Do any tinies fit licca/Blythe clothes?

Oct 13, 2005

    1. I am really sick of all the wonderful Blythe clothes out there. Time and time again I have found myself *almost* bidding on a cute outfit. I haven't seen any Blythes for sale that I really like, but I totally covet their wardrobe and am amazed with the effort people go through to dress such small dolls so well.

      So I was wondering, are there any smaller BJDs that could wear them? I'm almost tempted to sculpt my own at this point.
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    2. Hm, I tried blythes clothes on my Latidolls (as I also collect blythes) and some of them are ok but some are too big. Here is a blythe shirt that my Lea is wearing..I also tried some slippers I have for blythes on my Latidolls and they fit fine~

    3. I know I have seen some of the Blythe shoes ...LOVE them ,I dont think they will fit any of my tinys
      and then I saw a Blythe with pink hair :D Im wondering about adding 1 ...just 1 to my collection LOL
    4. Just one, huh?! Muahahahahahaha! :lol: :wink:
    5. PhantomDoll can wear Blythe, Licca, and Bratz clothes. :)
    6. HA!

      Oh, wishful thinking! :lol:

      (I have...mmm...7...)
    7. Just wondering where that shirt came from? Now I'm hoping my B stuff can fit Aga...
    8. TinyRedRobot: That shirt came with a customized blythe that I bought awhile ago. I also tried on some dresses from Blythe and they seem to fit my latidoll fine.
    9. Oh that's awesome, thanks.
    10. Ohhh really? Do they have the same footsize? I thought PhantomDolls were Jenny/Barbie-sized rather than Licca.

      And Pei, your Latidoll is so adorbable!!

      And TinyBear, if I do get a Blythe, it will probably have pink mohair. But I would really rather dress a BJD in her clothes.
    11. Phantomdolls are smaller than Unoa Lights, who are smaller than Barbies . . . here's a nekkid comparison pic of Artemis with a Barbie for comparison.

      What I *really* want to know is whether Unoa Lights can wear any of these clothes!!! *froths*

      UnoLas *can* wear the Azone 1/6 fashions, FWIW :>

      -- Andi <3
    12. Yep, same foot size and body size. :) I just sold my Anael and she could wear everything my Blythe girls had. :)
    13. You are making me want a Lati girl even more now. haha
    14. That is the best news ever!
    15. dollshe's ru could most likely wear blythe clothes.
    16. She can, you just have to be careful with the width in the hips. Stretchy stuff fits like a dream. I bought a tight non-stretch pantset and it won't close on her hips...the top fits fine, though.

      Blythe outfit from mimiwoo:
    17. Ltline doll can fit Blythe/licca clothes, but must be a looser one. ^^
    18. Hi have a phantomdoll Anael, and Licca clothes fit her perfectly!!!
      She is sooo cute! I like her size and "age". She can be more childlike or ladylike depending on her outfit, her face is very versatile. I was considering Uyoo, but Anael became available, and she is much rarer! Only 20 were made, and 10 of these were beauty white, as mine is. She fits those cool realistic Blythe shoes, too, and they are waaaay fun in such a small size!
      I currently have her in a black Dollfie Plus velvet outfit... the sleeves are a tad long, but it looks great on her otherwise, and it's well-made.

      If I can get my camera to work, I'll be sure to post pics of her!

    19. Ooh! I've seen some of the blythe stuff too and taking notes in my craft journal on clothes and things. They're even a few blythe patterns out there somewhere I plan on looking for to adapt for my tiny but if some fit Ru's as well - dang I need to concentrate on my current projects and at some point work on clothes for the doll that could be coming any day!

      Tinyredrobot - if you take any pics of your Candy in any blythe things, please post!