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Discussion of Ocean Moon - Shou-Ryu

Mar 22, 2007

    1. Can anyone tell me anything else about Ocean Moon? They've apparently just sold out of their Shou-ryu 2 head, but they're set up to take US orders, so perhaps someone around here has purchased a Shou-ryu 1 or 2 from them and can tell me a little more.


      There's a link on the site to a Y!J auction for one of the heads and another to a Cyworld account. From what I can see of the Cyworld page, there appears to be other head molds...
    2. Huh. Never heard of/seen them before! But they're really cool--a head specifically designed for people to fiddle with the eyes and such. And ooo, magnetic headcaps. I do love those...
    3. Oh dear. :sweat Looks like that company's been banned. Alas!

      He kinda looks like a lovechild between an F16, a Schoolhead, a Ducan, a coupla DIM boys, and a few other faces, anyway.
    4. It's not the same head, they have made changes to the sculpt and are calling it Version 2. But, this company has a history of both copying head molds and fraud? Great. To me the Shou-ryu 2 head looks a lot like one of the new Custom House boys which is probably why I like him so much. .
    5. NOT TRUE!!! They did not copy any head molds used inspiration! But they have been sold in the past with a lot of trouble. They have a bad reputation in korea but they are not a scam. I asked visavis about Oceanmoon and she told me not to worry she had seen the scultping process of the doll at her korean doll community.

      This is an old thread where they talked about Oceanmoon
      There is just one mistake they say Wul Young Chang Hae is the creator but I talked with a person named Se-yeon when ordering Shou-Ryu and Visavis confirmed this without me even asking:

      As far as I've read on their website they are going to sell a white version with body and clothes on yahoojp later on.

      I've ordered 1 of the 5 heads..and I'll let you know when I've received him!!!
      Till now she has replied to my emails everyday even doh she isn't well at writing in english and having someone else help her reply fast to my emails.
      She has been polite and even offered to help me buy urethane eyes from a korean company because I asked.
      She also expressed her symphaty for the Netherlands because her sister had visited Holland before. Perhaps I'm lucky because I'm dutch hahaha.

      But we can never be sure untill someone can confirm..so I'll seriousily will let you guys know how things have turned out with my order.

      I hope this is enough information for now. I'll update with news when I can!

      But all and all isn't he pwetty >o<..I never thought i would evu buy a boy again(except for Shirou Tachibana he's still on my list!!).

      Let us wait in and see how things turn out!! ^_~!

      ps: the heads are now sold out!!! You can only win the current auction on yahoojp or wait for the white version with SD13body!
      And no the head is not banned by DOA!!
    6. Thanks Bliss, please keep us informed with your impressions about this new head when it arrives!

      I am a little confused now about whether or not they are banned, are they banned here or on the Korean forums, neither or both? :? And where can I see pictures of the other head molds?

      It seems that a large percentage of Korean artist heads get accusations of being copies...I wonder why that is? Is there a lot of fighting between the artists there? I know the Psyche X head was said to be a copy of a Hugo. We have one at home and I just can't see a resemblance from any angle.

      So confusing.
    7. I re-re-reread hisuida's posting on that thread again, and now I'm no longer clear how 'banned' he is, either. When she wrote this, it was December 2005:

      Perhaps this has changed since December 2005... the DOA rules have definitely changed since then... maybe hisuida's only talking about them being 'banned' in the Korean BJD community, not DOA. So, maybe it is kosher to own this Shou-Ryu guy, after all!

      Luckily, we now have a convenient List of Doll-Companies Non Grata, just for DOA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101920

      I don't see Ocean Moon on there. :dance
      Miz Idris, bring him home if he is the one! I'd like to meet him, even if he does look kinda like your Grey crossed with Rima's boy Shikamaru. ^^
    8. Psyche X? Yeah, Korean doll companies do have the "copycat" label stuck to them all the time! I wonder why that is? O:

      This is very confusing...
    9. I think that some people only believe that the original Volks are real, and all others are copycats, which is silly. No one calls different bikes copies, when they are all based off one original idea, and artists find inspiration everywhere. I do like the Ocean Moon Head, very pretty, and I don't see it as more similar to any other doll than any other companies heads. The only thing I would be scared about is the bad rep, just cause I wasn't around when it started, so I can't judge on either side, but that would make me worry about buying from them.
    10. As far as I understood, the creator was banned (or more, like, is not welcome) in the korean bjd scene because of her extremely rude behavior and several scams she was involved in (now, this is my interpertation of what Hisuida posted, so...:sweat ) The whole "copy" issue I do not get - it's either she did mod and copy a volks mold, or she used it to "inspire" herself.

