Do certain lighting/angles look SUPER unflattering on your dolls?

Feb 14, 2021

    1. So you know how we all have a "good" side we like to be photographed at, or certain types of lighting that make us look AWFUL, like when you're under super harsh overhead lighting that makes you look like you're in a horror movie? I was wondering if you notice your dolls experiencing the same unflattering angles or lighting, too!

      I have a display case that I keep my dolls in, and had LED lights installed in a way that's similar to a ring-light. You know, that cool-toned direct light that minimizes shadows. So my dolls are lit up from every angle... and it doesn't look so great. :sweat

      On one doll in particular, it makes her schnoz look huge. When she's in normal lighting, with actual shadows cast on her face, she looks so cute. I'm also a little bummed by how cold and unflattering this light is - it removes any sweetness or warmth that soft shadows from a gentle light impart. :( I'm tempted to put a foggy tape over it to help soften it a little.

      I was wondering, do any of you prefer to display or photograph your dolls in certain lightings or angles? Do you ever see your doll in an unflattering angle/lighting, and go, "Euughhh..."
      Or do your dolls look good no matter what?
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    2. I usually light my dolls super bright from slightly below because I can't STAND when their eyes are too much in shadow, especially when they have very narrow eyeholes. I want bright white sclera- that's why I gave up on really high dome/normal iris eyes, they make it really difficult to get enough light bouncing off of the sclera and the eyes look like they're receding into the skull. :eusa_sile
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    3. Ehhhh, the boy in my avatar is a Luts Bory and for some reason he looks TERRIBLE dead on. I suspect it's the placement of his eyes, if I get the angle jusssst shy of tilted he looks great and lively and has expression to him. But dead on, or from below, he looks glassy and flat, there's no liveliness to him.
      Eye placement is usually how I notice a doll looks off, and I usually have to fiddle a bit with my crew to make sure their eyes are lively and focused rather than glassy and sharklike.
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    4. I've found that I have a tough time photographing a doll who has pupiless eyes. They end up looking like they're staring off into space.

      As for normal angles, a lower and to the side shot tends to work well. Anything else is pure luck that it turns out well.
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    5. The angle from above or shooting at head-level, when shooting a complete doll. If the head is even a little bit oversized in proportion to the body, it makes the difference exaggerate even more.
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    6. I'm just really bad at photography so every angle looks bad. :...(

      Though I have noticed using flash makes them look particularly bad, much yellower than they are, and any tiny difference in color with hybrids becomes painfully visible.
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    7. Mine always look bad with flash, especially my SD boy XD it makes him look like a giraffe neck
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    8. IMO, the "passport" photo look is bad on everyone...including dolls!

      My photos with flash always come up bad (not limited to dolls haha), it's better for me to give up for the day and wait for a day with better lighting.
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    9. I am in the same camp of just being really bad at photography :sigh

      The lighting in my house doesn't help, and neither does the fact that my camera flash only works right some of the time. I feel like the dolls never look in pictures as they do in person and it frustrates me.
      There is only one place in my house the lighting is perfect, but right now it is too cold to photograph there.
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    10. I have a few dolls with the combination of fairly deep eye-wells and high dome eyes... That combination produces an "optically correct" effect that, in person, makes it look like the dolls eyes are always looking in your direction.

      In photographs? It ends up making the doll look cross-eyed, from pretty much any angle. It's particularly bad if you take the picture from directly in front of them.
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