Discussion Thread: IDS (I-Dollstudio) New 64cm Girl, Byul

Mar 4, 2009

    1. WARNING: There has been at least one report of a computer detecting a Trojan when attempting to access the I-Dollstudio website. I didn't have any problems, but I also run script-blocking programs all the time, so I just didn't allow the site to run any scripts when I visited it. So there may very well be a Trojan, and it was just blocked before my regular antivirus software could detect it.

      Here's a link to the News thread about this doll.

      And here's some more information from the shop section of the site:

      Head+Body : $600
      Head only : $130
      Body only : $470
      ** Make-up on head(your wish type) : $50 **

      Acrylic Eyes18mm - inclusion.
      Before sending, all parts perfectly are assembled.
      But the wig and the clothing are not included.

      Height(head+body): 64cm
      Head circumference: 22cm
      Neck circumference: 11cm
      bust circumference: 27.5cm
      Waist circumference: 19.5cm
      Hip circumference: 30cm
      Thigh circumference: 16.5cm
      Calf circumference: 12cm
      Foot length: 7.5cm
      Eyes size: 1.8cm(18mm)

      From France, translucent high-class resin use .
      The skin color is only one kind.
      The size of each part does not match in the product of the different company.

      English order board -


      Anyway, on to the discussion!

      I really like this girl's body (though her face is too gentle for my tastes - all of my crew are criminals or cops, it kinda puts a damper on the "nice young lady" collecting). :sweat It's very reminiscent, as far as the style of the sculpting, of the Dollstown bodies, and so is one of the other heads shown on the site (Islose). Maybe the sculptor is one of Anjonghak's students?
    2. She looks so femine and fragile <3
      Reminds me on the Supia girls.
      I like her a lot, but I dont like the price.
      I think french resin can be made very opaque too, my Kana is french and she looks nothing glowing...

      Edit: I dont had any virus varnings on the site O_o...
    3. I looked at her body and went "Oh my goodness! It's a big Zaoll!!!" Which for me is fabulous because I love love love the zaoll body, and to see one at such a lovely size is gratifying.
    4. I'm really liking this girl. She's got a gentle, somber look that is nice and compelling. The body is really nice, and I like the height as well. And I agree with kitsch_brigade, it's like a taller, skinnier zaoll body. Love!

      I'm especially intrigued by how puffy her lower eyelids appear to be. I'd like to see her in a smaller eye size too.
    5. I'm already half way in love with that face and body... it is reminiscent of the supia/ limhwa/ zaoll sculpts in a good way, I feel.

      But no French resin for me anymore. I used to love it, but I have French resin dolls from 4 different companies and they all have yellowed extremely from just sitting in a darkened room over the last 18 months - though most of the companies swore it would never be a problem at the time I was buying. Live and learn...^^
    6. My Supia Roda is French Resin and yes she has yellowed, and I am deeply sadden by this. This doll is very lovely, but I am done buying SD size dolls, don't think I could get another Pinky White French Resin doll ever again:(
    7. I love the body and her height and slenderness are perfect for a girl I have in mind! :D The head does look somewhat akin to Torre's work, which I like very much. However, if this studio only plans to make dolls in French resin that's a deal-breaker for me. :( I couldn't get rid of my one French resin doll fast enough when a regular urethane version came out later.
    8. Aah! She looks just like a character I've been pondering about creating a doll for, and her height is perfect as well! DD: But like others, if she only comes in French resin I'll have to look elsewhere.. I've never gotten a French resin doll, but I've heard stories.. ;; too bad, though. She is lovely.
    9. I'm not tempted to buy any more dolls at present, but she sure is stunning. That first photograph is absolutely beautiful.

      I'm still a relative noob, so I didn't know there were issues with French resin...does it yellow easily?
    10. She's sure stunning and looks so amazing in french resin :D

      I just love her body (but sadly not the head :() so I hope to hybrid her or something after my poor pocket recovered from a Soomed condition...

      p.s. I also don't have any problem surfing the web or find any trojan. But I'm using firefox and have 2 firewalls on though :sweat
    11. idolls replied on the news thread.
      Apparently they plan on doing urethane for the next production, and they want the url you get when the trojan is detected.
    12. I'm really happy to hear they will make this girl in urethane as well in the future, she's so beautiful.
      The sculpt of her body is amazing, and yes, I am reminded (in a good way!) of Supia, Limwha, Zaoll too. But even more of Narae.
      This is not because I think she 'looks like' the aforementioned dolls at all though, she's definately her own. It's just that she's a very realistic sculpt and this is still kind of special and rare, and Narae Limwha Supia and Zaoll are the only other female bodysculpts that I know of with that level of realism.
      I'm happy she's here, she's gorgeous.
    13. I like her. I am happy to wait for urethane resin, and I like that they will sell the body separately. Although I do sort of like the face. But I need some realistic bodies for realistic floating heads.
    14. Ooh, I love her. I've been thinking about a girlfriend for my Domuya girl and I'm really enamored of the Supia girls but they'd be so bitty! This girl's a more reasonable height and has some of the same features. :) I'd like to see her done in urethane but I honestly don't care; my Narae has yellowed a bit but I love her so much that it doesn't matter to me. Plus French Resin yellows to a nice yellow-toned skin color if you're not blasting them with sunlight.

      (Just have to be careful about how much skin you're covering...I found that out the hard way by keeping her in boots and a pleather skirt...yeah, she has tan lines now! OTOH, French Resin girls dressed mostly in [p]leather won't yellow much :D)

      This is all hypothetical of course ;) since I have no money.
    15. Big Zaoll! Thats is it! <3 <3 <3
      I really hope they switch to urethane soon then!
    16. Hope they fix their website, I really want to see her, but if there is a Trojan virus there, I don't want to chance it just to look at her*_*
    17. I love the sculpt and her body is fabulous....wish the price was as nice. When companies like Dollmore are lowering prices....it's hard to place an order for her when you can get a lot more for the $$$ at Dollmore....
    18. I adore her too but I won't ever buy a doll in french resin again xD;
    19. I luv her body :D!!