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Do "broken doll joints" bother you?

Feb 3, 2007

    1. Ok, so when you pose your doll, and you want to do a cool pose, like "hand behind the neck", or "Sitting on knees", etc, and to have to pull the ball out of socket to make them pose that way? (Obviously not a problem for Hound, Saint, or Bernard, or similar dolls) but standard non-double-joint dolls. Does it bug you to have to see pics of your dolls with their joints all popping out?

      I sometimes pose them like that, but i will do something like crop the photo so that the actual joint doesn't show. But i'm just curious if it bugs anyone else but me LOL

      I just cannot take a pic of any of my dolls, with a "broken joint" and leave it like that. If i see the joint like that, it bugs me.
    2. Heh, I'm the same way. What I usually try to do is cover it with clothes, then it doesn't hurt quite so much to look at!
    3. yah, I usually do that too LOL But Arachne has a bathing suit (If you wanna call it that, it's actually a string) which is very difficult to hide those joints on if i pose her that way LOL

      I wish Luts had a double joint body!!
    4. It freaks my bf out, but its never really bothered me. Then again, I usually dont take photos of her posing like that. I could see why you would want to cut out the joints in your photos.
    5. Sometimes it does, especially the 'sitting on knees' poses T_T But when covered in clothes I don't even notice them.
    6. ^^;; I love seeing the joints of dolls; it's what attracted me to them in the first place. Seeing the "broken joints" never really bothered me. In fact, one of the things I love seeing the most is people boldly showing them in photos and even playing off the look!
    7. i find it unsettling, like a sour note in an otherwise perfect symphonic performance.

      okay, i'm being extreme in my comparisons, but... BJDs are a form of art, to me, and photography is as well. it breaks the illusion to have the joints obviously hyper-extended. and i seriously dislike shots that go right up the doll's channels when they are. >.<

      but that's just me.

      ETA: let me amend -- the joints themselves don't bother me. and seeing them that way in person doesn't bother me. but for the most part, seeing them in photos does, because it's an off note in an otherwise intriguing illusion of life/existence.
    8. It doesn't bother me if the photo is taken at the right angle so it isn't so obvious, but when the joints become the central focus of the picture it looks wrong to me.
    9. I really don't like seeing dolls with their limbs out of joint - it makes my skin crawl to be able to see up a doll's limbs! :eek: I'd rather see the doll in a less-extreme pose because the realism of the pose is lost to me because I can't stop looking at the disjointed limb.
    10. I can understand why people would do that though, my sister gets freaked out by the joints sticking out too (from the pics I have shown her, I do not have a BJD yet.) I have not really thought about it much though... ^^;
    11. they semi bother me, but my lune has really ugly ankle joints so i don't really like those... naomi's joints don't bother me to much, espically in the pics i do take of her with them semi exposed, she has socks on XD
    12. It bugs me to hell. Especially serendipity bodies!!! Theier just gorgeous and their my favorite MSD body but MAN! When the tigh joints pop out Fluffy's suddenly grown a second ass!

      It also annoys me that he can't sit down unless propped up, because of his thigh joints.
    13. I hate that yes, very much.
      And that's why I bought over-knee stockings so It would cover the whole situation, haha.
    14. Yes they do!! I suppose that's why my crew normally wears long sleeved tops and full length pants. ^^;
    15. OMG, when my boys freaking kneel... I hate seeing how its all hollow and stuff inside. It seriously freaks me out ;_; It doesn't really help with long pants either because either way, you can see this empty hollow spot when he kneels.

      Needless to say, my boys sit or stand.. nothing in between.. haha.
    16. Broken joints really bother me. Part of the appeal of BJD's is that they are so realistic, and broken joints really takes away from that realism.
    17. this doesn't bug me now, but when i was young i HATED the look of any sort of ball joint or mechanical joint on a doll. HATED it. So I can sympathize with people who don't like it now.
    18. ...I was actually just complaining about that to my grandmother today. XD
      It really bothers me, when joints are "broken" like that. I usually try to keep them out of photos, and generally don't even pose my dolls in a way that that could happen.
    19. I just make sure they're wearing pants when they sit like that.
    20. Yes! I love seeing the pose where their knees are bent, but it bugs me when the joint is hanging out and it looks nothing like a knee. XD