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Update Discontinued Soom Super Gem Basics

May 12, 2010

    1. Similar to the news that parts of the Mecha Angel line were being discontinued, Soom posted today that the Super Gem basics Dia, Spinel, Lupin and Lazule will follow in this trend to make way for new sculpts.

      Here's the message:
      Dear customer,
      We sincerely apologize for that we gave you disappointed and inconvenience against our will.

      Currently, most of CW Super gems were discontinued and those discontinued dolls will not be re-released any more.
      We deeply apologize about that. And also some of remained dolls which are still on sale will be discontinued without any notification, too. We are very sorry about your disappointed and please expect our new basic super gems which will be newly released soon. We have been studied for the Super gem dolls since releasing Super gems and we have always been discussed and planned to release the new dolls. We cannot inform you the exact date of new dolls releasing, however, please keep looking forward to our new our products.

      Please kindly understand of our decision which we hardly made with consideration of our internal situations and other reasons. We, SOOM always respect customer’s opinions and we have been tried to do our best to provide best quality dolls and better service for rewarding customer’s love.
      Please keep giving your opinions and any advices to us continually.
      Once again, we are very sorry to have caused you so much anxiety.

      Thank you so much♡

      The fate of current Super Gems:
      DIA: Normal- [Continue] Cream White- [Discontinued]
      SPINEL: Normal- [Continue] Cream White- [follow a schedule]
      LUPIN: Normal- [follow a schedule] Cream White- [follow a schedule]
      LAZULE: Normal- [follow a schedule] Cream White- [Discontinued]

      So if you're interested in any of these guys, now might be a good time to snatch them up before they're gone. I asked Soom what "follow a schedule" precisely means, and will update once I have a response.
    2. "Follow a schedule" means that those dolls will be released for a while longer, until they're discontinued, like the others.
    3. Does "Continue" mean the doll are not part of the "Discontinued" Super Gem dolls?
    4. I would assume so, yes. ^_^
    5. Please help!! I don't know where else to post this, but it has to do with the discontinuation of the super gems...

      I messaged Soom on the Q&A board to make sure that Spinel in normal skin will still be around in Jan of 2011 (which is when I hope to be able to afford to order him). Their response was frightening (and a bit confusing):

      Can this be true?? I thought that Spinel in normal skin was supposed to continue! Or I guess maybe this means the continuation is temporary? But if that is so, then why don't they just put 'follow a schedule' on the chart for Spinel normal skin too?

      I can NOT afford Spinel right now (I lost my job recently due to budget cuts), but I will be truly devastated if I miss out on him! :...( He is my dream doll and the very first doll I ever fell in love with! I meant to order him before, but got Soomed by Yrie. Can anyone clarify? Maybe I should email them again... HELP! :(
    6. Sounds pretty clear to me. Looks like they are going to discontinue their basic Super Gems some time around 2011.
    7. Kelaria: The ones listed as following a schedule are being phased out immediately, similar to the Mecha Gems (most of the ones listed as following a schedule on the discontinue notice two weeks ago are already sold out). I guess Spinel will continue for another 6 months or so before being discontinued as well, so you do have time.

      I had Soom work with me to ensure a 6-month layaway for my Lazule so I could pay him off slowly since, like you, I didn't want to miss out on a doll I've always wanted but didn't have the full price from the start. Maybe this is, or will be in the future, an option for you as well.