Do Azone clothes and shoes fit Volks girls?

Apr 29, 2005

    1. Hi!

      I found some posts that said that Dollfie Dream could wear Azone clothes, so does this mean that the clothes would be too small for SD and SD13 girls (L size chest)? Or are there some clothes that the SDs could wear too?

      Also, how about the Azone shoes? Can someone tell me if a SD girl or SD13 girl with flat feet can wear any of the Azone shoes? I am especially interested in the basic Mary Janes and the loafers. I'm not even sure though if the loafers were supposed to be for boys or girls -- maybe both, there are a couple of different styles.

      Thanks for the help.
    2. The basic answer is: maybe.

      I have a pair of the platform mary janes and they do fit on SD and SD 13 feet - slightly better on the SD feet. I also have a couple pairs of the rib knit bra and undies sets, and they fit pretty well - the panties are a bit low rise on a standard body. I know several people have their dolls dressed in Azone tshirts.

      However, the more fitted clothing, like the jeans, I'd pass on. The Azone jeans barely fit an SD 13 - they're VERY tight, and she cannot sit down in them without them popping open and unzipping. They won't even fasten at all on a standard. Which is too bad, because they're fairly nicely made.

    3. how about luts girls? I'm thinking more toward yes rather than no, since their bodies are proportioned similarily to DD. But has anyone confirmed that it's a great fit? It's not pressing me horribly to know, but it'd be nice to be sure of that option.
    4. I have a pair of Azone lace-up boots that fit my DES just barely, but look pretty good... I also have an Azone EGL dress that is rather too big in the waist for her, but it was made for the TallFellows rabbits, not DD, so it would probably actually be a good fit for SD/SD13 girls... (or boys.. ;) )
    5. my Luts girl in azone
      a little tight to pull over her bum but it fits
    6. edit: never mind T_T
    7. The Azone loafers do not fit the DD or SD SD/13. I bought a pair and they are much too small. I recently purchased a Duffle coat from a DOA user and it fits the DD very well. I also have a EGL Azone outfit that came in the swap box I did for DD. The shirt fits nicely, but the skirt is too large in the waist for the DD. Also none of the seems on the EGL outfit are finished in any way. I was pleased to find that the Duffle coat was fully lined. It wold seem to me that the quality of Azone outfits varies greatly. Hope this helps.

    8. I know the Azone jeans do not fit the SD 10 girl body. The zipper does not close. :P
    9. My SD13 girls's body is much less hippier then my luts mature body. So things that will fit tight in the hips on my luts will be a bit looser on a SD13. So if the Azone pants are too tight for SD13, I probably would not think they would fit luts. But it never hurts to try. I've been wondering about Azone stuff too.
    10. Thanks for the information everyone. I have been looking everywhere for a pair of plain white Mary Janes, and they seem to be sold out everywhere. I think that the Azone ones look nice, so I'm glad to hear that they should fit. And I love those Azone Chinese style dresses. Your DES looks great in hers. How similar is the DES body to the SD13L girl? And do DES and Lishe have the same body? And, sorry, but what does EGL stand for?
    11. DES and Lishe come the same body- the Luts mature body (Luts also makes a "girl" body with smaller breasts, usually sold seperately or with Ari or Regular Soo). SD13 and Luts are somewhat similar, but SD13 are stockier IMO while Luts bodies are curvier. Check the BJD-opedia forum for body comparison shots. EGL stands fo elegant gothic lolita.
    12. Thanks a lot for the info, guys ^_^
    13. What about hats? Do they fit all right?