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Discussion for Angell Studio Mini Gus

Jun 21, 2008

    1. Gus is very popular among Angell Studio Guests,and what about Mini Gus?This is the new mold of AS,there are gege(elder brother)and didi(younger brother)
      Are they cute?
      Which one do you like best or they are the same in your mind?
      Any discussion about them is welcomed in this thread.

      These two pages of them:
      Mini gus gege

      Mini gus didi
    2. *bump* I just stumbled across these cuties and had to know if someone has one! They're too adorable! :D
    3. I never saw this thread before, but they're really cute! I wonder, they look like they would look lovely next to my Elfdoll Doonas :) Cute boys!
    4. It really need some people who had bought them to join this discussion
    5. Does anyone have one of these little guys yet?
    6. Has anyone actually gotten a MG yet? @_@ I'm pretty set on him at the moment but I wish I had more pictures ._.
    7. I do have one and will post him for sale. He didn't pose well enough for me. I used him as a girl, actually. I don't have the wig any longer in the 1st image and the character she was didn't have hair, so she quite clean headed.
      The second one is her character, Osa. She was 1st a Bobobie Tiny Erin then she grew into the mini gus... long story still on going! The second shot also shows her with Volks anime eyes. The 1st are the default she came with. With the anime eyes, the eye lashed look odd, so I removed them and the little black corners of her mouth. The third image is her finished and ready for the story. She has default face up. LOL, sounds like I'm trying to sell here here! I replaced her with a little fee.. again, a boy body!
    8. oh my goodness! Gus is so cute- nobody else has one??
    9. Bumping for Gus! I need to see more of his cute little face!
    10. bump for Gus, please owner or lover who knows owners....Show them here ^^ please :)
    11. Hey! :) i have plans on getting a gus with a female body after xmas or so (depends..) But im not sure what size of wig she'll use! any help?
    12. I have a Mini Gus girl on the way. I'll have to post pictures. She's planned to be a little zombie girl though, daughter of two of my Ringdoll boys. ^^