DLace Discussion {Ex Machina and Other 1/3 Sculpts}

Jan 10, 2020

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    2. Here is a photo to start us off :chocoheart
      Head No.4


      I got a shipping notice for my Ex Machina (female version) and I'm SO EXCITED!!! :fangirl:
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    3. I am kinda tempted by ex machina boy, but not sure it's $1000 worth of love.
    4. Ah, I fell hard for him from the first photos. I am thankful for layaway, though my wallet is still crying. :sweat
      I wasn't expecting him to be released right now since the Witch body stand was just released! But I had been stalking the site all through December. RIP me.
    5. Ex Machina is absolutely stunning. It doesn't seem that he's limited? I thought I had all my doll plans set in stone but man, I would love to own this robot boy someday. For now I'll just admire him from afar.
    6. It doesn't seem like he is limited! I hope that means we'll get to see a lot of beautiful versions of him. :chocoheart
      He has so much potential, I can't wait to see what people do with him.

      Hehe, Ex Machina Male is 50% of my 2020 doll plans. I've been warning my wife since the first photos came out that the moment I see him for order I'm slamming the order button. :abambi:
    7. Oh! I just realized this was unlocked, thank you so much mods! :bcake

      My Ex Machina (female) is almost hoooooooome. I am SO EXCITED. I can hardly wait! :aheartbea :D:aheartbea
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    8. I've got my Ex Machina a little more than one month ago. I was pretty unhappy because she came with face broken, mechanism inside the head broken, one ankle broken and gun arm broken. I hope @Lady Ravenswood that yours won't be broken. ^^'
      Luckily DLace replaced the head and leg, and reimbursed the gun arm.
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    9. @Follow-the-Wind
      Oh no! :(
      That is heartbreaking! I'm so sorry!
      My Ex Machina arrived today and she is perfect. I am so thankful. They wrapped her VERY carefully so it looks like they took any damage to heart and are taking precautions. She was double boxed and had the full bubble wrap mummy, extra foam at the ankles, and paper padding in her head.
      I hope you can get your replacement parts soon!
      Ugh, I've been having a terrible week and honestly...if my poor Ex Machina had arrived like that I would have flat out wept. I've just been having bad luck with packages lately too, with boxes arriving soaking wet, or with weird goo, or just utterly destroyed in shipping. It's so stressful when that happens. I'm really sorry about your doll. :(

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    10. Oops I use the wrong word! I already get the replacement parts. :sweat
      They were really better packed. (My girl came in one box and not enough bubble wrap)
      But she is beautiful nonetheless.

      Congrats for your girl! I'm happy if DLace now wrap carefully their dolls! Did you bought her extra parts?

      Here is mine:
      by Follow-the-Wind

      I also bought a n°5 head and she (or he, I don't knwo:lol:) is lovely.
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    11. @Follow-the-Wind
      Your Ex Machina looks great! She's so cute in those clothes. :chocoheart
      I'm glad she is all fixed up.
      Do you have eyes in her? That's my plan for today! To try out things on mine. ^__^

      I didn't get any of the extra parts. I like the clear bust part and the gun arm! But I got heads No.4 and No.5 instead because I love robots so much. Hehe. It looks like the extra parts are still available so maybe I can snag them later. But my budget is kinda crying already. :sweat
    12. @Lady Ravenswood Thank you for my girl!
      Did you succed in putting her eyes? Mine can't wear the eyes I already own, the mechanism inside her head doesn't allow it.
      The clear bust is really great, mine will probably wear it very often.

      Oh, you get a n°5 too? Do you already know on which body you're going to put it? I absolutely don't know what body buy for it. :sweat
      Here is it, it's faceup it not finished yet (and probably won't be before I bought and get its body):
      by Follow-the-Wind, on Flickr
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    13. @Follow-the-Wind
      I love the faceup so far!
      I got carried away trying clothes and shoes and did not try out eyes yet. Whoops! She is wearing fabulous boots now though. :XD:

      For the No.5 head, I had an April Story girl body that was not in use and it suits her quite well. I can take a photo later if you would like to see that hybrid. The body needs some sueding...re-stringing....or some general work (which is why I was not using it). I think that particular body was discontinued though? Even with the new owner bringing sculpts back.
    14. Not the best photo...but here is the No.5 head on the April Story body that I mentioned.


      The arms are unstrung because I am going to modify them to have wires dangling down, but I'm trying to decide if I will use the shoulder parts or no arm pieces at all. I've always loved the torso and leg sculpting on this body the best, so it works out. The resin match is basically perfect too. Both are white skin. I think it's a graceful, long body option if you want to give the head a female body. The body is actually quite short, around 60cm, but the sculpting makes it look taller.
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    15. Wow I haven't been back here in like...a decade!

      Just put in a layway for him. I couldn't help myself - he's too beautiful!
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    16. @illyrimur
      Ooooh, congrats and welcome back! I'm so excited to have a buddy in here waiting for Ex Machina Male too. And what a great way to jump back in! :hug:

      I just made my second layaway payment the other day. Hehe. He's so gorgeous. :chocoheart
      The pictures with the rockin' brain guitar went up and I was just sighing over how lovely he is all over again. Hehehe.
    17. If the boy machina had clear parts so his robot interior could be on display all the time, I would buy him. I've sent dollyplanet an email asking them to consider it.
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    18. A partially transparent robo boy would be cool.
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    19. Ooh, that's an interesting thought. I do really like the clear chest part on Ex Machina female version. But I have to admit that I really love the Ex Machina Male with the separate parts that switch out because it makes him look less human and more disassembled. :chocoheart
      I have a weakness for the parts that really stand out as un-human in dolls and also androids. Hehe. And robots that show a bit of decay or lack of maintenance.
      Though! It would be pretty cool to place flowers or something inside the clear parts, like a little glass terrarium!
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    20. Glad to see this thread back! Bumping. I've heard horror stories of how thin the resin is on ex machina female... but I'm totally lured in by male ex machina regardless. It's weird to see he'll only be available in normal and white-- I've grown really used to seeing him in grey!

      I also have my eye on the witch's head... PSA, they will sell it separately (head, brain, hair, Crown) for some odd $200. I feel confident I could make her a clay headback and use her as a normal head. But what body would you even begin to pair that with? What aesthetic? Such challenges, which I do enjoy... :sneaky
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