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Discussion about Dollstown Elysia Head by Torre

Feb 4, 2007

    1. Ok, I am not sure how many people know about this or not. But Torre at Dollstown, has been working on a new head "Elysia".
      I asked her whe she figures Elysia will be released, and I was told around the end of February. I'm pretty excited about this one.

    2. Thanks Kotori! I hadn't noticed the creation of this new head at all. She's such a different look from all the other DT girls, but I think that's a good thing and I really like her. Her wide nose and wide/frowny mouth are great! I think she'd look really smashing next to my HyperManiac boy. :aheartbea

      End of Feb., hmmm... St. James' Birthday is coming up...
    3. *faints*

      She is beautiful - beyond words beautiful! What an amazing addition to an already impressive atelier. Wow!
    4. I love the shape of her eyes... She'd look great beside a K-Doll.
    5. OK.. dunno why but Dollstown tries to kill my wallet lately.. 15body first and now this head ;_; She's lovely ;_; <3
    6. *gurgles* *dies* Ooooh...so pretty. Those lips! She looks like Kill_U (who I already love) but a bit more refined and smooth. I think I'm in love.
    7. *emits squees too high-pitched for human ears*

      I've been waiting for someone to make my Pauline, and there she is! I thought for sure she'd be a K-Doll or a Hypermaniac, but there she is just waiting for some flaming red hair and frowny eyebrows. And she's very pleased that she'll be getting such a hot body! Yay, no tricky to assemble, expensive to collect hybrid this time! Who knew it could be so easy? :love Yep, I'm likin' this hobby. :aheartbea
    8. OH MAN! She is waaaaaaaaaay too pretty for my bank account. XD I can hear it weeping.
    9. Oh. My. Gawds.

      I love Torre's stuff.... and this is no exception!!!

    10. Hmm.. when I look on her.. all I miss is elf ears.. she looks like elf to me :D
    11. anyone need organs? I have to have this one!!
    12. Oh no! My wish list is getting too long........ I just adore Torre's work....I must have this girl......Elysia..such a pretty name too.

    13. I love her cute nose and eyes! She'd look good with a nice, dark set like in the upper-right.

      ...She'd also make a cute boy.
    14. Would make a very cute boy ! what size body can this go on? this is an SD girl? Whats the dollstown resin like?

      I hope this head is not overly large I would love it on one of the 13 bodies and not on the newer body as I prefer smaller SD's (less tall)
    15. Oh, darn, I HAVE to get her!
    16. i love her!
      still waiting she's available.
    17. I love the face shape and the lips but I wish the nose was not quite so childish. It's nice that it's wide, it just also looks short and kind of undeveloped like a little kid's nose.
    18. I think it's a cute nose! Very rounded, not as pointy as some mold's noses.
    19. She is a definite must have that's for sure....
    20. anyone know when dollstown sell his girl?