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Discussion thread for ShinyDOLL's Thaasa-II body.

Mar 25, 2008

    1. It's discussion thread for Thaasa-II body( and former model).

      News thread here.
    2. [​IMG][​IMG]

      Body-height including Nanae-head: 56cm
      Neck-length from the hollow of the throat: 4.0cm
      Neck-measurement: 8.0cm
      Bast-measurement: 22.6cm
      Hip-measurement: 24.2cm
      Weist-measurement: 16.0cm

      two colors available.(colors have not been changed)

      __THAASA-Body----------- 48,000JPY-
      __BASE-Model-A----------- 56,000JPY- (without eyes & a wig)
      __BASE-Model-B----------- 60,000JPY- (with eyes & a wig)
      __FaceUp-Model------------ 68,000JPY-

      Special-release-sales for Thaasa-II until the end of May.
      It applys to all models related to Thaasa-II body.
      Please order by e-mail or by WebShop.

      BJDFantasy is also available especially US customeres.

      ShinyDOLL offers Thaasa-II Rosso set for Thaasa-I body.
      Orders are accepted until May 31 in ShinyDOLL's-webshop.
      Production and shipping will be done from June to July.
      Price; 12000JPY Shipping fee free.
    3. I would love to get the new body, but I can't do it right now. I hope that BJDFantasy will carry it, they are great to deal with.
    4. Stella, how very sweet of you to say!! Yes, we will definitely will be offering Shin's wonderful new Thaasa II, and we'll soon accept pre-orders for her, as well. We're so anxious to have it in hand, ourselves. We are devoted to the Thaasa, for all the delight it brings to the hobby of bjd's!

      For anyone not familiar with the excellent, cooperative, human-like posing of Thaasa (without anything more than taking her out of the box), please visit our site, to see the Thaasa Photo Album section. We have Thaasa Love! :aheartbea
    5. would it be possible to buy just the bust and put on the dolls I got from you? Would the resin match?
    6. She's lovely. Slender and graceful, with nice curves. I especially love her elegant legs and her cute little tummy. I've always wanted a Thaasa girl, but never could make up my mind what head I wanted.:sweat
    7. This is too good~!! I've been thinking about getting a Thaasa... and now I might have been pushed over the edge! Now all I need is money!! hahaha
    8. stella Maris @san,
      Thank you for thinking about the new body.
      Yes, I agree with you. Please have a good shopping with BJDF.
    9. grael -san,
      Thank you for enjoying Thaasa-I.
      ShinyDOLL is happy to offer BODY-pair(upper&lower).

      ShinyDOLL accepts the order of replace-body-set-for-Thaasa-I until the end of May.
      As manufacture will be done according to the number of orders received,
      delivery might be done from June to July.

      Body-set 12000JPY(no shipping-fee of EMS needed to anywhere)

      Accepting the orders would start in ShinyDOLL's webshop soon.
      Payment is done by Paypal.
      Credit cards are available through Paypal system.

      Photo shows combination of new body set and other present parts.
    10. Leokitsune -san,
      Thank you for loving the curves.
      I intentionally enlarged the tammy on this body, haha.
      I think you will enjoy the happy and sad expressions on any thaasa heads.
    11. Cadmium_kyo9 -san,
      Thank you for thinking about Thaasa.
      I would be very nice if Thaasa could meet you someday.
    12. I really like this body, but the heads really turn me off (no offense to the artist, just a personal taste, I prefer more cartoonish heads.) Does anyone know if the resin is a good match for say DOD or Dollzone or Luts or some other company with more anime-ish face sculpts? :) Thanks in advance.
    13. Go to playdate's website and you can see many heads that work on the body. It is quite versatile.
    14. I love this new body, but the previous model is just perfect for an elf of mine. I have had great fun playing with her.

      And when she and I go to a meet, no one can believe how well engineered she is! :fangirl:

      Ann in CT
    15. Ann in CT -san,
      Thank you for enjoying Thaasa body.
      Many techniques are intoroduced to the body actually.

    16. <3 I'm saving up my money for a whiteskin Thaasa-II Nanae now. Should have enough in no time at all too! Yay!

      I love my original Thaasa to bits, and know this one will be just as awesome.

      At first I thought that this only had a different torso, but looking closer I can see that the legs are different too? Is this doll totally resculpted, or does she have some parts from the old Thaasa?
    17. MahouBunnyBell -san,
      Thank you for loving Thaasa-I and Thaasa-II as well.

      All parts of Thaasa-II are more or less modified.
      As all modification are done on old parts, major lengths/measurments are not changed, and all functions are not changed.
      Thaasa-II body shows much more natural line/curve "in all poses" the body can.

      Major changes are listed below.

      Upper torso: Sculpt refined much, having biger breasts.
      Lower torso: Sculpt refined much, having rich tummy and hip-line.
      total hip-line and joint-angle by lower-torso & upper thief is refined.
      Upper-thief: Sculpt refined. Moved to innerword by 2mm(total 4mm),which made the total hip-line and thief line natural.
      Lower-thief:Sculpt is refined. Hollow of the thief became smaller.
      Caps of the hollows attached to all bodies, which can be sticked onto the hollow by glue, for example.
      Knee: sculpt refined to show total knee curve natural.
      Leg: sculpt refined. Width of ankle became smaller.Sculpt of ankle became natural.
      Foot: Sculpt refined, longer nail for example. Length became a little bit short, which allows the foot be able to ware commercial shoes/heels(64mm for example).
      Upper-arm:Sculpt refined with natural curve.
      Lower-arm: Sculpt refined with natural curve.
      Hand: Sculpt refined with natural curve.

      Shoulder joint moved frontward to make the shoulder line natural.
      Joint in the middle of the torso became natural.
      Hip joint totally refined to make the hip-to-thief line natural.
      Ankle joint newly designed to be smaller and natural.
      Wrist joint refined to make the wrist line natural.

      All original parts are modified as that the production become easier.

    18. Okay! I can see the changes now!

      Could you post pictures of Thaasa-I and Thaasa-II side by side?
    19. MahouBunnyBell -san,
      These are comparison photos. I hope you enjoy them.
      Left:Thaasa-I and Right:Thaasa-II.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

    20. Oh, I really like the bigger tummy on Thaasa II...It's much more cute ^^

      So, if you order faceup model after April 6th, will it be shipped with the Thaasa II body?