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Discount Event at Rapunzel Wigs: 10-20% off! LAST DAY TODAY

Jan 31, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi everyone :)

      I decided not only to open my sale early, but also to extend it from one day of madness to a full week of discounts. Most wigs are discounted by $3 or $5, which works out at around 10-20%. Next Sunday I will be closing the shop temporarily to make way for the next preorder, so please if you're interested in any in stock wigs, now's the time to buy!

      I mostly have Lati Yellow wigs in stock right now, but will be preordering some Puki and YoSD sizes from February 14th.

      Here's some of the styles available:


      Thanks a lot!
    2. Last day today :)