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Distant Memory - Rad discussion!!

Nov 10, 2009

    1. All I can really say is I hope to god he isn't limited like Peroth was. I had a Peroth head and always regretted selling him, but I like Rad so much better. He looks so much like Peroth but with all those little quirks that made me sell him,fixed. He's softer looking like a younger brother or a younger version of Peroth. However,I'm not terribly keen on that body and hope the head will be offered separately.
    2. I'm seriously considering finding a Korean shopping service to order a head if no international ordering period shows up. I'm guessing that since there Korean prices for both the head, body, and full doll you can order the head seperately. Or at least I am hoping.

      My Peroth is the queen of my heart and he is without a doubt my favourite doll. And I could use a head that would work as his younger brother, and Rad reminds me of Peroth, but not as elegant or pretty. The younger brother is not as pretty as his older brother.
    3. The only real reason I even sold my Peroth was his upper lip.It stuck out far too much for my tastes and I didn't have the guts to mod him.Plus my sister pointed out that his lip reminded her of Dr. Finkelstein from Nightmare Before Christmas.Not much one can do when that image gets stuck in your head!!

      Either way,that lip is fixed and I want this boy badly! I'm not sure but he merely looks like a modded Peroth to me rather than a completely new sculpt.I certainly hope an international order comes up and he isn't limited to the short period of time the Peroth head was.With all those Soom dolls I stupidly put on layaway,I certainly can't afford him right away. If I could only buy the head I could get him,nut I'm kind of screwed if it's head+body only. I know she wrote head+body only but that has to be wrong since she put up a price for the head only.
    4. I'm not sure yet about the head, but I do know that I want that body for my Peroth. He's been floating without a body for years now, since back when I bought him directly from Esthy in her one international order period, and that body is exactly what I want for him.

      I've been poking around on the site, but can't find any information about whether this new body is compatible (fit and resin color) with the Peroth head. Anyone been able to find this out?

      EDIT: Also, according to the Rad 주문공지 section of the order board, there are currently 10 dolls already cast and ready for shipping. Once those 10 are sold, waiting/production time will be able one month. It does not say (as far as I can tell) what the time period for this order will be, or whether it will be limited (as Esthy's past orders have been) or non-limited.
    5. I'd love to find out more about the resin color of that body, I'm really digging the build and height of it. If it matches SDF realskin it will be perfect for me. The head is cute but I don't know what I'd use him for and I've about hit my dollie limit. I don't need another floating head.

      Is she only selling to Korea? Does she ever put things up for sale on Y!J?
    6. I like his lips, but his box nose and too far apart eyes aren't my thing. :]; -waves flags for Peroth-
    7. The description of the body colour makes me think it's probably going to be like the old normal tone that was used for the Peroth release. I hope it's going to be compatible with the SD13 body. That's what I keep my Peroth on and this new body is too tall and skinny for me.

      I think Rad has smaller eyes and the nose is definitely different. Broader and more flat across the bridge.
    8. I'm excited about him, I just hope that we can find someone who will help in purchasing him. What shopping services can translate in korean?
    9. Well, I just posted a message in what is surely badly-garbled Korean (with an English version of the same questions underneath) on her Q&A board. Here's to hoping I didn't make too big a fool of myself. ^_^;;

      Basically, I asked if the new body is compatible with the old Peroth heads, as far as fit and resin color goes. I also asked if the Rad doll will be available for order internationally. I'll let everyone here know if I get a response.
    10. When I first saw this I thought peroth? Even before I read the comments that Esthy made this XDDD

      But this new mold definitely looks like a modded peroth rather than a new doll. I hope Esthy makes bodies to match old peroths (especially WS) too.

      Rad is cute but I love my peroth and his huge lip more *cuddles*
    11. Okay, got an answer from Sardonyx (the other half of Distant Memory, as I understand it), who apparently speaks English far better than I can translate Korean. ^_^;; She thanked me for my efforts, though, which made me grin.

      So, the head fit would possibly require modification, the resin match is a possible-but-probably-not, and while they won't sell head and body separately, they do accept international orders. WIN!!!! I've GOT to get one, as soon as I have my next paycheck.
    12. he is beautiful! i wonder how much he will be?

      how do people do international orders?
    13. He'll run about $700 + EMS costs, for international orders. They stated on the website that they'll accept international orders starting on November 20th.

      Here's a link to their English order board:
    14. LOL now I'm tempted to get my Peroth yet another brother O_O (he has 2 brothers already >_< maybe grow up his baby brother into an older brother >:3 )
    15. Awesome that they will take international orders and that he doesn't seem to be limited, if I am reading that right. Though poo, I'm going to have to organize a split since I only want the head.

      Edit - there is an English order board up now, and on that one at least, you can purchase the head and body seperately. Now to go count my pennies and sell things so I can order him!

      I'm amused that a number of us what him as a sibling to our Peroths.
    16. Woohoo! :D So he's $150 + $22 shipping. Excellent!!!
    17. when I follow the distant memory links y'all have so kindly included (thanks!), I get an error page in Korean. best I can tell the site has reached their maximum bandwidth usage for (whatever time period). I hope they manage to get back up and running soon!
    18. Is the resin color a match to Volks for Rad now that she sells body? Sardonyx said that they do not sell body and head separately, but only as a package due to this resin unable to match others?

      Wait I saw the price listing now XD I guess you can buy seperate parts?

      The head + the Body(full set): $700
      The head: $150
      The body: $570

      But it doesn't look to be a match to Volks from what I can see. It looks a little pink.
    19. If I can get just the head, then I'm totally getting him. He's too gorgeous to say no to! <3 I'm worried though about what he will match...
    20. *sigh* I really like his face.. there is too much temptation going around.