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Discussion Thread for Migidoll Vampire Miho & Ryu

Feb 27, 2008

    1. OMG, I want one~~~~~~~~~ (run away)
    2. Now I'm torn.... Vamp Ryu would be awesome but she made it sound like there's going to be another normal Ryu order later... I'd kill for a WS Ryu to go with my NS Ryu.


      Hopefully she'll clarify when she posts more piccies.
    3. I'm not sure if I like them. I guess more pictures are needed *stalks website*
      I mean I love Miho & vampires...hmmm. Is it just me or do the fangs look REALLY big?
    4. OMG yes! Who wants to do a group order? lol. XD
    5. They're quite clever, but not my thing. Enough vamps on the market already. I'll happily stick with my "normal" Miho and Ryu guys (or girls, I am thinking of turning a Miho into a girl)
    6. Ak why not a vampire Miu!!! I think I like the original of these two better than the vamps, but a Miu would be sooo cute as a vamp!
    7. For the life of me, I can't see any teeth on that Miho vamp, he looks like a dreaming type to me.

      I adore my original Ryu but that vampire one sure scares me o__O;
    8. OHHH me me! I totally do :) I've been dreaming of a Ryu for months and now you tell me there's a Vampire one *faints*

      I do agree with keiinwonderland the fangs look a little big... could just be the angle though? Or my wishfull thinking ;)
    9. I'm not too fond of vampires myself, but I love Ryu's and Miho's dreaming eyes. :D

      I think I may just get them and mod away the fangs, though I can't seem to see Miho's. I suppose it's the angle...? But if he doesn't have fangs, less work for me. xD

      By the way:
      Peak's Woods, I believe...? Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think the only SD-size bodies Peakswoods makes are girl bodies. Does this mean the new Ryu and Miho vampire heads will be small enough to put on a girl body? [I hope so! I'm really keen on having a female Miho. :)]
    10. Ooh, I dreaming heads are gorgeous and that dreaming Miho is tempting....TT_TT As for the vampire fangs, they're cool but luckily I'm not into vamp dolls ^^

      EDIT: Just realised upon closer observation that Miho's mouth is open :D So it's not just a Miho with closed eyes and fangs slapped on...darn, now I really want one. I'm curious about the new resin and what it will match. Truth be told, I'm not too fond of the Peakswood or Leekeworld bodies.
    11. Where's everyone seeing the photos? <- blind
    12. well I'm not so trilled about the vampire ryu.. but when the normal sales of ryu arrives and someone make a group order of that I would really love to join :D:aheartbea
    13. SueMe3 - last time she said it was the last time she'd sell Ryu, so i guess she meant the last time she'd sell normal Ryus.

      I'm also a lil disappointed with the vamp Ryu so far. I was hoping for a dreamy/tender Ryu, but this one is just plain asleep T_T
    14. This is where I"m confused. I'm quite sure she said last time was THE LAST sale of Ryu but here's a quote from her new message:

      That makes it sound like normal Ryu will be available in May!

      I sure hope so as my Ryu wants a White Skin brother ;)
    15. I'm crossing my fingers for tan personally. :P I don't really like the little teeth but if Miho is teethless and dreaming he might tempt me more than regular Miho does.
    16. This is just more of a reason to get me to spend more money u__u; I really like the dreaming head....

      And then in may
      ...oi vei. D:
      Here I thought they weren't coming back and ended up paying 3x for just the head..XD

      Migidoll will end up owning my entire wallet sometime XD ~
    17. I saw a note in two different sections of the website that sure made it sound like Miu, Miho and Ryu will be re-released in May (or June). **is hopeful**
    18. I sure hope it's not a typo or anything. -crosses fingers-

      I think I'd be a bit ticked if I'd just spent $300+ on a Ryu when she said they'd never be cast again and then they're coming in May. Kinda like Breakaway or so many others I guess.

      Personally I'm thrilled!