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Discussion thread for Limhwa Limho Mano

May 21, 2007

    1. Well it doesn't sound like I could call him a Boy;)

      I'm not aware of a thread for this hunk of resin, so I thought I'd kick one off.

      I have decided to put my other BJD plans on hold until I see him, as he sounds like he could be exactly what I'm looking for. I would like him to compliment my impending 60cm Narae and given how good Limhwa gals look with the bigger Narin dolls I'm very excited;)

      Did I read some where he'll have a 3 part torso?

      OK, lets speculate and dream.....

    2. *waves*

      HI everyone, I was so happy to see this thread! What a nice surprise!

      Limhwa and I discussed the release of the new boy, and his working name so far is


      As you guys know, Limho Mono is the name of her first 43cm production doll, and he's a more mature mini doll.

      MANO will be 67cm. Her Heartbreak Boy doll is around 70cm so she has experience with the larger male doll bodies. It's a misconception that she is jumping onto the larger male doll bandwagon, because she had produced Heartbreak Boy several years ago. But because she only makes one doll at a time, her larger male production doll had to wait his turn.

      Current schedule:

      Release of first completed prototype photos : June, 2007

      First casting completion: July 2007 with photos of the first painted casting.

      First sale: July 2007

      OK, I'm pumped. I have seen Mano and I love him. He's not an aggressive-haughty testosterone type, and he's not a pretty boy type. He's in the middle. His face is complex and I feel he will fit a lot of interesting characters.

      Ack, I know when the first one arrives, I'm going to take him out of the box and cry. When the Half Elf and Human arrived one day, I opened their boxes and tears were streaming down my face, they were just so beautiful. I had never seen anything like them, and I have high hopes Mano will be an extraordinary work of art.

      Thanks for opening this thread and I will give you more info when it comes.

    3. Thanks for the Update Catrina!!! Ohhh June is only around the corner!!! Can't wait:shudder ... Would you happen to know if Limhwa has any plans of releasing Mano in Elf and Human versions?:love
    4. Oh Anthony, you are reading my dreams!

      When she originally told me she was starting on the new male, I told her I'd had a dream that her new male had both human and Elf ears heads. But I'm not sure if she will do that with him. In the case of the big Limhwa girls, she already had the human face complete and the body was what was new. At the last minute, she began making the Half Elf face and completed her quickly. Of course I'd love to see another Half Elf in male form.. we'll have to see what she does :fangirl:

    5. Thanks for the info Catrina, although I think it's stoked the fire that some of us have burning for him:lol:

      Despite starting this thread by encouraging folks to do so, there's a danger in dreaming and specualting about what he'll be like, the higher you build your expectations the further they have to fall...so for now I'm envisioning a 67cm tall Limho and if that's what we get, I won't mind...anything more will be pleasant surprise;)

      Ok, maybe it's just me, but when folk say "brooding/broody", I can't help but think of in terms of him wanting kids:roll: *_*
    6. Alright, don't expect much, it's just Limhwa : - ) You might be pleasantly surprised though. He' s definitely 67cm tall and wants to meet you.

      My mother is English, so I know when a female dog is "broody" that means trouble... in the puppy department.

    7. Aw if she decided to make elf ears,I might have a big problem :? My girl wants to have a boyfriend,I'm saving money for Ark,but a male elf from Limhwa would be gorgeous!:aheartbea :aheartbea
    8. I heard from Limhwa last night. She's shipping her last order now. Some of it arrived this morning, and we are busy checking them now in preparation to ship them to owners.

      All I can say is.. the beauty is intoxicating! I open up boxes and look at their faces, and feel almost dizzy from the gorgeousness.

      Oh, yes. And regarding the 67cm Limho Mano. She will be sending me photos of him soon. I would imagine just after she's done shipping this order.

