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Do LTF Antes "fit"?

Oct 21, 2009

    1. What is it about these pixie-like cuties? The huge, wide half-moon shaped eyes. The overly pouty lips. The little button nose? I must say, they have entirely enchanted me for all of these reasons. At first I disliked the strange, very different look, but it seeped into my brain and soon I found myself ADORING them. Now I absolutely need one. She is so different.

      But I wonder, can she successfully fit in with other more "normal" or "real" looking tinies? What about the realistic SDs and MSDs? If I get one of these lovelies will she have a place in a resin family or will she be the odd one out- my special little one, apart from the others, living in exile with the pukipuki sprites?

      How do you all feel? Whether you have one living with other resin kids, are planning on ordering one, or just love them/ hate them. (Also feel free to bring in the other sculpts if you really feel the need.) Discuss, Debate and eat some Cake. :pcake

      (Sorry if this doesn't go here.... Wasn't quite sure since it's definitely a specific tiny discussion)
    2. Actually I think Ante looks very much like a real child. She is one of the most realistic child sculpts I have seen. I haven't chosen her because while she looks very real, I think she looks a lot younger than my other dolls that same size. And the new Bisou sculpt is younger still. I cannot look at those darling chubby cheeks and lips and see anything but a baby or toddler. But I think they are both beautiful realistic sculpts. I have LTF Shiwoo and I love him because he look so cute with the button nose like Ante, Bisou, and Pipi, but he can be a little older I think.

      I cannot say how they go with Msd or other sizes though
    3. Which other sculpts are you looking at for Ante to go with? That might help people respond to your post.

      I must agree with Tami - I think Ante is actually a very realistic looking sculpt. I only have Fairyland dolls, so she goes with all of my others (minifee and pukifee).

      The LF molds that I would have a problem matching to other, more realistic dolls are the Flora and Piki. While I think they are absolutely precious, they do have a sort of anime-ish look that can keep them from fitting in. That said, I have seen some custom Floras and Pikis that look more real than those with a default faceup (Adelleda is one that comes to mind).

      It is interesting to note that there seems to be a variation in apparent age between littlefee molds, so that might have some bearing on your Ante situation. Depending on which age you would want her character to be, there may be some limitations. In my mind, my ante is about 8, and I don't have SDs for her to be so small to compare to, so it works.

      Anywho...just some thoughts for you :)
    4. I would say it depends on how you look at fitting. It's an induvidual thing. I have a LittleFee Shiwoo and a PukiFee Shiwoo and they are siblings. (And their mother - a MNF Shiwoo girl - will be joining them soon) It doesn't bother me a bit that they really haven't got a realistic size difference.

      I don't think of my dolls like humans made of resin. I think of them as resin people. And they are different from humans.

    5. I like that!
    6. I guess my concern lies with the fact that I adore her, as well as the ch anges who look VERY delicate and a tad bit older...and maybe a pipos Ron. Haven't quite decided on the larger variety yet. And being very close in size, yet very different in sculpt age, I don't know how she would work out.

      Yet I love her so.
    7. I think she will fit in fine with your Ange Ai. I like my Shiwoo with them. In the end of you get what you love, I think they will work together because of that!
    8. I for one have 3 different storylines set up in my dolls.

      Mogi my Yo Kuuta, is eight, his friend Nina, and LTF Rachel is Seven.

      But Yahiko, my planned LTF pipi/yo puff is only Four, I have MSD's ranging in age from 15-8 planned or owned.

      its really all about who they are, how they relate to eachother, and what you want from them.
    9. My Ante Aimee lives with her eight siblings and several other kinds of tinies in my dollroom..they all interact, and work together fine. I have Ange Ais, Petite Ais, Lati yellow Sp and Lati green, Luts Cutie Delfs,DZ BBs, Bambicronys and a hoarde of Pukis and Pocket fairies. They are like a little community, with all their differences and similarities.
    10. I love my Ante! I think she's actually one of the more realistic LF molds, compared to Flora (Who's still adorable in her own way) I have a DM, BBB, and AOD MSD along with an SD sized Minimee, and I think she fits in just fine. I think the differences in them all makes my litle resin family very unique.
    11. Don't worry about that.
      Think that you have your own child. No matter what he or she is.
      You will always love them.