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Discussion: *Demon Hunter* Miguel From IMPLDOLL

Apr 25, 2010

    1. Wow, this is interesting and refreshingly original (or at least I think so). This is exciting, especially on the heals of discussions of the copying of sculpts and inspiration.
    2. I'm impressed by more than just his embellishments. The lines of his nose, jaws, and eyes are very fine. The art team at Impldoll seems to be maturing in style and technique and I like the direction very much.
    3. Wow! I'm very impressed.... Reminds me of a scifi/comic book like The Gyver or Witchblade. I haven't seen anything really like this yet in resin though. That face is pretty ambitious, I love it! We need more bold scifi sculpts for sure after having so many fantastic fantasy ones :)
    4. I am really excited about this sculpt!! I agree that it shows Impldoll is starting to hit its own stride stylistically and technically! I definitely think this is a sculpt that is unique and very different from what we've seen from other companies.
    5. Holy Heck! O.O

      The head sculpt is fantastic...what fascinating ears.
      I'm very interested to see the rest of the body, and just how far the embellishments go!
    6. Very cool! :D I love the idea for the... horns? growths? instead of ears. I can't wait to see how they paint him.
    7. Very H.R. Giger. I like. A LOT. Might have to scrounge up the cash ...
    8. Wow, lovely! And when Impl was accused of taking too much inspriration from soom, it great that they come up with soemthing like this! I'ver never seen another doll like this before :O

      I second the fact it's not just the fantasy parts that are lovely, he has a very handsome face in his own right too. Only a 100 peices isn't many though I wonder who will get hold of him?
    9. ...right up my alley. Time to start digging through the couch cushions in a desperate search for spare funds. I'd wanted to try to make some pieces like this for my dolls with my polymer-clay-junkie mother over the summer; this is... ok, this is much easier. ;)
    10. H.R. Giger? I think now that you mention him, I see what you mean :) I was gonna say Kazuma Kaneko of Shin Megami Tensei! I wonder what colors they would have for him? My three would be: Dark grey, Teal and Strawberry Red.
    11. Wow! this is the first impldoll sculpt that gets to me, his face is delicious <3

      The hands look awesome as well, can't wait to see more!
    12. Not to my personal taste, but I can't WAIT to see some owner pics of this interesting guy!
    13. Oh hello Mr. Giger!! :aheartbea Wow... this guy is fabulous. And his face is pretty underneath all the biomech-y texturing, too.

      I sound like a retard here, all I can repeat is Wow! I can't wait to see him painted up. You could do some seriously heartstopping stuff with metallic paint on those fantasy bits.
    14. Definitely Giger, and I think a definite must have!
    15. I really liked the head.... I'm just a bit worried about his capacity of...well...wearing normal clothes... because of the elbows etc... But really an amazing mold! congrats IMPL ^-^/
    16. Yep. That. Human-Alien hybrid anyone?
    17. I like him, and I too see Giger as an influence. Not too sure if I want to bring him home, but I def. want to see more of this boy!
    18. Finally something original. I was getting tired of seeing way too much SOOM influences.
      He looks pretty cool, but too large so yeah :c