Discussions of Uyoo

Nov 26, 2005

    1. Where would dicsussions on this darling new Soom girl go?

      She's not a Mini, and doesn't fit with the Tinies either as she is Barbie/Jenny sized.

      I'd love to start a thread for her, but where should I put it?

      Mods, feel free to move this to the right forum :)
    2. I was wondering this, too. I'd put her in tiny because that's "anything significantly smaller than a mini" and she is, but I agree that in the abstract she doesn't totally fit. Gosh, I love her. Did you order one?
    3. Yes I did Darkwod, did you?

      She is the first BJD I have ever ordered on impulse. Took me about an hour from seeing her to ordering her. Gaaaak.

      She is sooo pretty, beautiful little body, and in theory (since I am an ex Barbie Fashion Collector) I have TONS of clothes to fit her.
    4. ^-^ I think she's adorable, really really adorable.
      Such an amazing little idea too.
      I can't wait to see owner pictures.
    5. I too would like to know where this will be. I haven't ordered her myself but I want to see what people who have say about her first. She is too cute but Im not sure yet...and the best way to find out would be to follow a thread dedicated to her^^;
    6. No. :(

      My husband and I had this deal that I wouldn't get more than one doll a year--so each would be "special" (and so that we wouldn't be in the poorhouse.) There's plenty of Christmas money for her, so I'm busy trying to convince him that she's "not really a doll" so he'll get her for me for Christmas. :D

      ROFL--it's the same kind of logic I would have used as a six-year-old. good to know things don't really change.
    7. Darkwood, I had told my husband I was done buying BJD too. I haven't fessed up to ordering Uyoo yet :)

      I figure I'll just sneak her in, dress her and put her with my Barbies I have on display. Maybe hubby won't notice her????

    8. I ordered one too. I was okay with just her in my budget. I didn't think about the cost of buying wigs and shoes would be costly (Barbie clothes are inexpensive, but the good shoes and wigs add up).

      I hope they will update their clothes on the Soom website - most of the casual stuff and black shoes are sold out.

      I can't wait to get her!!
    9. I bought her, she wa a total impulse buy. Now I wanna start buying her clothes , wigs and shoes!
    10. She's beautiful, and she would be so easy to find clothes for. At some point I would definitely like to buy one : )
    11. *laugh* Unfortunately, I am paying off a ridiculously expensive education (which made me an idealist) with a notoriously low-paying job (which fulfills my idealism, but not my need for dollies.) I can't really sneak in a purchase, since every penny counts! Someday, though, someday. Heehee.
    12. I am so fretful about getting her. I am saving for a more expensive doll so I have the money. From a monetary perspective I should go for it, she would be easy to resell if I don't like her-- due to the free faceup her value would go up almost immediatly. I could even make a profit if I blushed and restrung her... but I don't think I could get her without absolutely falling in love and keeping her. The doll I'm saving for I've wanted for a much longer time and I'm not sure if I could give up my money for her.

      I have until tomorrow to decide!!
    13. To creep in and reply to the original post: I'd guess that she'd go under "Tiny" because that's where Unoa Lights go, which, if I recall correctly, are around something like 27 cm. ^.^
    14. Unoa Light go in the tiny area, so if these dolls are like that then they'd go there as well I suppose.
    15. Zalem, can you move this thread for us then?

      I really didn't know where to put it, and the thread is kind of taking off!
    16. Gayle, do you think you'll have her before any of the next SoCal meetups? I'd love to see her, as I'm definitely on the fence about her, seeing as she's so fashiondoll-ish in scale.
    17. I ordered one as well. She will be inheriting a giant tub of clothes that I amassed while doing Tiny Kitty repaints. She can wallow and swim in it! LOL. I figure it'll be a fun couple of days figuring out what she fits and what she doesn't...
    18. Ooooh I can't wait to see what you guys do with her! I really am 'on the fence' so many dolls I want/need:D
    19. I think it's likely I'll have her by the meet-up at Pams in San Diego on December 18. There will probably be 3 of them there. I ordered, Sealpup did and Noriko too :)