Update DiYue sp white is coming!

Jun 8, 2017

    1. The cooperation doll DiYue sp white of #ringdoll and Kobe store 716 , China and Japan limited, the only designated area in Japan @ 716. Published: 1st July-31st Oct
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    2. Will online orders be available at any point or is this an event-limited doll only?
    3. He is a limited edition,and limited in china and japan.In japan,just can purchase in 716DOLL. The limited time is 1st July-31th October,Thanks for support!
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    4. Alice's Collections is located in China. Will I be able to order him through them?
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    5. So there is no way for us to get him if we dont live in china and Japan?
    6. oh i love that DiYue SP White. but it's sad that there's no online shopping for this guy. but will he be available for viewing on RD's website? like the details of the clothes. fullset and prices.. etc.. :)
    7. Yeah,you can.
      Dear,you can purchase in 716 entity shop in Japan,it is our only designated entity shop in Japan.
      And we will release Diyue sp in july,please forward!
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    8. Dear,we will release in July,and details will be introduced in that time,please forward!
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    9. wee!! yay.. :D