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Discussion Thread: Erfolg Plus Optional Parts

Sep 29, 2009

    1. I haven't delved into their site much yet, but there's a new producer (Company? Single artist? Not sure on that.) of optional parts made specifically to fit Volks dolls. They go by the name "Erfolg Plus" (エアフォルクプラス). The sculptor seems to be focusing on making double-jointed arms for the Volks lines that are still single-jointed, but they've also got some high-heel feet and even a head.

      So far, they've made arms for YoSD and SD/SD13 girls, and according to their blog, they have finished prototypes for double-jointed SD13 boy arms. I decided to put this discussion thread in Larger Dolls, because only the YoSD arms are for small dolls - everything else they've made so far is for 1/3 scale.

      You can see their site here: http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~erfolg-plus/ (NOW DEFUNCT)
      And this is the shop on their site (to help the Japanese-challenged among us): http://erfolg.cart.fc2.com/ (STILL THERE as of 01/12/2010)
      And here is a link to their Y!JA auction listings: http://openuser.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/user/tyoubakunyuu (STILL ACCURATE as of 01/12/2010)

      A link back to the News thread on this company/artist.
    2. Wow! This looks pretty cool, I hope it's legit or VOLKS takes a clue and starts making double joints!!! I wanted a double-jointed body for my MSD girl, but this would be so cool rather than having to buy a total new body!
    3. I've seen their heads for sale in a doll shop before, and they sell at all the big BJD shows in Japan. I haven't seen the joints in person, but the heads are nice. They're more of a Dollfie Dream aesthetic, very simple.
    4. I want some of the SD13 boy jointed arms! I can't wait to see more from them.
    5. Not at all interested in the jointed arms, but sign me up for those option feet to get SD16 heels onto my SD/SD13 girls. Love those shoes so much.
    6. You and me both! I've got an order in with Shopping Mall Japan for a pair of these ones. They're probably not as technically advanced as the ver 2.0 feet, but I like the aesthetic better. I'm hoping they'll work on my DT 15Girl, cause her feet are so big she can't wear any high heels at all. She has to wear mostly boy shoes, which is awesome most of the time, but sucks if I want to put her in a dress. :|
    7. The DD head is very cute! Can anyone tell if it's resin or vinyl? I'm assuming vinyl because of the price, but you never know. I know that some other companies who distribute via Y!J cast DD option heads in resin.
    8. The website says they're resin, and the ones I saw were. I don't think they'd work on DD bodies, they are meant to go on regular SD/SD13 bodies. The site says they take 18mm eyes and 8" wigs.

      Edit: There's a good review of the high-heeled feet here:

      (Click the photos to enlarge)
    9. This sounds very interesting. I wonder if they would fit other dolls appart from Volks. I have many old dolls with single-jointed arms and I can't afford to update all their complete bodies (moreover when I like the rest of the bodies as they are). I actually have always thought companies should make it easier to provide spare arms or legs when they design new joints, for all of us who want to upgrade our old dolls.

      They are deffinitely worth a try. I'm watching them :)
    10. Thanks a lot Kiyakotari! This is a great idea.
      They don't sell international at all? We have to use Y!J with SMJ or Crescent?
      I hope they will also make double-joints for the SD13 legs! ^^
    11. I really am intrigued by the arms ... I would like them.
      I hope they put them on ebay
    12. I know that another sculptor, Rocket Corgi, has made double-jointed legs that I believe work on the SD13 girls. Probably not for the boys, though. They also make torsos, and they seem to have made some arms, but only sell those on their shop, not on Y!JA.

      I have heard some not-so-great reviews of the casting quality of the Rocket Corgi legs, though.
    13. Oh no :[ I should've known it wasn't a DD head, the hands in the picture didn't look like any DD option hands after all... stupid! :doh Maybe I will get one anyway.
    14. Useless squeeing post . . .

      HIGH-HEELED FEET!!!! :sumomo: No more stalking Y!J for Volks HH option feet, and losing auctions at 13,000 yen plus!!!

      Now, if Minawa Aya would just go back to casting her seiza legs for sale, my life would be complete. ;)
    15. Oh, god, tell me about it. I want those seiza legs AND her no-wrist-joint forearms. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    16. I think I might be able to live without the forearms, but oh, how I wish I had bought one of her Lenz heads while they existed. *wail*
    17. These are really cool, but I am wondering how long it's going to be until Volks shuts them down? :sweat

      I love the high-heeled feet, and the arms are really cool.
    18. I don't think VOLKS caaaaaan shut them down :3...Since it's just optional parts that fit them....It would be like VOLKS trying to shut down all the comapanies that make wigs because they fit SD I think...... I hope they don't though! D: I'd REALLLLY love double-joints for my MSD girl......
    19. Volks often allows smaller makers to sell optional parts at Dollpa, so I don't think they have a problem with it. Obviously I'm not an official Volks rep though, so I'm not 100% sure. I've bought optional parts at Dollpas before though.
    20. Ooooooh? *tugs* Do you happen to recall there being MSD double joints at Dolpha? :D.......<3