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Discussion Dollzone boys - Hirry, Saka, Wilka and X

Jun 14, 2007

    1. I do see them now. it is early. :doh

      But still loving Saka. And also X.
    2. X version 2 is my personal favourite. :)
    3. Oh my :D I love Saka and X version 2. I wish there was a DZ agent in the UK.
    4. Noooo.... I'm doomed.

      I was so hoping I wouldn't like them... but Saka made me gasp out loud. And I like Hirry too. And X...


      Whoever gets one first... I really want to know if the 70 cm heads will work on the cm bodies! :)
    5. *pats Baakay on the head* I'm sure it will get better.

      Oh, there is a difference in neck circumference of about a centimetre so I'm not sure if swapping heads would work........
    6. If I wasn't trying to get Nanuri 07' >.> I would be trying to get Saka. Alas, he will have to wait.

      I think I want him in tan. Is the tan for the 60cm the darker tan like the 70cm boys?
    7. I like Wilka best. I want to pinch his little cheeks. ^^
    8. Wilka! O_O lovelovelove.
    9. Same tan resin as the 70 cm boys. :)
    10. I'm Loving X versions 1 and 2!
    11. I love Wilka and Saka and X ver.1. Now to figure out how or who will fit into my manor.

      And I figured it out... Saka will become Neville, and Wilka will become Wormtail. Now to find someone who wants to split Wilka with me. I want the head and outfit but not the body. (Wormtail needs a different body).

    12. saw the first boy and was - meh, saw the second and went wow, by the third I was wide eyed and by the forth i was drooling. sheesh.
    13. Those are their nicest sculpts yet! I'm glad they're improving.
    14. Well, heads and costumes will be available as separate items for purchase. I just didn't have time to add all the extra's to the site as I only got the info today and wanted to at least get the doll pages up and running so people could look and admire. :)
    15. I am SO glad to hear that! I must have Hirry's outfit for my little athelete. :)

      The dolls look lovely, especially Saka. Excellent body sculpts too! :aheartbea Does anyone know how accurate the height measurement is? 61cm sounds great, but I've noticed that a lot of the time company's height measurements tend to be off. For example, Elfdoll boys sure as heck aren't 60cm, and neither are the Angell Studio boys. I may consider getting one but I don't want to wind up with another doll that is smaller than I thought he'd be, which is why I ask, if anyone happens to know about the accuracy of DZ measurements. ^^;
    16. I know I'll be getting at least one. I have the luxery (or torture) of knowing and living close to the Canadian DZ rep (featherfall) so even I can resist online, once i see them in person, I know i'll be sunk (its why I have 2 dz tinies now)
    17. AHH!

      Loving Wilka and X v2... :D
    18. : x WILKA! COME TO ME! ...Like I need another supercutie boy in this house.