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Discussion~ So-Nyeon-Gi sculpt "Javi" at 4D

Mar 13, 2008

    1. Concerning matching body and resin
      What will be your hybrid?? ^^
      It seems to me that luts boy body and SD9 body have a better body proportion according to the web.
      What about the resin match?
      I am having a hard time reading Korean...so I was wondering wheather the sculpt resin colour is based on new volks pure skin or not
      I myself is stuggling wheather to for volks 9 or delf body.
    2. Damn, I had planned on waiting til my birthday in the summer to order a doll. However, I can't let this one pass me by! :D

      I think the head looks nicest on the delf body in terms of style and proportion, but I really want a normal skin doll, not white skin. And if their normal skin is matched to Volks, it certainly won't match Luts.

      I was thinking that a B & G body might do the trick, as it is if anything more slender than the Luts body and apparently matches Luts real skin, which in turn should match Volks pure skin. I'm not totally convinced that I like the B & G body as much as Luts, however, and I certainly do not like the hands as much.

      Ugh. Maybe I should just go with white skin after all.
    3. Oh I can't wait! :D I was also planning to order a doll in the summer, but, well, I guess plans change!

      I want my Javi head to be a white skin girl, so I'm having an even harder time with body picking. I was thinking maybe a white skin Delf girl body, or a white skin SDF body, but I have no way of knowing if the proportions will be right on the Delf girl body, or if the proportions and resin will match on the SDF girl body, since Luts' Real Skin resin is different from their normal resin. So confusing! :...(

      I know the Delf boy body in the pictures is white skin, along with the Javi head... Gah, I just can't decide! :sweat
    4. Gah. Just when I swore to myself no more dolls this year... Why must I stumble across this beauty in the News Thread?! *shakesfist*

      Same problem with you Kogepan, I also want a NS head but don't know what body to choose from. *_*
    5. Oh why so soon!!!
      I'm really debating on getting this one too...
      Luvs my Hyul SH :XD:

      As for color matching the Hyul SH's were supposed to be based on Volks.
      Mine is normal skintone and is a bit lighter than Volks pureskin.
      I have a UV protect pureskin body on the way that I'm hoping will match a little better.
      I'd assume Javi would have the same color:huh?:

      Edit: a bit OT but I would like to create database thread for these heads
      What do you all think is the appropriate "company name"?
      I'm thinking "So-Nyeon-Gi"
      since 4D says
      and that is the label Hyul SH is under on their website.
      Would that be right?
    6. I was actually thinking that the Custom House Ai body looked the best for proportion/resin match. I was just wondering if anyone could tell if the comparison picture with the Custom House body was white or normal resin? I think it's white skin, which I hope it is. ^_^ But as soon as I get Javi (I have every intention of getting him as soon as he's available), I can test him on my Delf beauty white body.
    7. Nell:
      Then I think the sculpt is really base on volks uv new pure skin body~ coz the volks uv body is really a bit lighter in colour.
      I was wondering is delf normal skin [not real skin] similar to volks uv new pure skin body or volks old skin? What about delf real normal skin, similar to volks uv new pure skin or old volks skin?
      Any advice?
      I will also go for normal skin boy body~ wondering if delf normal skin [not real skin] will match the sculpt
    8. Yes, I am 100% sure you should use So-Nyeon-Gi
      becoz So-Nyeon-Gi stands for 少年記~ the sound matches similarly when I read it in chinese [these kanji shares certain similarity in pronounciation even in different countries]
    9. Hm... I also checked out Fantasy Doll bodies, and I think I might prefer them to B & G, but there's even more uncertainty about resin match. Both Fantasy Doll and B & G are cheap bodies, so I think regardless of resin match I'll purchase one of them and then upgrade to a Luts body when/if Luts converts all their bodies to real skin (or when/if I find out that Luts normal skin is an okay match).

      *sigh* I'm okay with a slightly imperfect resin match, but I don't want a totally unmatched body!
    10. Does anyone know if the number is limited or is it only offered for a limited amount of time? I know it's March 15 - 23, but could the sale close early if they sell all of the heads (if it's a limited number) ?
    11. Homg *0* I plan for buying doll in summer too, but I can't resist his beautiful head X3 Must get one! *0*
      I don't have plan for the body hybrid yet D: I think Luts delf boy body is great proportion from what I saw at the original website, but I don't want a white skin. I prefer the normal one more >_< And I already decided to go with normal skin ^^; maybe I should find some way for his body X___x"
    12. Now his face is on 4D's front page! :D http://vier4d.com

      He's not up for sale yet, but I assume it will be very very soon now...^^
    13. yup~
      10 more minutes~~he is really so lovely~
      I placed my order already
      what about you guys? ^^
      The skin tone is based really on volks pure skin again
      Please kindly note that hey've raised the price in both the head mold [140] and the makeup [50]. < ouch
    14. I placed my order!! ^_^ Can't wait!
    15. Does anyone know what size wig is best for Javi? I know his head circumference is 9 inch, but does that mean I purchase a 8-9 inch wig or a 9-10 inch wig?

      Eee. Just looking at the photos on various bodies, to me it looks like his head is on the smaller side, but I don't know...

      Does anyone own a Hyul head? Which wig size do you prefer, 8/9 or 9/10?
    16. I've just placed my order! ^^ I can't wait to see his head for real :D
    17. why i dont live in Korea... is all more easy...
    18. I think someone had a Hyul head. I saw them post a gallery thread.
      Here's the gallery thread: