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Discussion for new Minifee woosoo vamp~ at fairyland

Jul 14, 2008

    1. will up date the thread with the name when she is released..
      if this is not allowed(since its not released yet), mods pls remove it..i'm sorry

      news thread here

      i don't even know if its a minifee but it looks soo cute to be a feeple..

      more pics here

      they are available in ala carte now..
    2. In the news it says that the heads will be added in both Active and Beautiful line A la carte and there will be a regular release as minifee as well. The fullsets though, it's not certain yet if when they'll be released.

      It's great that they won't be limited ^^ I also adore vamp dolls!
    3. Hehe... well, they're back now :lol:

      Woosoo Vampire Elf heads are now avilable at MiniFee A la Carte systems.
    4. Lol Welcome to the group. *Sympathy handshakes and cookies*

      I don't think they would... I mean, dolls are limited for a reason. So that you blow a whole bunch of extra money at once on something you know won't be around for long. XD I splurged on my Shushu Elf because she was perfect for my character in every way, and I knew she wasn't going to be around for long. I had no choice but to BUY HER IMMEDIATELY. Then again, they did re-release the Breakaway, albeit a little different looking. XP I hope they don't, because I can't see how you would alter it to be different from the first batch, the way the Breakaway was.

      chobits0821-- XD Well, the sculpts are a little different, so you need to buy what you feel is perfect for you.

      Eri-- XDDD Congrats. I can't wait until you order!

      I can't wait for owner photos. I hope they aren't as pretty to me as the stock photos, because I might just die. X33 I can't buy her, so if she looks as good in person as on the site and I don't change my mind about liking her... She's going to be one of those dolls I crave and stalk on DoA.
    5. boo i was hoping since mnfs have moved over to FL,they'll do things differently.. but i guess its cp tt does the deciding.?
    6. actually CP released Delf elves in the past more than once, so there might be a re-release in the future. the second time around they were given different default face ups.
    7. imagine... if there are mermaid versions of mnfs *dies*
    8. sspearls-- But the faces were different too. I remember two Lishe Elves (2004 and 2006?) and their face moulds were both a little different. If they rerelease the MNF Shushu, I'm not sure how they'd do that, unless they messed with her eye/face shape to make her more Elven or something.

      fayerie-- XD Well, like with the Puki mermaids, there wouldn't be the versatility the regular bodies have. ... But they'd be AMAZING. :lol: :XD:

      Edit: The Woosoo vampire girl as a mermaid would make her a pirahna or something. ... Now my post is on-topic. XDDDD
    9. psychoticelflet5>>fin-ears would be <3 and i agree with you about the woosoo vamp girl..hahahaha omg shushu mermaids!
    10. Has anybody gotten their hands on one of these yet? I'm really thinking about ordering the girl, but I'd like to see pictures of her by people that own her first.

      Also, I'm disappointed to find out that I missed out on Elf Lishie. x-x I may have to just hunt for one eventually.
    11. i think it won't be so fast.. they're jusst released a week ago!
    12. :sweat A person can hope? :laughs: I feel silly, still, I anxiously await pictures. :)
    13. rishimsin>> i post them when my girl woosoo's head arrive ^^
    14. i ordered the boy on 18th hope it arrive soon and i'll post pics i promise ^^
    15. *Gasps and looks into the sky* T_T So beautiful... TT_TT

      What? No no, I meant the Delf Elf Lishes; there hasn't been a MNF Elf Lishe yet, or one of my best friends would have freaked out and spent all her money on one. XDDD No worries! There is hope for the future! The only Elves released in MNF size have been Shiwoo, Shushu, and now the Woosoo vampires (since they technically have elf ears).
    16. I was in love with the twins when I first saw them! I've been looking for two little twins and these guys are perfect. I think I'll get the girl first. (unless I break down and get them both at once :sweat)..she's so adorable.
    17. ishiko-- Well, if you buy them both at once you save $24 dollars (plus you get free shipping). XD Not that I am trying to convince you to get em both at once so we can have photos together or anything....
    18. Ha Ha, I thought about that... but I also heard that the twins (as a set) come with the Active Line bodies and I don't really like the boy's muscle body. So, when I do order them it will be through the a la carte system. I also like the idea of picking their hands.

      I'm also planning on ordering with a friend (or 2) so we should get the free shipping anyway. I just can't pass up free shipping! There aren't many companies that can offer that.
    19. psychoticelflet5>> looks into sky too~~ haha...oh ya they should release the des soon right..
      *squirms as mind goes back to imagining dreaming shushu mermaids*