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Do all your dolls "go together?"

Aug 7, 2019

    1. Aesthetically, I mean. Are they all in scale with one another? Do you intentionally choose sculpts that are similar in style? Do you not mean to do it, but seem to always gravitate towards the same style of sculpt? What about clothing? Eyes?

      Or do you do the opposite? Do you intentionally seek out things that are new and different from anything else in your collection? Do you just have eclectic taste? Do you have any dolls whose characters are related, but who're different styles entirely?

      When I first wanted to get into BJDs, I expected that I would naturally pick dolls that were done in the same general style, even if they were from different companies. But my first doll was a gift, and he didn't really fit with the aesthetic I was "planning" on. I figured, oh well, he'll be the exception to the rule.

      But the more I go on, the more I find myself drawn to all kinds of different sculpts with all kinds of aesthetics! I think I'm going to end up with a rather eclectic bunch, lol.
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    2. I like diversity. Dolls that don't 'match' will just stay apart from the others; I think variety makes a collection more interesting. :3
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    3. I like to keep dolls that would be in the same story of similar aesthetics, but not my entire crew
      Or at least, that was the plan
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    4. My whole crew is in scale. It's something I'm very particular about. They all live in the same world and need to look proportionate together. This has the nice side effect of helping me to restrict my purchases, since it narrows the number of dolls in my "strike zone". It did once result in my having to spend extra time and money researching and experimenting with different parts, in order to get an out-of-scale head in-scale with my existing crew (the result was my MiniFee/ Chibi Unoa hybrid, since a whole MiniFee wouldn't have been in scale with the rest of my dolls).
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    5. All of my dolls are pretty different. I got them because I liked them and hadn’t really been planning on matching them in any way. It just kind of happened that way.
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    6. Except for a couple of solitary outliers, my bjd collection (currently 23) falls mainly along these lines -
      1. Celestials: 70cm Soom Sard, Dollshe Saint, 3 Souldoll Zenith girls
      2. Big head 1/3-SD: Volks SD10, UNOSS, Unoa Prim, Ariadoll Narvy - confined to a bookshelf ’tea party’ set. They look great together but not so good with other 1/3 dolls with a more realistic aesthetic.
      3. 1/4: Unoa 1.5 + slim mini hybrids, probably the largest size that will ever get a diorama or room box. I solved the stylistic problem by making all my 1/4 doll heads Alchemic Labo faceplates, but bodies have more variety.
      4. Playscale~1/6: 3 resins, a Blythe, all the 9-12” plastic dolls; Barbies, Monster High etc. We are slowly renovating a Barbie house. These dolls rotate, some are stored away each season for a somewhat more orderly and less crowded display. (containment area)
      5. Dollhouse~1/12: 2 off-topic dolls so far but the temptation to get a Pukisha is great sometimes. I adore the miniatures in this scale and have a dollhouse kit but for now, their display is a single shelf.

      So I'd say yes and no. For my oddballs, have a 90cm boy, 3 non-human ones: Souldoll Shiva, Soom Sard and a baby kitty anthro but even though strangers or non-doll friends thing they are fantastical, within the hobby, that's very tame by ’weird bjd’ standards. :mwahaha
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    7. Personally, I do limit my collection to SD size since they're what I prefer. When it comes down to it, I want my dolls to be in-scale with each other... and therefore look cohesive to a degree. I do have one MSD (although her head is the same size if not bigger than my SDs, so I'm not sure it counts lol!). I don't seek out dolls that will "match" those already in my collection, but I like to think they'll all get along regardless ;) At the end of the day, I'm not worried about my dolls' styles matching. As long as they are in scale with each other, that's fine by me!

      Each doll I own is different from the next, although I'm sure by the time I'm finished customising them all, similarities will show through (eg my personal preference for dark/muted colours + casual clothes). When I first joined the hobby, I bought a lot of clothes etc just because they looked interesting. As a result my clothes collection is a very random assortment! These days I do try and get more character specific garments.

      ...I'm honestly not even sure if I've answered your question anymore... I think I went off on a tangent haha! But hopefully I made sense at least. This is an interesting topic for sure! :)
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    8. I'd like to think so!

      My YoSDs are elementary school kids (5-6?), and my Latis are kindergarten babies (3-4).


      I also consider the scale proportions when I plan for new dolls. I wouldn't buy a "big baby" because they would look awkward with the rest of the crew. I also have no intention of ever buying an SD.

      I've always thought YoSDs proportions aren't like the toddlers they're supposed to be compared to SDs I think toddlers would normally be above the knees, but it is not the case with most SDs. But that's just me! :)

      Perhaps the biggest I'd go is MSD and they will be the adults in my world. But I know it's hard to find more adult sculpts in this size so... I think I'll stick with tinies!
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    9. Most of mine have different styles but honestly I think they got together like a little mismatched family! They look like they should be together!
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    10. If they are part of the same story/world, I make sure their aesthetic and scale is compatible.
      I want them to look like they're actually all somewhat from the same world.

