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Disturbing BJD scenarios

Jan 17, 2017

    1. Of course, we all love our dolls to bits. They're beautiful; they're perfect. But working on them tends to be a little bit... disturbing. A body is missing its head, the eye sockets are empty, and where did that hand go? Usually these things only happen in horror movies.

      What do you think is most disturbing about BJDs? Do share because we all love a good scare. Of course, pictures are most welcome. :)

      Making a wig cap.
      #1 Lael, Jan 17, 2017
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    2. My friend used to be pretty afraid of the dolls. Until I got my first MSd size-- she loved that size. However, before I only had my Delf Yder. We took a trip to Otakon as to which Ren of course went with. I had to tell her to look away when changing his eyes for his Zack Fair cosplay because it freaked her out. I think the most terrifying situation for her was when the eye didn't stay stuck, so he kinda had one eye mostly white since the eye slouched down. xD Not a pretty sight to wake up to.
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    3. I took one of mine to otakon too, and the people I went with weren't as comfy with him as I was. ;u;

      One of the weirdest things is when I body blush or restring him, I take him all apart. Body parts everywhere.
    4. I had a doll without eyes for a while, and while I didn't find it scary my mother did. Mainly when I stuck the dolls fingers in her eye socket when I was taking about getter her new eyes, it totally freaked her out! xD I actually found it sort of cute? but then I like cute zombie characters and other such mixtures of cute with gory so I guess it's not to surprising...
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    5. Aside from their price, the only thing about bjds that looks disturbing to me is body blushing, especially on paper white skin. Red on white looks like blood to me.
    6. I personally don't like to have them without eyes if they are assembled. I don't mind working on their faceup and having the empty eye-sockets on a body-less head, but if there's an assembled, clothed doll sitting on my shelf without eyes I get a bit uncomfortable. A friend of mine got terrified at the sight of all the body parts while I was restringing one of them, she was just saying how cute my dolls are and then saw all the pieces aligned on the table to be strung and immediately left the room saying "I didn't need to see that!"
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    7. That's so funny! My husband is okay with my dolls, says they're "less creepy", when fully assembled. But when I pull the head off..... xD
    8. I can't say I've ever been bothered by eyeless, headless or disassembled dolls myself... But seeing one of the crew eyeless for the first time did make my husband do a double-take. Until he came across me switching eyes on someone that first time, he had no idea that their eyes could be taken out. He was "Okay. Yeah. That's creepy." :lol:
    9. I was putting in the eyes for my little sisters doll for her as her doll is only 12cm so pretty small eyes, I was moving them around to get them in place and my other sister freaked out, I was a little mean and started making the eyes follow her around :XD: she hasn't seen them headless yet, but she was pretty freaked with just the moving eyes.
    10. Its when im making wig caps- exactly like on first photo!!!! I had two dolls like that on my table and it was....yes...disturbing:pout:
    11. Im not a big fan of blank heads... I've got 2 at the mo and had a blank boy who was painted back in... June?? but yeh, the whole totally blank face thing is a little weird, like if a person had no definition to their face at all its a bit strange XD
    12. Hmm, I guess sometimes when a doll is blushed very dark red on joints and in certain patterns on the face, it looks like a rash associated with certain diseases and disorders to me. :sweat I guess it's supposed to be cute, though.

      I find when the pieces are all apart and spread out for cleaning, sanding, etc. other people aware quite disturbed.
    13. I see the dolls as resin, not human, so seeing them in pieces is no more disturbing to me than seeing any other toys or models in pieces. Most people close to me know my hobby enough that they don't really care either.

      I think the most disturbing thing is more in stuff I say. "I mailed that head today." "There's a body in the box in the closet." "I sold my girl's body, I really needed money." "I have a box of eyes in the cabinet." "I told her it's fine to send me the body in pieces." "I plan to remove his face tomorrow." "I'm going to take an exacto knife to his eyelids."

      Sometimes I'll be discussing doll stuff in public areas with a friend who is aware of my hobby and I forget that strangers who overhear will probably assume serial killer before doll owner. XD
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    14. It really disturbed my family when I slingshotted some dolly junk across our yard for a MtF mod (I kind of catapulted it because I was angling the Dremel away from my body and hands for safety).

      It was realistically-sculpted enough that when my dad found it later he was a bit uncomfortable.

      I really thought I had picked up all the pieces!
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    15. (I just copied and pasted this from my thread: https://denofangels.com/threads/do-you-think-your-dolls-can-be-possessed-by-spirits.734387/ , but I find that it's also relevant to this thread so I thought I would share)

      I took my Iplehouse doll, Luna (the one in my profile picture), out of her box the other day to take pictures of her body to have as reference for body-blushing ideas. I usually keep her in a box and store her in my closet to make sure she's won't get damaged, and to extend the life of the resin, because I've read up on so many articles that state to keep them dry and in a dark place otherwise the skin would turn yellow really fast.

      Anyways, I was sitting on my bed, getting her out of her box to take pictures, and I lay her down and noticed her head was angled towards me quite eerily, and it appeared as if she were looking straight at me. She had no eyes in, so they were deep, dark holes that seemed to just stare right into me, so I tilted her head to the opposite direction because I have a natural fear of dolls (as much as I love them and their beauty). I am an easily jumpy person and I didn't really feel comfortable anyhow, so I thought it would be best if she weren't looking at me. I then went on my phone to overlook the photos I took.
      When I looked up again..
      her head was tilted back, in the same position she was in before I moved her, facing me...looking at me right in my eyes. And this was just barely a couple inches away from me.

      I...was extremely freaked out, and I know her head must have turned like that from me moving around a lot subconsciously around on the bed while on my phone, and the bed must've shifted the head to where all the weight on the bed was. Also, not to mention, her head was loose from the body because the other day, I detached the head from her neck (so I could take her eyes out) and had it loosely sit on her neck. I was too lazy to pull the S-hook from the neck and attach it to the head.

      I know theres many logical explanations as to how her head re-shifted back towards me...but still...even if it was nothing, I felt extremely creeped out. That night, I probably put her away faster than I ever have.
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    16. Reading these things or overhearing them must be so creepy for people who don't know what we are talking about. I never thought of that, but it's really funny thinking about it!

      At least it was your dad who picked it up, rather than some guests over for a barbecue who have no idea about your dolls :XD:
      #16 Shabi_Akireisa, Jan 18, 2017
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    17. @Shabi_Akireisa

      You're probably right. He'd just manage to avoid seeing me with some of my frankendolly hybrids that I'd made before getting BJDs.

      I think the violence of the modding process sort of disturbs people.
      #17 americanseamstress, Jan 18, 2017
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    18. I find them slightly unsettling when they're headless. Either a body, bonus if naked, just lying there, or a head. I don't know if a head with eyes or without is worse, actually. Lol.
    19. The only thing that disturbs me are really poorly done mods and Doll Chateau lol.
    20. I can see how most faceups and costumes are meant to be themed in a certain way but I get unnerved by excessive scars on dolls, one eye missing from a doll, and very red or splotchy body blushing.