      And HUH? Psyche X??? I do not see ANY resemblance to Hugo at all, and I own him (not to mention that he is a 70cm boy).
    11. Slightly OT: Who/what/where is Psyche X? O:

      Yeah, apparently the ban isn't from her copying, it's from her being a jerk and a con artist. Which really sucks. Maybe she's changed her wicked ways?
    12. Just to clear it up, I've asked SEVERAL mods about my boy and Shou-Ryu is NOT banned. There is NO proof that he's a copy and the company was never convicted for it, so he's allowed on the boards.

      Also, I've seen the dolls that he was supposedly copied from and other than a couple of slight resemblances, he has a completely different overall look. There's no doubt in my mind that he's as much of an original sculpt as any other doll.

      I've not yet seen pictures of the new version, but I'm going to look for them now.
    13. Idoru, more info on Psyche is here.
      Omichao, it'd be a shame if your boy would be banned, he is beautiful. (I don't really see that many distinct similarities either)
    14. Just found him and I can tell you all of the differences right now, and that head's been more than slightly modified. Here are some pictures of the original head unpainted. The differences are very obvious.

      His eyes are smaller, less angular and the tear ducts are much more shallow. His nose is more rounded and quite a bit smaller (trust me, my Shou has a huge honker @_@). His mouth is also less pronounced than the first version.

      What strikes me most are his ears. My Shou-Ryu's ears are very much deeper and more detailed, not to mention smaller and angled differently.

      Anyway, to get to the point, I think he's been modded to hell and back, but he's still beautiful. Oceanmoon may not have had complete permission to remake him, because the original sculptor's mark is nowhere on the new version, but it IS a Shou-Ryu and he does have the old company's logo.

      As far as I'm concered, if the company has a bad reputation, just be wary of dealing with them. It doesn't seem like a scam, but you never know. Only spend as much money as you're willing to lose. For the record, I hope thi is legitimate, because Shou-Ryu is my absolute favourite sculpt ever and this new one is gorgeous too ^___^

      Thank you :3 The mods here are not unreasonable and they don't ban dolls, companies or members lightly. I knew that with no actual proof of him being a copy, that he wouldn't be frowned upon at all ^_^
    15. Thanks, My_Precious! :D

      Oh, it's good to know that he isn't banned at all, Omichao! He's really lovely--and I hope that she HAS changed her ways, because this new head is beautiful, too.
    16. Just for the official mod position . . . none of these dolls/companies are banned from DoA.

      Of course, please be careful when buying from an unknown company, but there's no reason to fear that your dolls might not be allowed on here :)

      Good luck!

      -- A <3
    17. Nope, can't do it. First I need a Williams' head, then a white Sabik, then a body for my Segi, then FCS F-33, and F-20 and then...*_* Ya, seriously planning for any other dolls right now is verboten.

      I just like this guy and thought I'd ask. :)
    18. My Shou-ryu head has been shipped with EMS yesterday!! Se-yeon also added limited 14mm Volks HG MSD Yuni eyes as a gift. This because in my previous emails with her I told her I was looking for nice eyes and asked her what eyes she uses and I told her Shou-ryu would be for my birthday on the 6th of april. She suprised me with this gift..I'm very happy and excited.

      I also heared from an LJ-friend that Se-yeon had put an head on hold for weeks because someone needed the money for an emergency.
      So far I can't say anything bad about Oceanmoon.

      Anyways I will let you know when he has arrived!
    19. Hey, that's really nice! ; _ ; Like, really. Aww.