      I currently have two groups, one of them is more realistic while the other is a little more stylized. They could still go well next to each other though, because I prefer a certain aesthetic anyway.
      I would never mix wildly different scales/looks unless there's an explanation for it (like different fantasy races), but would do so in an overall collection without qualms. I'd just not mix the stories.
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    11. I think my collection started out that way but it sure didn’t stay that way! I think the majority the group matches pretty well together given I started out collecting CP sculpts, but now I’ve got a lot of diversity and “mini groups” among the gang. Makes the collection more interesting that way.
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    12. All of my dolls are old-skool bobble-heads. I didn't really plan them that way - I used to own a IH Kamau as well - but I prefer the look of older dolls and so I ended up with a crew that looks good together.
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    13. My collection are in the same style of fashion but all different sculpt and from different companies. They also have different skin tone too. The things they go together are style and eye color.
      These are my 3 girls at a doll offline.
      #13 snowle21, Aug 7, 2019
      Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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    14. I have two separate crews or worlds that don't appear on pictures together, at least for now but who knows in the future.
      - The first crew involves 3 humans (2 MSDs and 1 Yo-SD) that are in scale and proportion and are all realistic and stuff.
      - My second crew has 2 (atm) anthropomorphic animals that are also in scale with each other (~20cm).
      I think that, as long as they are supposed to live in the same universe and interact, the characters should be in scale to look right, but that's only my personal opinion.
    15. I just go for whichever doll suits my OC, I try and stick to the same size if the characters are related, but I'm happy to mix MSD and SD if the SDs are older characters.
      I'm still having to get used to the sizes of them being different tho! I have two MSD that are brothers and the youngest is much bigger than the oldest... but I couldn't bear to change the sculpts.
    16. Once I've hunted a sculpt that worked as a sister for a doll I already had, unlike the majority of my dolls (BJD and otherwise) they represent characters form a series of books.

      Usually I just buy dolls that appeal to me and the characters fall where they will in trms of size and groupings. I tend to like happy/smiley sculpts, and most of my dolls are children or young teens rahter than older teens and adults. There are several groupings of characters (some looser than others and based on size, others closer/family groupings), and some stand-alones.

      My biggest group are the SD-sized family, (some of the youger ones are smaller sizes) who are all members of one-big, extended Victorian/Edwardian family of children (siblings, half-siblings, and cousins) so they all dress similarly in that they wear styles suitable for the period, but each have their own colour/style preferences that they gravitate toward. As with real people they have all sorts of different builds and looks (my sisters and I don't look anything like each other, why should my dolls look like clones of each other just because they're related...?), they're form many different companies, although I have several of the same head sculpt and several more heads from the same company among them (one set of twins), because I particularly like that company's sculpts:

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    17. I like variety. I just go with a doll I like regardless of look or scale. Doesn't matter if he/she doesn't go with any of the others. Somehow they'll fit in, or they'll have their separate story. The main story, the doll's size depends on what species they are. Giants, some gods, and certain elves etc are SD's. Half breeds (Halflings) are generally MSD. Dwarfs, smaller species of faerie and elves, etc are yosd. Their story is what dictates their style, and they jump worlds, so they tend to dress accordingly or adopt different styles, and dress however they like. Because they jump worlds, they might also find someone that doesn't fit the above mentioned "rules." A human might be the size of a halfling, for example.
      I do really love dolls with huge eyes, though. lol. And fantasy. But I generally go with whatever I like. :).
    18. Most of my dolls are Gothic themed, I only own two girls that wear sweet Lolita :)
    19. like a lot of other people on here i thought that there would be one cohesive look to all of the dolls in my collection. but as i started to really explore the world of bjd, i found myself attracted to things that i wasn’t interested in earlier, or hadn’t considered for myself! now i have a few groups of dolls, generally categorized as fantasy dolls or classical dolls, plus one guy that hangs out more with my other off topic dolls and figures. all of the groups kind of clash aesthetically, so i display them in different parts of the house.
    20. Mine definitely do! My sweet spot for aesthetics is right at 50/50 realism, so I’m a sucker for dolls from Migidoll/Switch/mature molds from Volks. All of my dolls are between 57-65cm, so no one is terribly out of scale and I try to not to skew too large or too small. The 1/4 size range seems so convenient to play with and carry, but the size variation between slim minis, fashion sized dolls, and original MSD-sized dolls would drive me nuts. :P

      As for the clothes/styling/etc., everyone tends to be modern/trendy/casual. My dolls’ characters are from several different RPs, but I like to have them all together as a sort of modern AU. And I looove urethane eyes, so they all get those! They’re so sparkly!