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Do American Model shoes fit 60cm girls?

Jul 31, 2006

    1. Does anyone have the Tonner American Model dolls? I've seen that some (all?) of their clothes fit 60cm girls, but what about the high-heeled shoes? I've got two DD bodies, and their feet are a bit smaller than most 60cm girls. And some of the shoes are so cheap!
    2. Shorter, narrower, however you want to measure, the American Models can wear the shoes of a Kitty Collier - another 18" tall Tonner doll.
    3. Noooooo! I mean, thanks for the info. I've never seen one in person, so I have a hard time visualizing their size.
    4. Wow, this is a really old thread but I need to ask about this shoes anyway.
      So...do American Model shoes fit on 1/4 dolls?
    5. I am curious about this too -could American Model shoes fit on 1/4 dolls, like Souldoll Minifee etc girls?
    6. the american model shoes are the size that fits on evangeline ghastly, they do not fit the sd bjd's and they do not work on standard msd's either (still do not fit).

      the only msd size doll ive found that the american model / evangeline ghastly shoes do fit are the domuya flexi fashion dolls which are msd but with a slightly smaller foot - model size feet - which is why they worked. they dont fit other makes ive tried!

      but on the other way around american model can wear over sized boots made for the bjds!
    7. Reviving to say that I have yet to buy the shoes, but Narae high heel feet are said (right on the website) to fit American Model shoes and I did glimpse photos someone had taken of their Narae in AM shoes.