      I'm as excited as everyone else! To see the first look at him... who is he... and who can he become?
    9. Catrina: you're the perfect person to bring these lovely dolls to us. every time you describe opening boxes and seeing the new faces, it gives me goosebumps. ;)

    10. *passes out a bit of popcorn*

      OK, I've seen the torso now.. the complete doll photos are still not ready. It's a three-part torso with a VERY VERY realistic body. Not a kind of superhero body but a believable, nicely toned man's torso. Incredible detail with the sculpt, lots of body plane detail and curves. The legs are very shapely and sexy in a manly way!!! Ack!

      (wipes a little drool) OK, I'll post more when I get it..
    11. I am absolutely dying to see this guy, I must say... I've been on fire with curiosity ever since the possibility of him was first mentioned. :sweat
    12. Show us the tummy!!!:lol: ;)
      Nah, I know we have to wait, just a bit longer.

      Waiting for this guy has had an interesting effect, I have spent some time looking at pics of Limhwa's other creations to get an idea of what to expect from her new guy. As a result, although I've always liked him, a little Limho is even more appealing than ever. I adore the Half Elf girl too, but I think Limho Junior calls to me more. Limhwa's sculpts are just amazing.:aheartbea
    13. OK, I got a prototype picture but the translation wasn't 100 percent clear if I can release it or not (ack!!)

      Remember this is only a prototype, not a painted doll release. But you can see the sculpture and the whole feel of him.

    14. ALLEY OOPS! Go see him in NEWS section!
    15. Yum! Yum! Im so looking forward to seeing more.

      Catrina~How will you be doing the orders for him. Will he be time limited? Or number limited? And will there be more then one order for him?

    16. I think it will go something like with the Half Elf.. we will open up the ordering page on a certain day and take a limited number of orders for the ordering period. Then we'll open it up again in two months or so, etc.

      She did tell me that it's harder to cast dolls this size. The orders will take a bit longer than the usual 5-6 weeks or so. If we open up the orders to different resin types and colors, this might also add to the timeline. But I think having some choices for him will be excellent.

      Hope that answers your question. I'll have a lot more specific detail for you in July.

    17. Yummy! He looks like he has detail on his feet, wow. I like his brow, he looks very manyly and a good match for the girls. Hmmm. Will she decrease the number of girls when she casts the boys? Also when is the next girl order period?
    18. WOW. He looks fabulous so far. :) And can I say I am REALLY happy they are releasing a regular urethane resin version. The french resin is super gorgeous, but the issues with it make me rather nervous. I really hope they consider releasing all their other dolls in normal resin too.
    19. Yes, he's definitely ALL MAN... the girls will definitely swoon for him.

      And yes, I anticipate that when Mano is released for sale this will really cut into my ability to get the girls in a full order. Tomorrow we will open up sales for the Limhwa 57 girls, and this will be the last full order for them before Mano gets in the mix.

      It's not that the Limhwa girls will be discontinued, it's that the artist cannot make more than a certain amount of dolls in each ordering period.

      Great question!

      Thanks Zalem.. the urethane choice is by my request, to give everyone more color choices. I can see this guy take on many different characters if he has light skin, tanned skin, etc. I think he will be a very versatile mold for everyone.

      Casting urethane dolls has its own set of little nightmares though. Especially in the summer it's a very difficult task. Not to mention those of us who are terribly allergic to it.

      Thanks for your comment.
    20. I'm trying to reserve final judgement until I see more 'complete' photos... but I'm actually not sure I like him right now. ;_; There's something that doesn't look right about him to me. I'm really hoping it's just the photo though since all her other dolls are so beautiful.

      I'm definitely disappointed that it's going to be harder to get the Limhwa Half-Elf now though. ;_; since I know it'll be a while before I can afford one.

      However, if I do end up really liking this guy *fingers crossed* I'm excited by the prospect of more resin colour choices. X3 I think french resin is pretty, but I'm really just partial to normal, urethane resin myself.

      On an unrelated note; I do know Dollfair is very busy right now Catrina, so I understand having no response. I just wondered if you had actually recieved my PM I sent to you about shipping for my Limho. I've had some issues with the system, so I just wanted to make sure it got through to you.