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Discussion thread for Kazekidz Poppy

Jan 1, 2007

    1. Hi all,
      I thought I would start a discussion thread for those who wanted more pics and info for Poppy.
      I've taken some pics with different colour wigs and lighter eyes. I only have 3 pair of eyes to fit her so not too much variety .. sorry!
      Her eyes are 16mm and she takes a 8 - 9 inch wig.
      website www.kazekidz.com
      This is one of her original photos


      I'll add some fur wigs in the next post.
    2. Do you plan on making her in different skintones? (sorry if you've already mentioned this somewhere and I missed it) I love her in the pink wig, btw.
    3. [​IMG][​IMG]
      [​IMG] This one isn't fur but it's a dreadlocks wig.
    4. Hi,
      I only plan on making her in one skintone .. to match Volks normal pure skin as best as I can.
    5. She has a cute elfin face...
    6. She is wonderful in the white wig, I think Brickles is going to like her new friend!
    7. Oh, it's too bad you won't be making her in white! I was so hoping you were going to! : (
    8. I like her in the white wig too .. and the red one .. not too sure about those green eyes ... spooky ... shivver!!
    9. I guess if someone requests a white head I can do that. Her edition is sold out though and no one has requested white!!
    10. Oh Kaye!
      I love your girls! I would absolutely love to own one of Poppy's heads in White! :)
    11. Aaaw, Kaye, you sculpt the sweetest faces!!
    12. How you ever thought she was ugly is a total mystery to me....she is very adorable!
    13. OH my! This is the first I have seen of this girl. Did I somehow miss the announcement of her release and totally miss out? Waaah! She is so darling, if you don't mind, can you tell me more about her, how tall etc. Scant chance to get one, but if you are making anymore in white???

    14. I initially offered her for sale in the marketplace and her edition is already sold out .. sorry you missed her :( I will add you to my waiting list in case someone changes their mind.

      She is SD size head .. I have her on Volks SD10 body (the one that sits cute) and I'm going to try my best to match the Volks resin. I'm mixing the resin today so wish me luck!!
    15. Good Luck! ^__^ I can't wait, she's gorgeous! ^__^
    16. Wheee! she's soo adorable~ my nickname at home is actually poppy too :D
    17. Ooo! I love seeing the cutie in all her different colors. Could you get a little more talent going, there, Kaye? :D

      I love her in the black wig too. She reminds me of someone! and I can't quite put my finger on who. Super adorable!
    18. Wow, this thread's been around for like, four days and I missed it?! What's wrong with me???

      I like the red and blond wigs she's in best.

      But then again, I was thinking mine would have reddish hair and yellow (closer to gold-ish than say, crayon yellow, if I can find them) eyes, so the pic with the red wig just helped me decide I like my decision even more.

      I'm so excited! I can't wait 'til she comes home!!
    19. gah! She is the exact image of my cousin! exact! especially in the red wig...she's a strawberry blonde. The funny thing with that is that I have a doll that looks similar to her brother!
    20. Oh my, the pink punky Poppy really caught my eye! The blue-eyed redhead is a cutie too. I'm thinking green-eyed redhead for mine.
      Good luck with the resin, Kaye! I have my body all ready for her. She's stealing my Nana's SD10 and Nana is getting an oldskool SD10 in its place.