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Do height differences in the same 'family' bother you?

Mar 9, 2005

    1. Just curious... Elf El was my first love, the first one I had "The Spark" for... And I've still considered being actively looking for him... But I've been hesitant, because of Odette's size, but now after seeing Hitasura's Vikas and Shikai photos- it doesn't seem that bad.

      So- to owners of MSD and SD- does the height/size difference really bug you??

      Discuss! :D
    2. No, not at all.. it would bug me if they were out of proportion to each other, but luckily that's not the case with most BJDs. ^^

      Edit: Here's a picture of one of my Mikas and Jun-- they're perfectly matched to each other.


      And here's a link to comparison shots of 40 and 60cm BJDs.
    3. I second Krambear. I like that Jeremiah Blue really DOES look like Sabrina's little sister, scale-wise. I think it's neat. :grin:
    4. The only time it bothers me is when I DESPERATELY want Dimitrii (DOD Too) to "Grow Up" - he's supposed to be 17 now and he's still so small... compared to the other dolls I have it's kind of a sucky difference... but the height difference isn't a bad thing - They just look like siblings with a few years between them ^_^
    5. yep I third Krambear I gave a MSD Maggie and she looks fab with my LE Jun, I prefer the big SD size but thats just me.. but we have alot of MSD size and they fit in fab :grin:
    6. Exactly!!
      I think SD and MSD look just great together, and I consider my MSD Mika my Standard Mika´s sister anyway ^-^.
    7. i think the size different is very cute and i can't wait to have my little lad. But then again he doesn't have to grew (that stop for him at the age of 7-8 and he's 14-15)
    8. Does it bother me?? In a word...yes. I prefer the SD size. I don't know why exactly...maybe I'm just weird.

    9. amazing..^^ i'm affraid i won't like the 58/60 cm because they'de be so big..that's why i strated with the the volks 27 cm..and then the MSD size...and know i want a SD size..cause I'm used to the 42 cm ^_^...

      so in the end you tend to love all BJD doll sizes i think!!
    10. I do prefer 60cm in alot of ways.
      One of them being that Takeo's personality/backstory would probably fit a SD13 body better, since hes about 16.But the HOO head from DOD was just too perfect.
      Poor boy.
      Plus its easier to sew.
    11. it's me again, tee hee. How sweet is that picture Krambear posted of her lovely kids? Anyway... clearly there's no right or wrong answer. Some people really don't like anything smaller than 60cm, some only like MSD sized.

      I do know what people mean about throwing a truly odd size into the mix - like a Unoa. I really would love a Unoa, but her size just won't lend her to be a sister to any of the dolls I already have, the scale is off. That doesn't bother me a TON, she could be photographed alone of course, but it is kinda fun to play sisters and best friends with dolls who are compatible scale-wise. :grin:
    12. It's never bothered me; in fact it's fun to have MSDs because you can easily take them places and fun to have SDs because they get so much attention if you get a purse big enough to take them places in. (They use the carrier purse that I bought for the chihuahua I'm getting in May.) But I did want my tiny ones to be adults, not kids, so I just made them demons, forever stuck in a child's body. That's the fun part of being able toi use supernatural beings for your dolls personalities: "Oh you're doll that looks six years old is a five thousand year old fey? Cool!" *g* I think since their faces and bodies look so alike and such that they really go together well. Though I'm not so sure about the pudgy, more babydoll-like bodies and faces on some of the ones smaller than MSDs.
    13. *****n/a*****
    14. It only bothers me about how different dolls from different companies might not look compatible to each other and it makes me feel like if I get a DOD, I might have to stick with DOD forever (not that I mind XD;) so all the dolls look good together?
    15. I haven't gotten my little boy yet, but having seen little ones and big ones together at the meetups I've been at, they look fine to me!
      Tatusrou (PoJ Kai) and Rune (PoJ Ren) also look -great- together... Like brothers!

      I don't think it'll bother you. :3
    16. I think it depends widely on the face up and the way you dress them. But also, some DoD tend to look a little older than the other MSD sized dolls. I personally plan to sand down the bridge of my Too's nose a little (between the eyes,) and make the point a little rounder, to hopefully give him a younger look. I love to think of the MSDs as little children- like 2nd or 3rd grade. Obviously, if they have larger eyes, bigger heads, chubby cheeks, they will look older. I'm sort of glad that I wasn't able to switch to a girl's body for my Si, because the girl's body has tiny little boobs, and I don't think it's appropriate for an 8 year old. At that age, girls and boys bodies are pretty much the same as far as chests, tummies, and hips go. I think a modified regular legged DoD body is the best way to go for my Si. I am not sure what to do with the extra head yet. Anyway, I love the mini BJD and the large BJD next to each other as adults and little children.
    17. Wow, Thanks you guys!! After seeing Krambear's picture and melting into a lil puddle... I suppose it can't be such a bad thing...I've always LOVED Elf El... But I had been concerned about his size. My next doll(absolutely decided) is an Elf Ttory... and El would be his big brother- Both CP, so they'd look related anyway...

      I understand what you're saying about scale. :3 that would bother me, too... I lovelovelovelove Unoas... and I would still buy one in a heartbeat(if I had infinate funds xD) but I fear that up to a DOD, she'd look skinny and odd. I've seen Unoas compared with SDs and it doesn't look too bad... but compared with other MSDs it looks really strange....

      :D I love reading these opinions!
    18. i love having dolls of varying sizes and styles.. my goal is to one day have a doll from each company i like in all different sizes.. xDD

      right now i have lucien, who is 1/6 scale; aeri who is unoa sized; hijiri who is msd sized, koji SD10 and azrael Sd13 size.

      It's.. quite interesting really! I love them to death but theyre all parts of different family circles, so i dont really photograph them together, but Aeri looks so nice sitting on Koji's lap XD. She does sit normally with my 1/6 scale boy.

      When making for companions, i like to stick to the same size, but for me owning personally, i love variety :)

      personally... 43cm bjd are easier to carry around. I could carry Aeri all day, and sometimes i do! i take her places and everyone loves her to death. Azrael is fat- he needs to lose weight lol. jk. He's heavier, i cant carry him around all day.
    19. I've got three full-size BJDs (two SD13s and a CP boy) and one U-Noa, and I've had no problems with posing them together. Sev's about four or five years younger than the rest--she's just very short. It fits her personality. ^.~

      I've also posed my U-Noa with MSD-types, and it didn't look too bad to me. But maybe I'm just not bothered by the differences in proportions. I think it depends a lot on how you photograph them. But I digress...

      It should work out. No worries! :D

    20. I don't care about the sizes of my dolls I have both sizes and I like how they look together ^^ :D