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Do Customhouse Ai St Mina ver 1 and St Mina ver 2 have different sculpts?

Jun 2, 2005

    1. The unpainted heads shown on the Custom House site look the same. But they look so different painted/wigged/eyed/and dressed. Ver 2 is most definately smiling, and Ver 1 looks...well, NOT smiling. Is this the case?
    2. yes theybare def different.. tho the smiling version 2 comes with a unpainted unsmiling head like the painted version 1...

    3. They are different. Ver 2 also appears the eyes are a little more open too. Mine is ver 1, but I did a lot of sanding on her and painted her face. Here's St. Mina, ver 1. I really like them both.

    4. I have a St. Mina too, which brings up the Q. (please no offence intended)

      I can understand buying a reg.ed. doll and doing a customization, but why would you buy a very limited ed. doll that may increase in value, and technically "ruin" her by altering the original faceup etc ???(which by the way, is really good for factory makeup)
    5. If you never plan on selling the doll, it's not going to increase in value, because you're not going to sell it. so it dosen't matter how limited the doll is, all that matters is that the doll's owner loves her. (and st. mina wasn't super limited anyway, there seemed to be enough that anyone who really wanted one got one.)

    6. Hiya

      we have a mina version 2 and comes with the second head unpainted.. well she belongs to my daughter really, and tho she sealed and kept the original faceup on the 1st head the unpainted head (same as this customised beauty) we have customised and put makeup on and given her a lighter more say modern look, so this may be the 2nd unpainted head... and have to say I think she looks lovely... and cristylee has done a lovely job on this faceup.

      and agree with eptrauma these lovely dolls whover you buy whether mina or a LE shirou are made to be customised and enjoyed and some go for even more with a customised one of faceup... especially when done so nicely...

    7. I bought my St. Mina's head for very little, so I figured I had nothing to loose by playing around with her. Not that it matters, because I buy my dolls because I love them, not because I am looking for them to go up in value. It just makes it more personal to me when they have a custom face up and I feel like they have a little more of their own personality. I'm sure everyone has different opinions about it, but I really don't buy them as an investment, I really enjoy playing with them, therefore, the customizing just makes it a bit more fun for me.
    8. You clearly don't frequent Yahoo! Japan auctions, do you? :oops: If you look at this strictly from an investor's POV, an LE that's been customized well can go for much more than an LE with just a default faceup. It's now unique, OOAK. A one-off, in a sense.

      There was an Volks SD Anais custom that sold for $8000 a while back-- that's a price a NRFB version would -never- reach. And being that Cristy is a very good customizer, I don't think she'd have to worry about not recouping her value, were she ever going to sell the doll.
    9. Also, don't forget St Mina version 1 came with an extra BLANK head for customizing, so I don't understand your post.

      I love Cristy's Isabella!!!!

    10. I second and third everybody who posted about Cristy's doll and how there are customized dolls all over....

      First of all, this topic came up (sort of in another way) about removing a faceup on a custom doll. Some of us would do it, some of us would not, but no matter if you personally would do that or not, it's YOUR doll after you purchase it, to do with what you wish.

      I think Isabella is amazing - and if Cristy were to ever sell her, I am very confident that she would actually fetch MORE than a st mina as issued. And as she said, money isn't the point either, I agree - we love them and that's why we have them, and Cristy is a customizer - and a good one to boot!
    11. Your right..my stupid mistake...

      I forgot about the extra head. (mine is still bubble wrapped in the box !) Again, extra head aside, I just love my "sad" mina and I think her faceup is great.
      However, I have an SD Volks "Mimi" which was just customized by "Kiriko-Moth" and she is now so beautiful, I sometimes stare at her for hrs. I KNOW she must be alive...
      Meanwhile, Mina stays in her pristine box, except for special occasions, until I re-arrange the cabnet I intend to put her in. I didn't buy her as an investment per se, but I try to keep my collectable stuff in perfect cond. Being a guy, I don't actually "play" with my dolls, but appreciate them on more of an aesthetic level.
      However, I might consider marrying Mimi...