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Discussion of Real Unidoll (UHr-01)

Dec 29, 2006

    1. O.O

      *Pinches self*

    2. o-o

      Absolutely amazing. I wonder how much he'll cost...probably a pretty penny, no doubt.
    3. Oh my, oh my, oh my :love
    4. I find him.... scary. Quite scary. But thats just me and my fear of anything masculent.
    5. I adore the masculine body and the facial angles. *dabs at perspiration*

      I'm quite at a loss for words! ;)

    6. He's....um...I want his body for my boy!!! It's so hot!!
    7. whoa! ....must.....resist....temptation
    8. Whoa.
      I love his whole sculpt, tho the legs are a bit too muscular for my taste...but I´ll be watching him. Closely.
      Unidoll never fails to amaze me.
    9. WANT.

      I wonder if the body will be available separately (and if we can get an uncensored pic).
    10. Does he look a bit disproportionate to anyone else? DDD: His thighs look WAY too muscular and his arms too skinny.. to me, anyway. I could be very wrong. I don't like muscles anyway so I guess I'm not a very good judge. >___>;;;

      He just looks.. wrong.

      I love the headmold, though. I'd buy him if he had a different body. ;o;'''
    11. The image isn't showing up for me? :(
    12. i can't see the image :'(

      [edit]: wooww oO this body... ^^° i wait more photo for make idea...
    13. Wow that's one of a great doll.
      Nice headmold and I luv his muscular body. I like his thigh, knee, and calf.
      Very well sculpted. And yes the body blushing wins.
      Are there any of his pics on the website?
    14. i can't wait to see more pictures of his face. I'd like to see the body without the blushing as well. I wonder how tall he is
    15. I think so too. Very lovely muscular legs and a bit skinny arms in comparison. Both legs and arms look beautifully sculpted, but together they appear a bit wrong. Nevertheless I'd love to see more photographs of this body and the new head. It's only one picture, but I like the new head. I like older (like past their teens) looking dolls.
    16. I agree...a bit disproportionate but about one of the buffest bods out there. Wonder when someone will make more balanced ones.

      Otherwise I'll just have to sulpt manlier arms to match the rest XD jk I haven't the time XD

      It's nice to see a change to include a wider range of doll styles, the more mature dolls are starting to come into being now XD woot~!
    17. OH O__O he could be the Elric character i am looking for.... O___O i need to see more photos... ^_^ very nice body.....
    18. Oh YES. *another wonderful Unidoll man*
    19. BEAUTIFUL!!! I want measurements.