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DM Model Doll Film Noir Lawrence -Incredibly Offensive Pictures

Oct 19, 2008

    1. I saw the pic at the top of the page and thought, "oh cool! I love goth boy dolls!" I myself, am considered goth by many people. However, when I scrolled down the page I became not only offended but physically ill at the images I beheld.

      Let me describe it to you as a warning before you go here. There are piles of nude "dead" female dolls at his feet. He holds a very large shot gun. He has his hands wrapped around the neck of a nude female doll sitting in a chair with her head down. He holds a length of rope while the nude female bodies lay on the floor with rope around their necks. The bodies are clearly visible "hanging" in the background behind him.

      I AM INFURIATED!!! This is a site that children can access. I cannot even begin to truly describe my emotion right now. I don't care if hes a cool looking LE, these pictures must be removed IMMIDIETLY. I will be writing to Dollmore as soon as I am done with this post, and I think anyone else who is hurt by these images should do the same.
    2. It's explicit, but.... I like it. It's very dramatic - kinda cool :)

      I'm not into that stuff at all, but today's world..... And children seeing naked dolls? At least they're girl dolls lol... It's just looking at a Barbie naked if anything? But... I don't know, I think it's awesome they take this to a new level, at least there's no gore/blood showing through (if you count that bullet hole in his head gore).

      Buuuut yeah *shruuuuugs* It's Halloween, and Halloween isn't supposed to be all nice-nice o.o;;
    3. It sickened me as well.
      They are depicting him as a rapist of sorts.
    4. It is halloween, and kids are more use to seeing a lot of blood in these day and age during this month, maybe it just me, but i see no big deal in it, i mean if it was a lot of nasty gore and sure , but really they are rather clean pictures. It just the meaning behind them isn't, and if your talking about children, it depends on the age, most are to oblivious to it, and beside i doubt kids would be offended by something they don't get. maybe if they put a warning on the tittle page to warn off cusious kitten.

      well more like mad killer who hacks up women 'jack the ripper?'
    5. I forgot to mention -- they're DOLLS. Making a big deal over this is like the people making a big deal over Bart Simpson showing his penis in The Simpsons Movie (but like the critic said, it's a cartoon!) - but like Mephistol said, their should be a warning, not pics taken down :(
    6. I find these images pornographic on several levels. As a private company, however, Dollmore is entitled to market their product in any way they choose.

      What I do wonder about, though, is if this doll is going to be welcome on this forum. DoA is ages thirteen and older, and while we have had similar images on DoA with gore warnings, this doll represents something quite different from most of them. At the very least, his image is horrific, but the fact that his 'character' seems to be some kind of serial killer, glorifying violence against women, I question his appropriateness here.
    7. I'm just wondering... If it was a female doll with naked male bodies hanging in the background, would you be just as offended? I'm just curious as to which meaning behind the doll you find offensive. :)

      Anyways... I think it's done in bad taste, but I'm not particularly offended. I'm not to worried about kids finding it either - they'll either not understand it or would have been exposed to such things through other sources. Besides, kids that could be potentially bothered by this have no reason or desire to browse doll websites. I think almost everyone who has the desire to browse doll websites is old enough to handle those images.

      I don't think I'd want to own one of those, and I'm kind of interested in knowing just what Dollmore's design team was thinking when they came up with this particular LE idea.
    8. I understand that it's Halloween season and this is when all the spooky, gory, and potentially inappropriate comes out to play but..this is a little much. And this is coming form someone who enjoys gore. (especially in my costumes.)
      But back to the issue at hand. Some of you are right yes these are dolls, it's not like actual people in these pictures. (thank god) I do think the idea of his character being a murderer and a rapist is a little..much. The rape aspect of it bothers me more then the murder though. I'm not really outraged or offended by any means. I'm just a little bothered and I think there should be some sort of a warning to avoid people being offended. Eh.
    9. I was rather taken aback by those images, myself. But, I am an adult and they are just naked dolls. And though the actions implied in those photos are terrible and definitely not for kids, IMHO I don't think they are worse than the R-rated movies and mature TV shows that countless young teens watch regularly (boy was I the weird kid, not getting to watch R-rated flicks til I was 15 1/2 instead of 12-13! :roll: ).

