe I'll make a list and tack it up. This is good to think about, evacuation procedures.

      Although, what if the doll at your home is not yours? Would its priority go up?