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Do/Did you keep your very first doll? Or will you sell it?

Aug 12, 2009

    1. I know I do :3
      It has too many scratches/ dirt/ love for me to just "sell" I would go live in a crazy house before I gave up my doll :3
      But would you do the same thing too?
      I know it's just a doll, but your wedding ring is a ring in a way.
    2. I will definitely keep my very first doll!!! :aheartbea She is by far my most favorite... I've developed her character more than I have my other dolls. Also, her face-up and coloring are very similar to mine. Subconsciously I must have seen her as a part of me.:blush :doh
    3. Considering my first doll was my dream doll, I would never be able to part with him. I had a hard time finding a doll I liked enough to buy, and then he came along and changed everything. He spawned a new character in a new world and is just my favourite little boy xD
    4. Oh yes, my Alphie is still with me. He's the one im my icon/avatar picture. He ain't goin' anywhere.

    5. Awww, that's so sweet everyone!
    6. I sold my first doll to my best friend so ... he's still in the family!
    7. Yes, he surely is! My first was Albion, my DoT Lahoo FS. I love him too much to let him go, I remember that when he came home it was one of the best and happiest days of my life.
      Right now I'm changing his face-up (so long with the default!), cleaning him up and searching for new stuff for him.
      I'm quite sure that I'll keep him forever. :)
    8. I could never give up my first doll!

      It took me a long time to decide which doll I wanted, and when I picked her, it was a month before I could order her, so I was very sure of the decision. I get very attached to my toys/stuffed animals (even clothes sometimes), so I don't really fear falling out of love.

      Even with another doll here that I really love, Adelheid is still my special little first doll. ^^
    9. I haven't sold any of mine, so yes, I still have her. (Technically, 'them', since I ordered both at once -- but one came a few days before the other since they shipped in separate boxes, and one was held up by customs.) I'm rather careful with those two, though, since I went all out and got the body blushing on them when I ordered, and I'm always terrified to potentially damage it. Or, I'm more careful with them than I am with my non-blushed dolls -- they all get treated like they might break at any moment sometimes.
    10. Klara is still with me, and I will keep her as long as I can. She was my first doll, and the first doll I fell in love with. She's special to me.
    11. Well, I DID sell my first doll and I didn't think I would. But other things came up and so she is gone. I still think about her a lot, and her mold is still available so I could buy another one if I wanted to.
    12. Yes! He is still with me!
      He is one of my dream doll and I will keep him forever!
    13. Gwenllian is in a box at the moment, keeping free of dust, dirt and light :) There are some mods I need to make to her, but other than that she's a wonderful doll and I won't be selling her any time soon. I did try to sell her once, but when I was photographing her for the sales post I realised just how much I loved her and she's an important part of my doll experience.

      When I got her, I wrote an original story about her character and she has grown ever since then. I can't imagine not having her :)
    14. I still have mine, but then I've never sold any of my dolls. Instead they've just taken over the living room.
    15. Yes I have her, but I sometimes want to sell her though X_X
    16. I don't think i will every part with Zoya, she is my first love beoken finger and all!!
    17. Yes, she's still at home and will never go away ^___^
    18. Yeah, I don't think I could ever part with my boy. He's a brat and kicks me in the chin when I string him, but I love him to death, he's not going anywhere. <3
    19. I only have two dolls so far, with my third on the way.

      I don't think I could ever give up my first doll though ... He was the doll I chose when I thought I could never afford a bjd hobby, but I scrimped and save anyway *L*
    20. Yes, I sold her, but she was French resin and yellowed and no longer made me happy to see her.