Disconnected with dolls

Mar 21, 2020

    1. Lately I've felt disconnected with most of my current collection. I think about selling them, then I get home and see them and I'm like "well, maybe you can stay"

      I love them but when I'm away from them, I just dont want them anymore. Dunno what it is. It's not like they're discontinued or rare or super expensive, they're actually easily obtainable.

      What do you do when you're disconnected? Or just feeling wishy washy with your collection? I'm unsure what I want to do, myself.
    2. I think I’ve reached the point in my collection that the desire for new dolls, and most of the ones I already have is gone. I’ve been selling off a few at a time (hard to do, as the market is slow), and the ones that I’m keeping are just kind of neglected. They are on my dresser where I see them, but I have no desire to do anything with them. There are some that I still want to find the perfect wig or outfit, but with the rising cost and my income shrinking, I will wait. So for me, I try and sell some, and the rest will just wait until my situation changes for the better. Plus, I found a new less expensive hobby that fulfills my desire for dolls, and that is my focus now.
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    3. That's me. that is so me. I'll be at work and think, ok, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna thin out my collection. I'm gonna sell nearly half my dolls. I'll go as far as opening up my profile and selecting which dolls I'm gonna cut.

      Then I get home and open up my doll closet and... can't commit to selling anyone.

      Its been like this for me for literal YEARS now. I guess the good part is, I HAVE finally gotten to the point where I don't feel the need to buy anymore dolls. no matter HOW pretty they are.
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    4. I’m actually new to the community but I’m a collector of many dolls. I usually keep the dolls around, just to look at; in my experience once the doll is gone you regret the sale. :(
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    5. Whenever I wasn't into a doll that much anymore I would put them into storage. I admit that I would have the same feeling of thinking I'd sell them but when I see them again it's "Oh, you're cute. Maybe I still like you."

      Now for me that meant I'd be selling them on anyway, no need to keep trying to make it work. I mean, we buy dolls because something about them piques our interest, don't we? It's easy to stick to that even when it isn't quite a perfect fit for other reasons.

      I took a break from the hobby when I started running into this problem. Unless I was staring right at the doll I just didn't want to do anything with them, and that's fine. Now I have kind of returned. I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be, and my current collection is one full doll and a floating head (probably not getting more than a body), but I'm invested in them and that's what matters.
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    6. The dolls that I have an especially hard time with are ones who's characters didn't work out and I have no new ideas for, those who's characters don't fit in with any other dolly crew, and those who were gifts from people I no longer want anything to do with. However, it's hard for me to get rid of them, because I've always believed (in a religious way) that everything, being made of energy particles, has its own kind of consciousness; especially dolls, since they have faces. It's not the dolls' faults that I have no new ideas for them, or that I'm angry with the person who went overboard one Christmas. It also doesn't help that these dolls are usually the ones I spend the most time with, trying to get them right. So I have more memories with them.
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    7. I’ve been feeling kind of disconnected too but not like I want to sell them off completely, and I do still have a couple on my wishlist. For me, it’s usually either I’ve lost interest in the character or I’ve been so busy/distracted with other things and don’t have time to truly appreciate them. With so much stress in real life problems, hobbies tend to take a back burner. However, I feel like the opposite should happen. When things are at their worst, we need positive distractions and the dolls do that for me once I finally do take time to sit down, change their clothes, work on their stories and buy or make new things for them. That usually shows me that I really do enjoy them. (And if one stands out that I just don’t enjoy anymore, it’s time for them to go.)
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