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Do any of you use a Tiny for your doll's own "doll"

Oct 13, 2009

    1. I am looking at buying a Tiny as a doll companion for my Narsha (35cm) I am having a hard time deciding what might be a good size proportion for this to work. I want the Tiny to look like her doll or plaything, not like a baby brother or sister.

      Do any of you use your Tinies as "toys" for your bigger BJDs? What size do you think would work for Narsha? Should I go as small as possible? I was thinking 6 inches or smaller would be best. Can you suggest some Tiny dolls in this size range that would look cute as a doll for Narsha?

      How large are the Pipos Alice and Ron dolls? I can't seem to find their measurements anywhere?

    2. Oh thanks for the link. Those photos are sooo sweet and the Tinydoll looks perfect as a dolly companion. How tall are your Riz and your Tinydoll?

      I loved seeing all your cute props too!
    3. Guillaume had stolen Lua when she was dressed as a bear...he thought she was for him! Cordelia tried to tell him otherwise.

    4. Yes I do-My Little Fees use Pukis as their dolls, or their mini-me

    5. Reine and Sweetiemom, I just love those Pukis! Especially the "mini me" Pukis dressed just like their owners! They're like miniature My Twinns!
    6. I am eventually hoping to get pukis as my dolls' dolls. <3 I just love the idea!
    7. When I first heard about Pukis, I instantly decided my MSD absolutely needed one, for story purposes.
      But between finances and my own picky-ness, the Puki actually showed up first.:doh
    8. Having tinies for your doll/s is fun:). My Dollmore youth Eve (Alice) is a doll collector just like me. Right now she only got a Banji. But I'll definitely buy her more dolls later. Both human dolls and pet dolls.
    9. Hmm under 6"... well Lati White dolls, Pukipukis, Baby Ari, Wishels might work for you, Dollmore Banji, Pocket Fairies, I cant think of any others... It really depends, do you want a child-looking or a mature tiny doll? Oh and I believe Pipos Po-11 are 26cm.