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Discussion thread - Dollzone New Fantasy dolls - Jeremy and Una

Sep 8, 2011

    1. Wow I love these new dolls, Jeremy is my favourite out of the two but wow they are great!
    2. I want Jeremy on the girl body with the girl wing ears and wing arms!
    3. I can't decide which I like more!
      I think I like Una's face more but something about Jeremy's fantasy parts really appeals to me! All that sharpness, can't help but start to think how awesome those would look with painting on! :aheartbea

      Very well done DZ! I hope many people will buy these~
    4. I'm amazed by dollzone creativity, those dolls and their special parts are just wonderful beyond the words. I love the face-ups, even thought I rarely like company ones, but these are really great and untypical looking.
      Wow, jut wow! It's good to know they are not limited :)
    5. i wonder if the ears are interchangable with each other- that would be great
    6. I want to know can you buy just the heads....

      I NEED to make the UNA into a boy! She is amazing...never really tempted by any other female doll untill now...maybe a split with someone?!?!?

      I have to have that head with default face-up....the wing arms are rocking but I want her to be a him!
    7. You can buy the head separately, but I do not believe they come with the elf ears.
    8. At first I was like WTH and then I was like probably do want. Those. Wings.
    9. I'm avoiding a great deal of the new DZ dolls. I don't know what it is, I'm not liking the faces lately. Something in the mouth's I think. I like the fantasy parts, but not the actual dolls. Oh well. I couldn't afford them anyhow. XD
    10. I'm so glad they're not limited dolls. I kind of want them both, those ears and wings are just amazing. I think I'm going to have to start saving some money so I can get them.
    11. I'm in the same boat. DZ releases these dolls just as my wages and hours get cut. @_@ I wonder how long they allow for layaway? Una would make a perfect siren character.
    12. The DZ dealers will offer layaway so they might not be too hard to get :)
    13. Yeah, they are amazing, Una's definitely coming home. Hopefully I'll have her paid off before Christmas...but she's gorgeous. The wings are just outstanding for me. :)

    14. Gah! I shouldnt be allowed to look at dolls anymore! I keep getting impulse urges! I love Una's mouth shape, and I think she'd be a cool "mellow mute" type. Gaah, I think I'll wait a few days, if I still want her, then onto my list she goes~
    15. Awesome, as I'd love to see owner pictures, especially if you're getting the face-up and blushing for the ears and wings.
    16. I wish they would post pictures of the doll without the fantasy parts and a picture of the fantasy parts alone.I will have to wait until we get some owners! Until then...onto the wishlist they go!
    17. I'm surprised I love Jeremy so much, not sure why, but he's amazing. He could become my first Dollzone doll...
    18. Gots to work out my NYCC plans (blast you Soooooom!!!!) but DDE does do a lovely 4-month layaway, and I would absolutely get her fullset. :)

    19. It's the first time for me that I'm in love with a Dollzone doll. :3
      I'm happy about these new ideas and fantasy parts.
      Invigorating! ^-^ Una is gorgeous and I'll order her. <3