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Dissappointed with Latidoll ... sloppiness with clothing

Nov 30, 2006

    1. I split a LaTi Doll Aida with another DoA member to get the outfit, the design of which I'd madly fallen in love with, and got it today in the mail. While it's just as beautiful as in pictures and well put together overall, there were two instances that really shocked me as to the LaTi's... sloppiness is the only word I can think of. It seems especially sloppy to me with the extra time they had while waiting on the wings, that this wasn't done properly.

      First... half the eyelets are entirely missing from the vest. while I can spend about $15 and replace these myself, It's still really disappointing quality on a limited outfit.

      Second... THERE'S A NEEDLE IN HIS PANTS. Just like... still stuck there. Oo;. what the hell....

      I guess what it comes down to is that while it's well made over all, I'm wondering why I have to do extra work to fix up their mistakes?
    2. If I were you I'd ask on their Q&A board about that.
      If that ever happened to me I'd be screwed, I can't sew for my life.
    3. A needle O.o Good thing you didn't like...slide that up under your fingernail while dressing him...or scratch your doll or something ><
    4. Good grief...I'm not liking the needle at all. That's nuts!!

      As for the eyelets, sometimes in knits they do come out. The fabric has to be kind of stiff or a leather to really keep them in place.

      However, I agree with you, it is a huge disappointment.
    5. *shakes head* There was one still half in place when I pulled it out of the package. I've set human and doll size eyelets before... this one simply -wasn't set-. It was stuck in the hole, but they hadn't completed the final hammering to set it. ;_;

      this fabric is definitely sturdy enough to handle holding eyelets, it's not a knit at all.
    6. the needle is a HUGE mistake man... boy were they in a hurry o.O
    7. That's very disappointing, especially considering the extra wait due to the wings, one would think they'd put more time into the clothes than make such sloppy job!
    8. o_O that is strange. You should ask them about it in their Q&A forums. They sent me two right side boots and it got fix quickly and nicely.
    9. o wow thats just >_> wrong... ive had small things happen like snaps being popped out and maybe a loose seam, but nothing i couldnt fix in 5mins
      id go adn leave them some wonderful comments on their q&a if i were you

      on the plus side of things, free needle!~
    10. I can't believe that Lati would slip up like that especially on their limited dolls, it's shocking. I could cry though I wanted Aida but he sold out:...( I love his outfit too it is amazing
    11. Lati is a pretty new company so they are prone to a few slip ups. But I have heard they are good at fixing their mistakes too. Give them a message i hear they are very nice to work with.
    12. hm mine got here all ok....I'm going to check Adel now though..I was going to wait to open his box....

      anyhoo email them or post on Q&A that's sloppy. They should ask for it back and then replace or fix it to you satisfaction.
    13. Mew! He's there! How exciting!!! :fangirl:
    14. That's terrible, Zoi! I didn't even take the outfit out of the package to check, just sent it out to you right away. I guess I should have. :( I'm going to post on the Q&A board about it.
    15. Ok, getting really tired of the forum lag.
    16. sigh...see above.
    17. Thank goodness the server is switching soon!
    18. I suppose a mod could delete the rest of the double posts, hopefully!
    19. Last one...never had a lag so bad...
    20. Don't even worry about it hon ^_^ I can fix it easily enough, much less trouble than dealing with emails and mailing it back and all that. I really just wanted to post about the WTF ness.

      For clarification guys, anyone with their eyelets set shouldn't have any trouble with them popping out, the fabric should hold fine :D mine were just never put in. ^^;;;