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Discontinued Soom Super Gem Basics

May 18, 2010

    1. Hmm... Most inconvenient...

      I wonder if they will replace the Super Gems with another similar sized line...

      I also wonder if there will be a big rush in the next two months - people buying SG dolls before they're discontinued? :O
    2. Does this mean that the SG bodies will also be discontinued? Are they making whole new dolls, or just new head sculpts for the old bodies?
      It would be terrible if they discontinued the beautiful old bodies.
    3. It's a shame that they'll be phasing out their basic Super Gems! :( I think the basic sculpts are all quite unique and they're different from most of the monthlies.
    4. It appears that they're just gonna bring new head sculpts. I do love how the SGs aren't like their more stylized pretty monthly dolls. I hope the new heads are just as realistic and interesting.
      Good news is, the total value of my SG Lir increases a little bit!
    5. I saw they were going to discontinue a few sculpts in their cream white skin, I wonder if that was just the first step in their phasing out. I'm looking forward to their new sculpts but I hope they don't discontinue the bodies =/ I JUST bought mine.
    6. Well there goes pretty much any chance of getting
      my CW Dia/Sard boy. This is what bothers me about
      Soom. I love their MDs. But the truth is they don't
      really take their customers into consideration.
      Why not make a poll to evaluate interest in a sculpt
      before you decide to end it? Very very upsetting.
      Just look at Carnel and the other "new" SG release last
      year. I've never seen a new sculpt live & die quicker.
      I guess Soom thinks they need to change things but they're
      really going about it the wrong way.
    7. Thing is, they likely did take into consideration how many people were buying the sculpts. I would say they've seen a steady decline in the purchases of these sculpts, enough that they decided to cut their losses and discontinue them. Looking at sales records is a much more reliable way of gauging a product's popularity than simply doing a customer poll or survey. There is a very big difference between interest in and the actual purchase of a product, BJD-related or otherwise.
    8. I agree, I'm sure they put in some serious market research before deciding this. I just hope there is an overlap so that there isn't a period where NO regular Super Gem size doll is available.

      I also wonder how this could effect their smaller doll lines.
    9. That's rather unfortunate, but I'm pretty sure Soom makes most of their money on the MDs nowadays, so unless interest in those dies down some there isn't much reason for them to spend a lot of time and resources on anything else.
    10. The dissapointing thing is that they discontinued them without any warning so those of us who had been saving up didnt get a chance to buy them before they were gone. They did the same thing with several mecha angel sculpts, im not upset because they discontinued them, Im upset that they didnt give us a last chance to buy them. I am tired of the mds, I think they are beautiful, but I dont want their success to make soom into a company that doesnt respect the opinions of their customers. Really, would it have been so hard to put up a notice saying "discontinuing these dolls in two weeks, get em while you can!"? They seem like they are trying to make a parent-child relationship with us. Im hearing "yes we can do things whether you care or not because we know you will keep buying our products, and we know best so here is this new line you will like more."
    11. It looks like they're still for sale right now, so it's possible someone could immediately put them on layaway if they didn't have the funds right now. Most companies don't really give a lot of advance notice before discontinuing a product though. Usually they just stop selling them and stores put up a sign on the shelves saying an item has been discontinued and what they have is all that's left.

      Not saying it's particularly convenient for people, but it's not really unusual.
    12. With the popularity of the MDs, I was expecting Soom to discontinue their standards at some point, possibly going as far as to releasing only limiteds from then on. While I was correct on the first prediction, I hope I'm wrong on the second, that they'll go exclusively limiteds. I'm not holding my breath though. :|

      I've been bit of a cheerleader for the Soom SG basics, and Spinel, Lupin and Lazule were what attracted me to Soom in the first place. The MDs have done little for me except think that most of their MD guys would make really hot women. I second Rosslyn in hoping that Soom will release realistic male heads for whatever dolls or line replaces the Super Gems.
    13. I guess I'm just reiterating what others have said before. As a person who has never been "Soomed" I think it is sad that they're getting rid of some great, unique sculpts-of which I've never been able to decide on the one I wanted to bring home and now probably won't ever be doing :(. Their MDs are also beautiful but in a much less realistic way and I've never been tempted by any of them like I have Lazule, Lupin and Spinel. I'm hoping their discontinuation of the Super Gems and the Mechas will be replaced with even better product lines, but their track record makes me think it is just going to be more of the same ole', same ole'.
    14. i had no idea Carnel had been discontinued. oh gosh T_T i really wanted one
    15. I am kind of the opposite of a lot of the feelings in this thread--their realistic sculpts didn't do much for me at all (though I liked the idea of a "bald" doll with Lupin's unique headcap)

      I was hoping that they would come out with something more like their MD's and release them as regulars with optional fantasy parts and whatnot. I agree though that their male MD's are really femmy, and I can't really get excited about them.
    16. ... I really have to get a Dia soon, then. Probably in the fall.

      Poor Adrian, now he's really going to be obscure. There aren't that many Lupin owners that I know of besides Rosslyn here.

      - Mel
    17. It's too bad about Lazule... I've always liked that sculpt a lot, but just never got around to getting one.
    18. Well, I was *thinking* about getting a Lupin, but maybe I'll wait now to see what the new SG's look like...hmmmmm....
    19. Ditto, I know! They had MANLY men! Those jaws, those sculpted features! I do wish Soom had given a bit more warning, though they probably have a few still in stock if people who really want one hurry and order it right now.
      Seconded about the Monthly men, too, with a few exceptions. Chrom had an awesome nose.

      *highfives* Me, you, Jacobean, and a few others hiding somewhere.