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Discussion for B&G (BoyAndGirl) Rin

Nov 28, 2007

    1. Hi everyone, I don't know if there has already been a post about this, but I couldn't find one, so sorry if this is a repeat. Anyway, I was wondering what everyone thought of the new B&G Doll Rin. I think he is awesome. He is more mature looking then the other boys. Here are some pics...



      He is 60cm and costs $300. Anyone but me interested?

    2. I'm very interested in him, actually. I just LOVE the look on his face. Friendly, yet so very sly. I want him. I even already know what character of mine he is. ^^; And here I thought I was going to end up with having to save up 600+ for a Volks SD Mark for him. Rin fits so much better.
    3. Cool! I had planned on getting Sky, but I like Rin too! Maybe both :) Does anyone else think he might make a nice girl?
    4. I wasn't big on the current B&G 1/3 dolls, but Rin is just very nice. I do think that the mold would make a great girl too.
    5. I like him too :) I'm ready for ordering...

    6. I keep seeing these on ebay, they looked nice, but worried when I read the whole page. Now seeing this picture, the neck looks very long. To me it looks as if the head doesn't fit right.
    7. as affordable as they are i would like to read some reviews before buying one
    8. One person on the boards owns a B&G Rin that I've seen. FOrget the username though. >_<
    9. I saw them on ebay too actually, what made you worried?
      sorry for asking ^^
    10. In clothes Rin''s neck isn't very long. I never thought his neck was long... But I do like long necks.:sweat I do love the type two bodies. And here is a picture of Lucient (my rin) taken by Brightfires at a meetup. He's also got some pretty nice teeth.

      I love the quality of the body and it's a great price. I only have one other doll at this time and it's a volks sd nono. Here's a pic of them together.

      The resin match is also very good. :3
      Seriously I LOVE RIN!:aheartbea
    11. B&G doesnt have an official web page do they? i went to an old thread and it had their link but that website was defunct....

      his face is nice but yes the neck is kinda long...