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Discussion thread for Version 2 SA Saint

Jun 13, 2007

    1. Really curious to see the full front picture.
    2. =O I wasn't fond of the Saint SA, but this one... WOW. I love the shifty eyes.
    3. Please say he is a standart version, not a limited one, pleeease D:
    4. Would someone be kind enough to post a picture in this thread? The Tensiya site never works for me.
    5. This is the only one up so far.

      Squinty eyes. -_-

      Huh, I wonder what happened to that new body Mr. Dollshe was said to be sculpting. Did he scrap it in a self-destructive fit after discovering Dollmore's supposed rip off of his boys?

      EDIT: It's hosted on photobuckets so no worries about me stealing bandwidth and stuff.
    6. DIES! OMG he' soooo lovely! I hope he's not limited!
    7. Cannot. Wait. Just. Cannot. Wait.

      The Saint mold is my favourite! And this guy is just going to be fantastic!!!! I've wanted a boy to permanently wear my "bun" wig and this is the Hades to do it!!!!

    8. Is there another place that will have him or he is a Tensiya exclusive?
    9. ^ We have no clue yet.

      Well he's different. Still looks cranky but he's got softer lines. Not sure what to think yet. More pictures are needed before I swing my thumb up or down :D

      ...I wonder if they'll do a version 2 of Bernard? *drool*
    10. Maybe we'll be able to just buy the head on this one- I can hope can't I? He would be so perfect for my character, but I already have a Saint.
    11. Tensiya just put this up a little while ago.

      Tensiya - SA Saint, and Saint doll was renewed. / He is a 2nd verion of Saint doll, you can make an order him now. If there are someone who wants them as 1st version specialy, please make a message on 1:1 board. :D (Since Saint dolls does not have much renewal points(;;sorry;)) we did not take photos seperatly...^^a;;
    12. Sooo they don't have anymore pictures of this new version of Saint but we're able to order him? Am I getting it right? I can't imagine they won't at least add a picture of the new normal saint?!
    13. Man, I'm a sucker for that eye shape.:blush I haven't been a big fan of this sculpt before, I guess he just needed a little tweaking to please me.
    14. Another one who wants to know if he is exclusive to Tensiya, or will anyone elese be carrying him?
    15. In this picture he looks like a completely diffrent mold to me.
    16. so what did they do, just make his eyes asian or what? i'm not seeing a huge difference aside from the faceup and eye placement.
    17. THat looks like the same sleeping eyes. Yeah he's more squinty. still has his beautiful nose and jaw line still. Is it me or do his lips look softer/fuller?
    18. Now I'm torn - I've known I wanted a Saint for ages to be a certain demon of mine, but now I can't tell if I should get a regular one or this new SA. *.* The shape of this one's eyes is so beautifully pointy and foxlike... *considerconsider* We need more pictures! XD