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Distant Memory -2nd doll RAD

Nov 10, 2009

    1. DISTANT MEMORY's 2nd Doll - 'RAD'

      tall : 65cm
      width of shoulder : 14.5cm
      girth of neck : 11cm
      girth of chest : 27cm
      girth of waist : 20.5cm
      girth of hips : 25cm
      length of arms : 20cm
      length of legs : 33cm
      length of foot : 8.3cm
      skin color : peach yellow









    2. I've been wondering of Esthy would ever make another doll!! Does it say anywhere on the website if she'll sell the head separately?
    3. And how do you order and how much is he? Thanks
    4. As for Distant Memory website notice

      RAD is Head +Body only
      Skin color is 'peach yellow' only, White and tanning skin is not included in future production plan..

      *Head : 150,000 KRW
      *Body: 570,000 KRW
      *Doll : 700,000 KRW

      But for the international order... I don't know it's possible or not. ^_^; I hope this would help!
    5. Discussion thread?
    6. Is he limited?
    7. Does it say anywhere on the site whether or not the new body will match her old Peroth heads?
    8. Am I not mistaken? Does the body cost almost $500? @_@
    9. That's a pretty average price for a doll body. I'm not sure why you're startled by it.
    10. International Order will be accepted after Nov. 20th ~ Written on the website! ^^
    11. Apart from Volks, bodies priced close to $500 are the most expensive ones I have seen. Though I've only surfed through all the pages given here on DoA. And $500-$550 is the average price of a full doll for me, although I have not been specially looking for more expensive ones. Not affordable :(
    12. The body by itself is a little pricey, but most people will want either the full doll or just the head, in which case the prices are relatively normal. ^^;;

      Volks is not the only brand selling their dolls above $550 either. ^^;; A 65-70cm boy from Iplehouse, Soom, and Fairyland will also run you about $600, putting Rad right in line with those other brands.
    13. According to the reply at their Q&A board, for International orders they will not split the head and body. There's a form that you have to fill out to order. Joining the website/board is the same as Migi's website/board. They can take International Orders now, but they will only cast the dolls and ship Internationally after Nov 20th.

      Oh... I LOVE your signature! :D Hahaha...
    14. As per their website:
    15. How do I register to the site to make an order?
    16. Same as in the Migi site, Selurnis... Go to one of the board (any one of them) and you'll see 2 stars ( * * ) on the right top corner. The first one is for JOIN and the second one is for LOGIN. :D Click the first one and you'll get a pop up in English~! Hope this helps! :)
    17. One thing to note is I don't think the site works with all browsers. I am on a Mac and could not get it to work with either Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. ^^;

      And thanks fransyung I came up with my sig many many years ago while watching some kids playing lol
    18. The website is down at the moment... :sweat I think it will be back real soon. My friend is using a Mac and she can go to the site using Firefox. Maybe try later? If I can, I'll find a url you can click on~ :)
    19. Oh oops, I should be a little more clear, sorry. ^^;

      I can go to the website but my browser cuts off the information when I click on the links under "Doll Order" so for example I was not getting the full information about how much Rad costs or how much shipping is or how one orders.

      All I could see were the following 2 lines with no way to scroll down to read more.

      The color of skin is one of peach yellow and we do not have any plan on whitening or tanned skin yet.

      Fill out the form below and sumit it as a secret thread at the order board.

      People upthread who were having problems might have been having the same browser issues I was having. ^^