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Discussion Dollzone Pets - Cat and Sheep

Apr 30, 2008

    1. Well, I've sought clarification on which of the new pets from Dollzone are on topic and it appears that the cat and sheep are ok. :)

      So, here is where you can discuss them to your hearts content.

      There is a locked news thread where pics can be seen but in case you don't want to hunt for it.....

      Here they are:

      Cat 1


      Cat 2


      Sheep 1


      Sheep 2


      I open the floor to discussion and questions. :)
    2. I'm a Capricorn born in the Year of the Sheep/Goat, so I'm really happy DZ stepped up to make these. It means I don't have to wait another...what is it, 7 years, for another Sheep year to come around...and hope Elfdoll or someone does a zodiac animal that year. Plus, I could always add horns to the little guy's head and make him a goat kid! :love Too bad about the other two being OT--the elephant was weirdly intriguing--but the cat and sheep are definitely the cutest of the four. My Baha is going to be thrilled to have someone smaller than her to boss around. I sense that her army of minions may be starting to assemble...

      Do you know yet, Moggie, if the outfits will also be available separately, or will they only be sold as fullsets? Can I assume they'll be in the same skintones as the foxes and rabbits?
    3. (Ssshh! I like the elephant best, even if it is OT.) The Egyptian cat is very cute too.
    4. I just got the notification on these last night and they are all cute in their own way. I really want the elphant. :) But the sheep in the dark clothing is very cool. Way to go DZ. :) :)
    5. That cat has some attitude! He looks so... feral.. XD
    6. I want the cat! And I know a friend who will want the sheep
    7. The outfits will be available separately for purchase at $32.00 each set. I'm just working out which codes go with which outfit at the moment.

      They'll be available in the regular four skin tones. Tan is an extra $20.00.
    8. The Egyptian outfit on the cat looks awesome.

      >_> Something about the elephant is really cute.

      I like the sheep a lot, though why does it have a six pointed star on the forehead in the dark clothes?

      I want to put a fuzzy wuzzy curly wig on the sheep @_@

      Pfft... so much for saying I don't like small dolls... *puts more dolls into her maybe list*
    9. The sheepy is so cute, i love his expression.

      EDIT: Now I want the elphant too!
    10. Whoooo! I like the spooky sheep. :)
    11. I like the sheep is so cute! and the elephant

    12. What pricing will they be, Moggie? I may have to order the egyptian cat!
    13. I wonder if these guys will be avliable separate, without having to buy a whol other doll 0.o
    14. I wonder what makes the cat and sheep be ok and not the other ones, I don't know they are so many pet dolls now.

    15. The sheep's face is so cute! I love his droopy eyes....but I really wish he had hooved hands and feet instead of human hands and feet.
    16. According to Featherfall, they will be sold by themselves, which means you don't have to buy another doll to get them. :)

      It makes good sense to me. Personally, I think the sheep looks a lot like the DZ fox, which is considered on-topic. The cat also seems to resemble several other on-topic cat dolls. The elephant, however, looks like it could be a porcelain figurine, and the dog doesn't even look like a dog, let alone like an ABJD. These are just my guesses, of course!
    17. The dog had the most 'asian' look. Very classic china look. But whatever.

      I love the Elephant and will have to pick one up eventually. The sheep reminds me of something but I can't remember. It's from a cartoon somewhere.

    18. I can't decide whether I love the sheep or the OT elephant best. ;o; They're all really adorable! But sheep the first's fullset cracks me up - it's irresistably evil. XD
    19. They are available on their own. There are no conditions like there was with the Christmas promotion.

      Pricing is as follows:

      Full sets - $255.00
      Bare doll - $165.00
      Faceup and body blushing - +$60.00
      Tan resin - +$20.00
      Outfits - $32.00
    20. Faceup and clothes can make a big difference. :)