      I don't think Dollmore's choice of presentation was a good one at all, though. It strikes me as a bit tasteless, but again, that is just my personal opinion so if you disagree no need to argue, we all have our own opinions. ;)
    10. I'm all for everything and anything dark and creppy, I even work at a halloween store. I wouldn't call this gore but it's just too disturbing. I do not support how he seems to be a sexual predator. I don't like how he has hanging women behinde him and how he's choking the girl. It's NOT the nudity that bother's me at all. Violence and rape are a very real thing in the world and it's not something that I think a company should include in their stock photos. MAYBE on certain doll forums or from an artists point of view-but not for a company.

      They could have done something else to make this doll seem creepy.
      To me, it seems like Jack the Ripper-which is fine but not for a company photo.

      Prehaps asia has a different view on this sort of thing, but that's just my opinion and I respect everyone elses.
    11. Don't forget this is an asian company where they don't have the same sense of Political Correctness that others may have.

    12. To all of you saying that that we might think it would be differnt if they were naked male bodies....BULL! Those bodies were quite obviously intended to be corpses. Mutilated corpses at that (heads apear to be missing). If an adult man rapes a woman, everyone knows, thats not ok. But guess what, its also NO OK for a woman to rape a man. It doesnt matter what gender those dead naked doll at his feet are. The fact is, they are dead and naked. Thats more than enough to make it offensive.

      I would also like to add, that I LOVE gory violent horror films, and books. But dolls?
    13. Yup, I completely agree with you.
    14. Ooh...those pics were kinda disturbing. But, I agree, presentation could have been done differently without having to imply excessive violence. They are just dolls, but not everybody will share the same perspective and respond responsibly ^^

      The face-up is awesome, tho.

      Vampireanneke - I don't think it matters whether a company is from a different culture. The pictures display a generally disturbing theme... O_O
    15. As a teenager seeing these things, I guess I'm already accustomed to viewing this sort of subject matter since I wasn't offended or any of some sort of negative feeling. I basically was just surprised that a well-known doll company would even release such a design. :lol:
    16. Have you ever seen anything like that in person?? Can you imagine being a woman who had survived thast sort of thing and came across that site? What do you think she might feel?
    17. tsks, let not blow this matter out of the water shall we? Just let dollmore know they need to put a warning lable on the doll title...and be done with it.
    18. I have suffered from domestic violence and the images don't really hurt me. I'm not outbrinking or anything. But GenGen asked what women who saw this would feel so I replied. They bring back harmful memories, but rape and violence twords women is everywhere and it was only a matter of time before it ended up in this hobby. After all, there is a lot of art in this hobby.
      It's not that I don't ever want to see it anywhere but I just don't think that a company should show such things unless they specialize in dolls of this nature. But I was not expecting this from Dollmore and I'm sort of dissapointed in them. But my view could change once they reply to everyone's concerns on their Q&A board.

      Edit:If they're anything like Luts, I believe that DollMore isn't at their office on the weekends, so they may not even know what's going on yet with everyone's reactions. So please try to stay calm until they can reply.
    19. Rape is rape. Torcher is torture. Murder is murder. I'm crying as I'm writing this, because things like what is implied in the pictures HAPPENED TO ME! So no, I'm afraid I cannot simply be done with it.

      I would also like to add that Dollmore is one of my favorite sites, so this was particularly painful to see for me.
    20. It seems that everyone's mind immediately jumps to rape when they see the pictures, but none of the dolls are actually being raped. They're just naked. I highly doubt Dollmore meant to imply that.

      And, yes, I am creeped out by the pictures.