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Displaying Dolls

Feb 27, 2007

    1. I'm interested in finding out the best way to display my dolls, two 60 cm and one D.O.C. size. I have a huge curio cabinet which may help with dust but I am worried about the use of the halogen light and the dolls. Right now I have two of the dolls displayed in a bookcase which is wide open and exposed to dust, etc. Thanks for any suggestions ;)
    2. I guess it depends how precious you are :) I sit my dolly on a high shelf in the corner of the room, where there is no direct daylight, I get her down daily so she doesn't gather dust :)
    3. Mine are in an unlighted curio case in my living room. I had the case by the front door and switched it out with my smaller case for my Barbie sized dolls as they were still getting some dust on them through the crack. There is very little light in my living room, one hooded lamp and I don't keep the windows open. They get a little indirect sunlight filtered through from my room, but not much. I'm more willing to expose them to a little light than the dust. I worry about the dust damaging them and their face-ups.
    4. Ack! A case is all very well.. but halogen lights + dolls (or collectibles of any kind really!) are a BAD idea!!!! D-:


      *EDIT* given a choice between light and dust gimme dust every time!!! Cleaning a resin doll gently now and then will not harm it... but lights definitely will!!

      I've owned every type of doll from 18th century woodens to Golden Age French bisque, wax, cloth, vinyl ... you name it! So I have a bit of experience with this..

      Good luck ^_^
    5. Thanks for the replies. I didn't think the light would be good for the dolls but I am also very concerned with dust. That's why I thought the curio would be good. I realize even that isn't dust-proof. :ablah: I need a bubble for my dolls!!
    6. I'm really worried about dust too so I just keep my doll in his box safely when I'm not around, that way he doesn't get too much sunlight or dust (mostly because of sunlight, Portugal is way too sunny for his taste :lol: ). That and an occasional cleaning and it should be alright :) hopefully :lol:

      ohhhhh and when I am around I just keep him close to me or sitting in his couch.
    7. Does anyone keep their dolls out of box just sitting around in a room? I love looking at my dolls daily and can't bear the thought of keeping them in boxes or bubbles. Any suggestions?

      Thank you,
    8. Absolutely, Seoff!

      My gang are on the over-monitor shelf of this computer desk, where they and I can enjoy each other's presence all the time. My wife's tiny creche are on the sofa by her pretty much all the time. (She's disabled. Don't smoke.) Do they collect a little dust? probably. Do they collect a little UV? Maybe. Do they take the occasional shelf-dive? Yep. (Fortunately, I've been able to catch them the time or two they tried it!) Do they collect a lot of love and extra playtime?


    9. I laid out two of the pillows that came with one of my boys on my table and left them sitting/lounging/lying around. I have very thick curtains so they are protected from light.
    10. they just sit everywhere, sometimes on the couch, sometimes on my desk where i study. but never in a dark box or anything (too much hassle to put them in xD)
      they do gather a bit of dust over the weekend, but it doesnt matter, i just blow it off :')
    11. i'm planning to get a glass cabinet to put my doll in. They get way too dusty in my room to left in the open. I have my computer in my room so it generate a lot of dust.
    12. Mine are always out. Usually lounging around on their favorite chairs in my doll room. As a long time doll collector, I decided years ago that my dolls were meant to be played with and enjoyed. If I keep them boxed up, or behind glass, what's the point of having them. That goes for my BJD's, antiques, artist dolls etc, many of which are scattered around the house.
    13. It really depends if they are for you to play with or just to look at in a display.:)

      Decide what is for you...
      Then if you value the play value more-then accept the inevitable wear and tear ageing that goes with that, then display them where you can easily reach them.

      If you value the doll to be as pristine as possible out of a box -then display in a curio cabinet without lights and cover it with a dark cloth when you are not in the room.:)

      There is no worry about what you decide is for you-just choose the one that you are most comfortable with.;)
    14. It's definitely a personal choice. In my case, I got them to look at them, so I don't hide them away. They sit or stand (on stands) around a room with covered windows. It's a little dusty around here, but the dolls never seem to be in one place long enough to collect any and I haven't had any problems.
    15. I'm so glad that I found this thread. Right now my two girls (and a few other non bjd's) are just standing or sitting on top of a small dresser in my art/computer room. I'm a seamstress, so my dolls are always either sitting on my desk or sitting in a chair waiting to play model. I was trying to find a modern style curio with a drawer or two with glass doors and a light. Reading this thread really helped me. Now, I want some shelves built up on top of my existing chest of drawers. And some glass doors added to that. That way light won't come through the sides where my widows are....Boy....I really babbled there didn't I?
    16. I have really small windows in my room and my room is super long (it's like a hallway XD) I keep my boys on a shelf above my computer with no glass case protecting them. I covered both my windows with heavy frabic to keep the light out but my room is very dark now XD I couldn't stand not seeing them everyday when I wake up!
    17. I have a LOT of dolls -
      and parrots and a dog and a LOT of fabric- we are really a dust factory.
      To help combat this- especially with the dolls who are on display long term those who are highest and hardest to reach have small parasols open over them. I have many on a dog lawn swing (for dogs) and others on a plant stand spiral staircase and they all have the parasols over them. Some of those as well as anyone else who is out for more then a day or two without attention wear hats. We have a million and I am always getting more. That keeps the dust off their hair and faces :)
      One of the smallish/medium parasols will protect several dollfies of any size and look pretty to boot!
    18. QZanny - that's a great idea! Parasols didn't even occur to me, but that would look really nice, arranged right.

      I keep my dolls out on my dresser, and all I really do is try to keep them out of direct sunlight. Occasionally their wigs will collect a bit of dust, but I pick them up and move them around so much that it doesn't have time to sit there very long. I like staring at them, or reaching and touching their hands or arranging their clothes, too much to put them in a case.
    19. Yeah and where would I put the case? :D My living room is also the dining room my office my studio my sewing room one parrots room and the doll room- all in a 15 by 18 room!
      Right now it's mainly the doll room :D
      The hats are the best for me as we move our around a lot too but its easy to toss a straw hat or whatever on if I get busy :)
    20. Just to add my thought. I'm not sure if you want to display the dolls for
      the purpose of showing or just storing. In my case, I have an armoire in my room that I don't use anymore and I keep my dolls in it. I'm planning to remodel the inside to look like a living room. I find this way is so convenient
      in the sense that I can just open armoir and play with them any time and it
      prevents light and dust off my dolls. ^^