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Do Minifee's fit into MSD clothing?

Apr 25, 2007

    1. Do Minifee's fit into MSD clothing? Or just Unoa. And is there any other brand that fits mnf?
    2. Some brands, yes... some no. The pants are usually a bit short and the tops sometimes a bit baggy, but other than that, you're usually fine. Dollmore is apparently a nice fit ^.^
    3. What about Volks' MSD outfits? I bought one of their outfits because I fell in love w/ it even thoughthe only MSD sized doll I have is an OD Tae. And the poor boy is currently waiting to be restrung so I haven't tried it on him yet.

    4. Dollmore fits very nicely and SOOM's new MSD range :)
    5. Yeah, Dollmore looks like it would fit about right. ^.^
    6. Isn't Tae a pretty slender doll? I think the outfit might be too loose on him, if so.
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    7. DOLLSOOM tops fit nicely on MNF (I have a girl). Its fit across the chest and loose around the waist. Other clothes I tried - DoD, Volks (for MSDs), AngelRegion are big/loose on her.

      Clothes for Unoa, Narae/Narin, Minisup, Serendipity Sharmin/Alice/Noel would be the closest fit for MNFs =)
    8. Yay! So many helpful suggestions. The reason I ask what clothes fit mnf is because I'm saving for a minifee and I'm curious what kind of options for buying clothes I would have. ^.^
    9. Mine wears a DOD outfit and it's a bit large, but nothing that can't be fix ^^
    10. Has anyone ordered anything from Nine9style? I love their items, clothes/shoes/wigs....will pants fit correctly, and the sneakers? I think the dresses should be fine for fit, anyone bought the mohair wigs? ... they look awesome
    11. I have ordered from nine9style and their clothes are awesome!!! here is my Fable - minifee Rena in an outfit from their. (not the best photo of her as she has a new wig now, this is the wig she came with). Everything here but the scarf is nine9style! Buy with confidence:)
    12. Ellowyne Wilde by Wilde Imagination's clothes fit perfectly. Everything but the shoes. This outfit came on a dressed doll "Mistakenly Sad" but they also sell just outfits.
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    13. leeke wold cloths fit nice, they are only a little louse making them look so cozy
    14. I have bought most of the clothes my minifee wears on Etsy. There are a few shops that make slim msd clothes that fit minifees well.
    15. Following! I heard nine9style bunny line shoes fit nicely on the moe line feet but I haven't tried it out yet, I hope they do because I have my eye on a cute pair of boots!
    16. If you were seeking in etsy or ebay, what would your search be? Minifee clothes? Also, what key words should we look for in the clothing description? I'm new and just purchase my very first minifee tonight!
    17. you would either do minfee, mnf or slim msd. Most sellers will say if it'll fit minifies or give you an option that says minifee specifically if they offer it. Congrats! and if you chose a minifee with a larger bust it is always safe to ask the seller if their item allows for room ;)
    18. Etsy has some lovely stuff made especially for minifee.
      by Karapisdiza this is one i ordered from (and would order from agan) she makes good quality stuff and even takes customs
    19. Thank you so much! :)
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    20. I'm saving up for a minifee as well. I have a ton of msd patterns to make clothes, but now it seams they won't fit. :x