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Discussion- Wizard Warrior Narin and Narae LE-1 dolls

Apr 12, 2006

    1. Hi everyone,
      I got quite a few PM's that people had posted about the Wizard Warrior Narin and Narae and had their posts deleted. So I thought I'd follow the directions and start a thread here for discussion.

      Ok, here is the pic again:

      Here is the News thread with the rest of the photos:

      I got EMS numbers for them late last night. And it was confirmed that the third LE-1 doll is a one-off Tattoo Narin. Those guys blow my mind, so it will be really fun seeing him. Of course i will share pics when they arrive.
    2. That Narae is to DIE FOR!!! Her outfit, her wig, her faceup *swoons*
    3. You said that they might be in Chicago to start.. does that mean that they will be displayed other places too? I'd go see them if they were in New York.
    4. Thanks, I will be looking at places to have them on exhibit. New York sounds like a great place to have them... I will look for a spot.

    5. 'Do' Las Vegas too!!! The IFDC show will be there the first week of August! Alex
    6. Alex are you "sure" you want me to do that? Wouldn't you be too tempted to take them home with you?

      That's a good idea, though. I will look into it. If I still have them in September, they WILL BE GOING TO TEXAS.

    7. Hmm, how about Anime Expo 2006 in Anaheim, CA? It'll take place this July 4th weekend (July1-4th). We're trying to set up a BJD panel, which I hear produces quite a large crowd each year. :sneaky :sneaky :sneaky
    8. Chance I'm going to have to take, eh? My poor credit card....Alex
    9. Oh the excitment! If you come to New York it would be so exciting!
    10. Oh, they're both absolutely gorgeous.

      Because I am new to the doll world and a dense little biscuit, when will they be in Chicago?
    11. oh, my, I had decided last night that I needed the Tattoo Narin to go with my Phoenix, but don't know what face-up. and there is a OOAK! I just found this thread this morning. Phoenix would like to see his pictures, as she thinks he might be fated for her. She thinks quite a bit lately. - Boston would be nice for the tour! - Barb
    12. ah well i think i like warrior kun :P

      and anywayz i need to save monies... :D